dwell there alone. Amenabar‘s is a moody tale that rests on the impossibility of working out what is real and what is supernatural. A triumph of tnerciless psychological manipulation. Selected release. Pandaemonlum ( 15 ) 0000 (Tetnple Julien. CK. 2001) [.inUs Roach. John Hannah. 1 1‘) mins. Temple's film charts the friendship between two of the best-known poets of the late 18th century. Satnuel Taylor (‘oleridge (played by Roach) and William Wordsworth (Hannah). The director of The Filth And The Fury eschews historical accuracy. instead focusing on the rock n’ roll aspects of their lives; the sex. the drugs and the breakdowns. His film is a mish-mash of styles. from straight costume drama to hallucinatory fantasy. juxtaposed with modern imagery. emphasising the opium-induced dream world in which (‘oleridge lived. Adam Smith Theatre. Kirkcaldy.

The Piano Teacher (La Pianiste) ( 18) 00000 (Michael Haneke. France/Austria. 2001) Isabelle Huppert. 12‘) mins. As with his previous filtns. (‘mle (.'Ilkll()lt'll and Funny Games. Haneke shows but doesn't tell. It's left to the audience to piece together the disturbed psyche of Iirika Kohul. the Viennese piano tutor of the title (Huppcrt l. Haneke tells the tale (based on lilfriede Jelinek's novel) through a series of beautifully composed scenes. editing them together with the precision of a surgeon. Huppert capitalises on her opaque visage. providing her director with a beautifully nuanced understated performance. It's a pleasure to ‘read‘ this filtn. and no surprise it garnered both controversy and awards at the Cannes Film festival. The Lumiere. Edinburgh.

The Pledge (151.... (Sean Penn. (TS. 2001)]ack Nicholson. Robin Wright-Penn. Sam Shepard. 123 mins. 1n the cold mountain reaches of Nevada the body of a little girl is found. raped and murdered. A simple-minded Native American is swiftly taken into custody and a confession is extracted. following which


the man kills himself. An open and shut case . . . for everyone but Jerry Black (an admirably low key Nicholsonl. a retiring police officer who thinks they have the wrong man. (‘ouched in the conventions of a thriller. Penn‘s third filtn as director is first and foremost a compelling psychological study of a middle- aged man attempting to give his life meaning post-retirement. levy and .Mary ()lson Kromolowski's script. adapted from Friedrich l)iirrenmatt‘s novel. keeps things ambiguous. Penn counters this. directing with an even hand and casting a sombre mood over the proceedings. Adam Smith Theatre. Kirkcaldy. Presque Rein (Almost Nothing) ( 18) O... (Sebastien 1.ifshit1.. France. 20001 Jeremie Iilkai‘m. Stephane Rideau. 100 mins. 1.ifshit/'s intense. moody. homo-erotic feature concerns lilkai'm's dreamer who is holidaying in the South of France with his depressed mother and surly younger sister when he is literally followed home from the beach by hunky Rideau. Despite coming from very different backgrounds the men fall in love. and their affair is charted in all its volatile. intoxicated excess. Beautifully performed with real nuance. I’rexque Rim captures the minutia of first love. FLxhilarating and sexually provocative. (ilasgow Film Theatre. (ilasgow.

The Princess Diaries (PG) 0

(Carry Marshall. 1S. 2001 1 Anne Hathaway. Julie Andrews. Heather Matarauo. 1 15 mins. (ioofy teenager Mia Titertnopolls (Hathaway) lives with her boho artist other in San Francisco. Although Mia gets the grades rather than the boys. she breezes happily through life. l'ntil her paternal grandmother Queen (‘larisse (Andrew-st arrives at her doorstep and tells Mia she's the heir lo the throne of the Iiuropean principality of (ienovia. 'l'hereafter. Mia suffers under the tutorledgc of her stcrn royal granny as she is transformed from ugly duckling into a charming princess. Horrible. from sappy wish-fulfilment premise to sugar—coated execution. (ieneral release.

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