information not worth knox'xing on the hasis of :ts never getting made.

Obadiah It sounded like Channel :3.

Miles I was asked on The Big Breakfast. i‘.'.’l(3(3.

To do what?

Miles No idea. I should imagine the format the; would have used would have l)(}(}l‘ to sit me on a sofa and get someone really stupid to ask me lots o‘ dim questions. Not unlike now.

Comedy classes for newcomers. Good or bad?

Obadiah I did. Des did. lv‘iiles did

Garth I didn't do anything that had to do with classes or workshops.

Eddie That's Obyiously a good thing thei‘. lf tnese three chaps did. then it's thumhs up for me.

Des Personally they didn't do anything for me. l :ld the comedy classes and then never went into COmedy till eighteen months later.

Eddie lt plante< a wee seed there. though

Des I don't know. it can't teach you ho'.'.' to lze ‘-.i"".

but then I don't think it says it ‘.'.’|li.

Miles Well it's the same if you go to dra'na s<:ne<:., it can shape you but there's only so muo“ tne, car rio.

I certainly wouldn't do what I do n()‘.'.' If I hadn't ham to the classes. Obadiah I think it taught me thCK shit about doing;

gigs. I'm not trying to he arrogant. out there was a (:1

of peooie there who were shit and you t.'.'-::-r'e :rette' than them. so it gives you (:onfideme to go ‘o' something mOre. And :1 gives you the chance 1:; network and to meet other comedians.

Des That's the thing I got out of ;‘. It got ',<;u it: "‘eet

other comedians and knox'.’ where tl‘e gigs And that's it. But really you could l‘ave acne itia'. :21.

(>ll(}(i()l“.(}(l. 21:2,.

Miles ()r 'eaIling ["e i 5;.'.

Des It's a ize'soi‘ai i:r‘ef-::-r-:;"it<;_ V g. :l'”. . out of it then go for If. Hut lent a0 " 'g: they're goii‘g to wake ax; a ’7.

Obadiah thir‘k ."i temx; iii ‘<;"‘,‘; ". 1

good. But the. on“, shot. .oi. '."‘-.:

Adam Bloom let us into the rules of stand-up comedy. Ever tempted?

Des \."."'iat are the it. es; f

Garth It's possilfie. finer-:2 a": s :"‘-:: ' .-::;.1

us move 'i\ttf>.1:".:..i.i,t7?\,. ..’ a. an. 2..:

do, l reckon. hut. lie ." ;'. see" "‘ t: lee nail do oi‘ ar‘:: ;l(‘:(i(t!‘fi'.’ .?:'.

‘ly.i’)‘.(‘l‘./‘,’.l ’r"l i: ' . lil";.‘ <ilwl.l(ua Hz. . \}\I\/l.L).I.,‘\.i<I .)

hloate". No “(43 not.

moate' mass were. Obadiah : 1'92; a t, .2 2" ‘l\ 1‘3 ’l‘. "'.’.(“

How does the Edinburgh Fringe affect comedy in Scotland? Miles it's’2..t<:;z‘;.~'r~g;t 2 ' 1-‘

Garth it's "it gal/2.x 5311‘. Des i"-f:' :‘-:‘ /:::"‘-.; '5, E :2":,.,'::‘

a la w

Miles n .

Five sets of bollocks (from left to right): Reverend Obadiah (finalist in So You Think You’re Funny 2001), Des Clarke (runner-up in the BBC New Comedy Awards, SYTYF 2000 and The Daily Telegraph Open Mic Award 2001), Miles Jupp (winner of SYTYF 2001), Garth Cruikshank and Eddie McCabe (winners of the Perrier Newcomer Award 2001)

Des _: '.U ‘. " Scefa'ti.

What about TV gigs? Obadiah; liji""'1}\l " Miles :

.‘(r \

' E‘)[‘)(/(li\(\i.:r'\:,It'tiiikii\

' .,.. ,.. ,., .'. ,,. ,,,... ..,.,. . .,,,\,,.. Obadiah... ..: ..«. :1..: . .e Miles. k. t .. .1 .o .-.,<, .. .22.». .e

'.)'.f\l '.""' '\t‘ .'.'1:' I" ' 7‘“. i; .“(7 l (l L\ .Imtli' «l <) I) ' t Obadiah i. . -,x./-., ~., ..i new .. H ._, ml, , , X) l'\ t (l I) I

ii. ',...I\/i\',.. txwy'wi. . \l. .~‘,..'\, I

l ' I" I ( Ii\ I i x‘ x ,l 14’“: t A.

.. a '. Kia‘s is o"' 'r ' '(l ‘(> tint: ' i)‘ i . 1‘ ' ' it< l) 1.. (I ‘;»:"‘.‘ris l .: s (at: ".t

Garth Cruikshank and Eddie McCabe play Departure Lounge @ PopRockit, Edinburgh, every Wed, and the Snatch Club, Liquid Room, Edinburgh, every Thu; Reverend Obadiah and Miles Jupp will appear monthly at the Live Floor Show, the Stand, Glasgow; Des Clarke gigs regularly around Scotland. Many thanks to the Stand for hosting this interview. P