Career High ‘The high for me was last night. which was brilliant: just absolutely mental. You get a rogue element which wanders in and you have the audience putting them down: it was brilliant.’

Humour snippet 'Did yOu know that most victims of serial-killers are teenagers? That's why you don‘t get more Scottish serial killers it'd be so difficult for them to drug their victims. Press a chloroformed rag over a teenager's face in Glasgow and he'll just start dancing.‘

Giggle-o-meter Comedy's superhero sent to rid the west of Scotland of tedium with one flex of his cranial muscles. Watch him fly.

Age A secret.

Biog Imagine Rusty Brown on laughing gas with a wicked line in smutty. side-splitting gags and outrageous audience interactions and yOu're not far from Joon Broon. No pint of lager is safe. no man un- slagged. no calorie counted. and no messmg around. This is comedy at its Iarger-than-life. no-holds-barred best. Since her last solo show Joon Broon's Pants. the former English and sex education teacher has taken to compering in a big way. Thursday at

the Stand. Friday at Dundee's Doghouse and monthly slots in Kirkcaldy and Oban. A member of the Three Fat Ladies team. she plans a solo show for this year's Fringe. ‘A Fat Woman's Guide To Shaggrng.‘ Career High Now represented by the Stand Out comedy agency. Joon has rubbed shoulders with the likes of Howard from Take That who was quite taken with the Dundee dominatrix.

Best put-down 'Sorry love. I dinnae speak fluent pish. I can pick up the odd word. but the conjugated verbs really fuck me up.‘

Humour snippet 'Could I get a cigarette off you. love? I've left mine in the machine.‘

Giggle-o-meter The reigning queen of Scottish comedy with more balls than an abattoir's dump and a mouth that's just as but

Age Very. very old Biog He's been mixing it up in the comedy world since the very beginnings of alternative comedy playing the Comedy Store when it opened in 79. He's written for Not The Nine O'C/ock News. appeared in The Young Ones and performed with the Comic Strip. But that's only half of it: he became the only Scot to win the Perrier in 87 and still regularly performs. provides voice-overs. wrote a book (Are You Looking At Me Jimmy?) and has a new video and CD Out (The Guide For The Perp/exed/. Career high 'Of c0urse there's the telly. the radio and the seminars with John Sessions. but the main thing is the consistency across generations working with the Comic Strip to Harry Hill to Adam Bloom.‘ Best heckle 'Taxi for Arnold Brown.‘ Best put down 'Do I hear the long term side-effects of Junior Aspirin’?‘ Humour snippet 'I notice that The Sun has been criticising the Taliban for the way they treat women. So l looked up page three of the Koran and there was nothing there!’ What we say The elder statesman


who's been there. done that and keeps coming back for more.

consummate professional who should come

With a laughter- or-your-money- back guarantee. Brunton is a seasoned circuit performer who has worked with Bill Bailey. Jo Brand and Greg Proops. tOured nationally with Phil Kay and contributed to c0untless television and radio shows. Still working in ‘a huge toy shop' selling Harley Davidsons. the father of three has done three Edinburgh Fringe shows and plans a solo show this year. Career high “Playing the Edinburgh Playhouse in front of 2.500 people. It was a charity gig and we got a five- star review.‘

Best heckle “'Do you think the tolls on the Erskine Bridge are too high?" I've never had seriously

nasty heckles.‘ Best put down? 'Good on ya mate for having the

Ben Darcy

balls to heckle a serial killer.’ Giggle-o-meter A safe bet whose consistent form and dynamite material make him a favourite every time.


Age 30

Biog While he claims to be the least ambitious comedian in Scotland. his vital stats suggest otherwise. Between compering at a London strip club and writing for Channel 4's 7 7 O'clock Show. this Dundonian laddie still found time to co-write and star in the acclaimed Fringe 2000 show. The Road To Dundee. Never the wall- flower, the role he is most proud of to date is that of Baywatch‘s David Hasselhoff. Humour Snippet ‘l‘m having real problems with my girlfriend at the moment. “Ben.” she said. “I want you

$33295ng '

to treat me like a princess." So I got really pissed and drove her car into a wall.‘ Giggle-o-meter The Hasselhoff infatuation is a definite no-no. but there's little doubt that the boy's got talent.

wartime WWW“ Age 25 Biog Like something out of a fairytale. Devlin walked past Edinburgh's Stand following an argument with a flatmate a couple of years ago. went inside. enrolled in the comedy workshops and has been performing ever since. Freguently taking on compere duties. Devlin has done gigs in Amsterdam and London. Career high 'Doing the Fringe for the first time last year. I compered Stand Up Scotland and co-wrote Three Fat Ladies: A Murder Mystery.‘ Humour snippet ‘I do speak about Molly Weir quite a bit and \ harlequins in today's society but that's just to freak people out. In general it's more discwsive stuff. working with

17—31 Jan 2002 THE LIS1' 15