I Saw You Classified

V I saw you wearing a Santa hat having a drink at the bar! U/432/55 V I saw you Sanjay on Saturday 8th December at a party in Atholl Gardens. 1 was so disappointed we didn't get acquainted. Maybe we can rectify the situation? U/432/56 V I saw you BSG a broken talisman and your monkey bloodshot eyes. Jacques in the boudoir with your ex. you on the couch - you've lost it!! U/432/58 V I saw you Pete. Cath. Liz. Rose. Christine. Calum. Stevie L. Stevie G. Jo. Collette. Paul. Adam. Rachel. Suzy. Simon. Ailleen. Stuart. Dawn and last but not least Carlo. Thank you for 7 wonderful months. Yannis. U/432/59

V I saw you Joan Jett wannabe batting yr eyelashes at the boy with the Arab strap. Put that spaghetti down! E.T. loves you. U/432/60

V I saw you in Bennett‘s wearing a baseball cap. Your name is George and you work in vivo. Call me! U/432/6l

V I saw you at Bennett‘s on New Years Eve or so you thought. . .You asked me back to the Hilton 4 fun. I said "No Mister" You said "Please my names Wayne". L7432/62


V I saw you Aberdeen girl in Nobles. You and your friend stayed up all night and drunk all my whisky. Sorry about my terrible choice of music. Do it again sometime? L’l432/l 3

V I saw you Vegas Dec 22. dancing boy. You definitely got rhythm. Me. the showgirl you had a swing with and gazed into my eyes (or was it my cleavage?). Want some more dance practice? U/432/ 14

V I saw you at Xmas Manga. red hair. kept yourjacket on. ran in and ran straight back out. D&B not your thing? L'/432/15 V I saw you Christmas Eve on the Edinburgh-Glasgow train. You were sleepy but smiled at me as l wrestled with my crampons. Maybe we could climb a hill together. [7132/16 V I saw you both at my door giving me my phone l‘d lost on Lauriston Place Christmas Day...thank you very much....l owe you both a pint! Cheers Naomi U/432/l7

V I saw you gracing Edinburgh with your presence: Bob is back in town. Hope the work in fashion is good. shall meet you in Leeds for cosmopolitans; until then ciao- moose. U/432/1 8 V I saw you foxy blonde Aussie chickie working your ass off in The Body Shop... Does it beat the Myer Xmas shop...? Miss you - hope you're having a ball. Ste.x. [J/432/l9 V I saw you Susan at bjaxx. b bou and manga...raar! yooor luvely U/432/20

V I saw you Tracey working in Barratt's. Cameron Toll. I thought you were a real sweetie! [7432721 V I saw you last year and you broke my heart. are you still the sweetest fruit in the orchards? See you again one day I hope. over a bottle of chablis. Still miss you so. x U/432/22

V I saw you rnunchie. you madcatwoman you! You are more fun than a barrel of lobsters. See you soon. hope you have a good birthday. Love you lots. The Gnome. xxx U/432/23

V I saw you at Disco Inferno Hogrnany. Blonde curly haired girl in a white top.You took my breath away. 3 times a smile and I wanted so much to ask you why...and didn't. Chickens have goaty beards. black 70's shirts and they tend to get a bit hot and shy in clubs. Awww puck! U/432/24

V I saw you at the Dean Gallery 5th Jan. I think we both found the Great Bear highly amusing. Me duffle coat. you very cute all in black. Fancy a chat and stuff”? U/432/25

V I saw you 7/ 1/02 on Henderson Row. Dark brown hair and a Kiss Me Kate t-shirt on. Too shy to say what I really wanted to. Fancy a drink? [7432/26

V I saw you at the Basement Jaxx concert. Blond hair. white top with red stars. waiting in the drinks queue. Then later dancing at the front. From the titan in grey. U/432/27

V I saw you Studio 24. Hogrnanay. You wore red and had blonde hair. You shared your water with me all night. then kissed me on the cheek when you left. Like you lots. [5/432/28

V I saw you. Zae! at the Basement bar on new years day. You sound like you are from Yorkshire and l've seen you around the art college. You‘re very cute. [5/432/2‘)

V I saw you Morag in [ill 1. All panto. magic wand and boyfriends - it will never last! You should get in touch. even dad thinks it is a good idea. L'/432/3()

V I saw you Tron Theatre bar. 21/12/01. Me - 40s guy. goatee. no 1 crop - with large group of women. You - 30s guy. goatee. grey hair - with large group of women. We were at adjoining tables. But prior to that otrr eyes met across the bar whilst you were waiting to be seryed. The next time you are standing at the bar. the drinks are on me. [7432/31

V I saw you in Mad Dogs on Saturday 22 December - me. tall dark and handsome bloke with short hair and nice smile. you a sexy finess instructor with a stunning black dress. Get in touch as I would like to go for a drink with you. L7432/32

