Booze, coffee, fags . . . the use (and abuse) of legal narcotics has been well documented; but what about prohibited drugs? Can you make do with an aspirin or do you settle only when you’ve got your hands on some Class As? Are drugs a menace to society or is society a menace to drug users? Answer these questions in confidence and we’ll tell you what you’re like.

Please tick appropriate box

1 What gender are you?

a male 1.] [3 female ‘_I

2 How old were you when you first tried drugs?

a under |2

b 12—15

C l6—19

d 20—29

e over 30

f haven’t tried drugs

Li L: L: L: L. L:

3 Which drug was it?

a marijuana b cocaine C heroin

d speed

I. L' Li L L

e ecstasy f other (please specify)

4 Who introduced you to drugs?

a friend

b family

C lovel‘

d stranger

L. L: L- I.~

e other (please specify)

5 Which drug would you never touch?

a marijuana b cocaine C heroin

d speed

L' L' L. l. I.~

e ecstasy f other (please specify) e all _|

6 Which is your favourite drug?

a marijuana

b cocaine

C ltcroin

d speed


e ecstasy f other (please specify)

7 Can you skin up?

a yes :_l b no Ll

8 Have you ever gone to work/college/nursery high?

a yes 'J b no ‘_‘l

9 Have you ever taken a sickie because of drugs?

15 Does the use of soft drugs automatically lead to the partaking in hard drugs?

a yes 'J b no T.)

10 How often do you take

_ a ves i_l Illegal drugs? '

b no 'J a every day

b every week

C every fortnight

d every month

e less than every month f never

16 What is the best method of deterring drug use?

a school education :_l b media campaigns :.1 0 being force-fed drugs for a solid \veek i_'l d other (please specify)

Li L Li L Li l.-

11 In the main, does drug use

make you - - - 17 Should Scotland allow

a happy .1 cannabis cafés? b sud a ves 3.] C depressed .1 b ho .J d violent ‘_l e other (please specify) _ 18 Are you getting value for 12 Should marijuana be money in Your drug use? Iegalised? a .WS 'J b no J a yes T_] 19 What would be your ideal country of residence? 13 Where do you prefer to a The Netherlands i_l take drugsa b Saudi Arabia .l 0 Jamaica J a indoors ‘J d Thailand J b outdoors _]

20 Have you ever dealt drugs? 14 Has anyone close to you

a ves ._l died as a result of taking b no '_l 9 druQs ' Send your replies free of charge to Drugs a ves J Questionnaire, FREEPOST, The List, 14 b ~ ' J High Street, Edinburgh EH1 OAH by Friday “0

1 February.