1* . _ I The Stand

For many, the Stand is Scottish comedy. For four years. Tommy Sheppard and Jane Mackay have run Scotland's only full-time comedy venue. delivering international acts. championing new Scottish talent and producing a mammoth month-long programme each Fringe. ln 2000. they branched out into Glasgow and haven’t looked back. Around 1000 people Chortle their way through a show at the Stand every week, making for a whole lot of happy people in central Scotland.

The Stand, 5 York Place, Edinburgh. 0737 558 7272; the Stand. 333 Wood/ands Road. Glasgow. 08 70 600 6055.

I Jongleurs

Is it a cafe? ls it a nightclub? Who cares? When this comedy empire chose to expand further, the natural choice was Glasgow. It's invested 23m on a 400-seater club in the basement of Renfrew Street's UGC. initially open at weekends only. Headliners lined up for the coming months include Paul Tonkinson, Donna McPhail. Kevin Gildea and Andre Vincent. Jong/eurs. Renfrew Street, Glasgow, 0870 787 0707.

I Gilded Balloon

During the Edinburgh Fringe. Karen Koren's Gilded Balloon is a hotbed of comedy action and the venue of the notorious Late ‘n' Live bearpit. Throughout the rest of the year. it promotes tours for the likes of Phil Kay. Ross Noble and Danny Bhoy. and plays host to the fortnightly New Material Night.

Gilded Balloon, 233 Cowgate, Edinburgh. 0737 226 6550.

I Madcap Comedy Club

Billy Bonkers' longest running enterprise throws newcomers. headliners and support acts together to form a veritable pre-club laughter-fest. Madcap Comedy Club, week/y Sat, the State Bar. 748 Holland Street. Glasgow, 0747 332 2759.

I Reg Anderson’s Comedy Cellar

Renowned for the stage time he provides for other comedians. this magic Geordie is a driving force in Scottish comedy. Fin MacCool's is his enduring venture and he plans to expand to two nights a week at the venue.

Reg Anderson '3 Comedy Cellar. week/y Thu, Fin MacCoo/‘s. 767 Lothian Road. Edinburgh, 0737 622 7 709.

I The Comic Club

Best known for rescuing Blackfriars from the doldrums, James Campbell is quickly finding his feet as a promoter. Of course. he also does a mean comedy set and is the only stand-up comedian for children.

The Comic Club, week/y Wed from end Jan, Blacklriars. 36 Bell Street, Glasgow, 0747 552 5924.

I Craic @ The Sac

A recent addition to the circuit. Alan Anderson's comedy nights in pubs on the outskirts of Glasgow draw local comedians and international acts. Craic (a) The Sac, week/y Sun. Cul de Sac Souths/de, 7 779 Pol/okshaws Road, Glasgow, 0747 649 7879.

18 THE LIST ':i' Ii‘ .lai‘ XXII)?


His Bob Doolally character. which astuter

parodies football's clingers-on

and washed—up has-beens.

draws in the crowds. and he's

the after-dinner speaker of

choice for Hibs Football Club. Hard work for a Celtic fan.

Career high ‘Playing in front of an audience of 1.000 Norwegians at the Stavanger Comedy Festival. They not only understood me. they also got all my jokesf

Best heckle? "What happened to your mate Josie?’

Best put down? ‘A ‘.‘.’()llt£tlt came up to we after a gig and told me

Age 29 Biog Unconventional in the extreme. Miller refuses to do the expected. After his highly acclaimed 00 Fringe show Balinese Shadow Porn. he followed it up with a COH‘IC art exhibition featuring. among other things. Johnny Vegas' pottery. A star of Cra/i Cabaret. BBC Scotland’s Edinburgh Nights and now the ‘bad taste experiment' Wild Wednesday at the Stand with fellow Bushtucker Brother Steven Dick. Miller is writing a sitcom set in a sex shop and is planning a Fringe show based on his Ford Capri. Career High ‘lt sounds really had but it was Br’l/l/lt’ESO Shadoi‘r Porn when it had a bit of momentum. Now it's kind of gone off the rails a bit.' Best heckle ‘Someone once said they were going to come on stage and kick my fucking head in, but that was more scary tnan funny.‘ Best put-down ‘Oh there's always one that spoils it for everyone . . . it's me!‘ Humour snippet "My sex life used to be non—eXIstent until they brought out that new wonder drug. What's called again? Bohypnol’?‘ Giggle-o-meter This prophetic comic visionary has a rudely bizarre style that's streets ahead.

she'd enjoyed my act. because she'd expected me to be shite. We got talking. I ended up asking her out and we've been together for over four years. I'd like to say that shut her up but it hasn't.’

Giggle-o-meter Whether they're rolling in the aisles or the terraces. this comedy chameleon scores Bron'xnie points with ease.


Age ~12

Biog Originally a Glasgow lass.

this professed waffler fell into the comedy scene by accident in 1000. Between compering at the Stand and running her own internet company. she keeps busy building up her biceps in a bid to become Scotland's first professional pickle Jar opener. While her obsession with the Titanic gained her critical acclaim at the Fringe. her

aspiration is to find a l ycia that will transform the ayerage woman into a Jacob's Twiglet. Best Heckle? ‘l'll giye you a right ride. I'm a sexual yolcano


Best put down? 'A bit like Arthur's Seat you mean?" Humour Snippet Computers are like men stupid. They go down on you occasionally and are bound to leave you with a yirus.‘ Giggle-o-meter The self- confessed 'yiee ioke' believes she‘s

Allan Miller