V I saw you Clair. Met you at Fountainpark on the way to Basement Jaxx while sporting manky tank top. Lost your number. Get in touch. Dougie fae Fife. [J/432/33

V I saw you in your lovely back room admiring my manly blistered. swollen and throbbing.....finger. L7432/34 V I saw you. why did Gregory look just like a ghost? Are beautiful girls really the most? Gotta dash LA is calling. Hopefully every day will be a yellow day!!!! L7432/35

V I saw you. funny little man with green and blue hat. sitting on my bed and being very stoned! love I) [7432/36

V I saw you La Renarde. slinking around Broomtoon and generally being a saucy minx. Let's get together for a cheese savoury (but not in the car). Call me - lots. coat-e. [7432/37

V I saw you Tara. 'l‘affy and Sop; catching tip. You baybeel. looked hot! Smokin' baybee! Edinburgh missed your talent. Boggle faced man loves it! [7432/64

V I saw you Claire. crimpin' your hair at the town house. Which Man-L' man are you otrt for tonight? Don‘t forget those rounders. Edinburgh needs you baby. L7432/65

V I saw you Mike. Crash in the snow. Love Dan. L7432/66 V I saw you tall and blonde on the run from the law. driving home for Christmas. L7432/67 V I saw you. Where are all these sexy boys I know and love (apart from Pat 8; Rusky Rzuna. who are already here)? . .xxxx [74.32/68 V I saw you in a harlequin shirt. Surely you're a poet? [74.32/69

V I saw you at lost h‘tlay. We talked. you in your stripy socks. Where are you? ['/432/7()

V I saw you .‘ylolly looking great in your pyjamas. llope dad read some good stories. Love you lots. M (J) [7432/7] V I saw you some six months ago in Somerlield of Dairy. Why did you ctit your hair? I’d love to see you smile one day. [7432/72 V I saw you at the 'I‘ravetse. looking gorgeous as ever. Marry me baby chicken. my life will never be complete withottt you. [74.32/73 V I saw you through the slats. hiding irt amongst your nighties in the wardrobe. You dark hair. blue lids. red lips. (’an 1 try your oxygen mask? [74.32/74

V I saw you. Me: red hat. big boots. reindeer. loitering outside Jenners. Want to ride on my sleigh? [7432/75

V I saw you stalking me along l’olw'arth (iardens. Me: gazelle-like stance. lloppy fringe. Yotr: hysterical giggle. long denim coat. antennas. ('all me. It's good to stalk. [74.32/76 V I saw you cute girl with curls. You cast a spell on me. I'll show you my wand if you show me your pellets. l’op goes the weasley! [7432/77

V I saw you Batman at the Trav. Looking da/ed and confused with a shiny new watch. I love you like fury. (‘atwoman xx [7432/78

V I saw you girl with the fluffy cleavage. Collars and cuffs don't need to match for me baby! Blue Bar cafe on Friday 28th. [7432/79

V I saw you butch leather jacket blue convertible Dundas Street regular. Me: local gallery girl. Can 1 stroke your sexy sausage dog? L7432/8()

V I saw you looking like a peelywally pontiff - Can I be your blue nun. L'/432/8l

V I saw you. I think your name is Tim. 1 saw you generously buying for your work chums - you handsome beast - what about me? I was the girl with the cute bum in the red dress. L7432/82

V I saw you lying next to me. wish it was every moming. 1 love you Lisa P. Yotrr wee Sal. [7432/83 V I saw you my muffin. Me and lilmbank love yotr. Happy birthday piggy. Xxx [7432/84 V I saw you. (ilasgow train: Thursday. Yotr - little glasses. Me - guy opposite reading ‘linglish l’assenger‘s'. You noticed icicles in ttrnnel. I couldn't take my eyes off you. Need to meet you properly. Write! [74.32/85

V I saw you l-‘ilmhouse bar: Saturday 5 Jan. drinking wine with friend. You: blondish hair. pale top. blue jeans. wearing ring on middle linger. right hand. I couldn‘t take my eyes of you. [74.32/86

V I saw you Claudia. cute Colombian chick holding court in Rick's Bar. Saturday 29th December. Me. captivated Asian gtry chatting you up. 2nd time lucky? L7432/87

V I saw you at Vegas. All boa and buttrtiful. In my bed all confirm and late. In your bed all warm and delicious. Give the magic a try? [7432/88

V I saw you. I looked over to the bright side. but tell me adoring fan why is there never any jiggling on the sunnyside? That would make me smile. Xx Jiggly Bird. U/432/89 V I saw you 23rd December on the Waverley steps Edinburgh. You black puffa going up. Me Christmas shopper going down. You looked nice. L7432/63

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