I Peter Michael Rowan ()n The Mound. North Bank Street. 220 (i893).

.3 5.30pm. l’ree. See Sun 20.

I The J Sinners and Hasslehound Bongo ('luh. I4 .\'e\\ Street. 558 7604. 9pm. £41L‘3i..»\ eonteniporar) take on Burn'x night \\ ith live poetr} and lllll\lL‘.

Monday 28


I Celtic Connections See t'olk ll\llltg\.

I Staind Sli(‘('. l‘inniexton Qua}. 0870 040 4000. L' l 5 plux hooking l'ee (U050 on doori. 'l‘urgid. \\orth_\ \uh— Pearl Jam hea\_\ roek \\ hieh hax made a mint in the State\ and is oh\ iouxl} poised to do [he white in er here.

I Fred, Solution, Pink Monkey Bird and Starsky King 'l'ut‘x Wait Wait lltit. 272;: St \'ineent Street. 22] 527‘). 3.30pm. £4 pltlx hooking lee. l.oeal hand line-up.

I Manishevitz and Julie Doiron 'I'hc lfillt Note (Ellie. 5(l (all King Street. 553 1038. Split. 3450. l-‘olk pop l'roin (‘alil‘ornia and Canada.

I Johnny T’s Big City Blues Band Studio One. (irouenor llotel. (irowenor 'l'erraee. 34] 0510. 0pm. I‘ree.

I Acoustic Jam Niee‘ti'Sleal}. JZI Sauehiehall Street. 333 ‘)(»37. 0pm. \VCCkl} \L‘\\i()ll \\ ill] l't‘L‘L‘ have lot pei'l‘orinerx.


GThe Cooper Temple Clause and Biffy Clyro l.;t Belle :\ngele. ll;t\lie\ (low. 22.5 7530.3;“11. U). The ('lauxe are a touted nexx guitar hand

\\ ho ha\ e heen \teadil) huilding a reputation for their \eoreliing indie roek \‘ia \ttppot't \lltl\ \\ ith the like\ of .\lu\e.

I Acoustic Underground \Vliixtlehinkiex. 4 (i South Bridge. 557 5| l4. l0pnt 2.30am. l'iree. See Mon 2 I.

Tuesday 29


I Celtic Connections See t‘olk lixtittgx

I 0 Town l’a\ ilion 'l‘ltealre. l2l Rentield Street. 332 ISM). 7.30pm. S()l.l) ()l'l. Perk} ho} hand from the State\ \\ hoxe progrexx hax heen eharted on ('hannel ~l'x .lluki/ig 'l'lu' Iii/ml and \\ ho gat e U\ too inueh inl‘orniation on their ‘prixate l'antaxiex‘ on \ingle liquid l)l‘(’(llll\.

I Dropkick Murphys, Lars Frederiksen 8. The Bastards and Tiger Army The (iitt'ugL‘. 400 Sauehiehall Street. 332 l l20. 7.30pm. U) plus hooking lee. ()\er- l—l\ \hou. l-‘olk—punk trout a Boston hand \\ ho keep e\panding their perxonnel \\ ith )iitiiiger hlood including reeent addition. hagpipe pla) er Spice) \lellaggix. ()l'eourxe. \\ hat elxe would _\ou need'.’

QThe Cooper Temple Clause, Biffy Clyro and Lapsus Lingue King ’l'ut‘x \Vah \Vah llttt. 272a St \ineent Sll'L‘L‘l. 22l 527‘). H.3llpttt. U) plux hooking lee. Indie noixenikx \\ ith roek \tar haireutx and the right idea \onieall}. 'l‘heir neu \ingle ix prohahl} their hext _\et and there\ a dehut alhum to t'ollou \\ ithin the month.

I Stuart’s Session t'ixge Beatlia. 232 \Voodlandx Road. 504 l5‘)(i. 0pm. l-"ree.


I lkarus and Calvin Bongo ('luh. 14 Ne“ Street. 558 "out 0pm. £4. Hip hop. trip hop \ llk‘\ t'rom lkarux u ith alternatn e indie guitar t]()l\L‘\ lroin

('al\ in.

Wednesday 30


I Celtic Connections See ttlxo lolk li\ting\.

I The Waterboys Royil ('oneert Hall. 2 Sauehiehall Street. 353 S000. 7.30pm. £l(w.50/L'l~l.50. Rejurinated ('eltie roekerx who do Big \Itlxie like leu' others can. l’ltlx \ome liddl} -diddl) stul‘l‘ ttx the} re\ iin their I’l'xlu'rmun '\ [Hum \exxion. l’url of (i'llir‘ (inrnr’r‘linns.

0 Bill Janovitz King 'ruix \Vali mm llut. 272a St Vineent Street. 22l 527‘). 8.30pm. £3 plux hooking lee. Bullan 'l’oin irontman doex lllx rootx} grunge halladeering thing.

I Link 80, Howard’s Alias and PMX 'l‘he ('athouxe. l5 l'nion Street. 2-18 (>000 Spin. {(3 pltlx hooking lee. ()\L‘I'- l—l\ \llU\\.

I Acoustic Open Stage The Hall liar. lot) \Voodlandx Road. 50-1 1527. 0pm. l‘ree.

I Live Music The l‘laming l)iee ('luh. \ieoii'Sle;i/}. 42] Sauehiehall Street. 333 003". 0pm.

Roek’n'roll/px}ehohill} night \tith live inu\ie to he eonlirmed.

I Live MUSlC lhe \ledieine Room. lirel. .-\\hton lane. 342 49M».


I Schools Showcase Queen'x Hall. ('lerk Street. oox 20W. 7.30pm. £4 (£2): l'aniil} tieket L'S. l’tlpllx from o\ er a down lidinhurgh \L‘llool\ perl'orm e\er_\thing trout elaxxieal and traditional iiuixie to roek.

I STML and Scratch lkumerman'x.

.2 l 2 (\mgale. .550 525-1. lllpltt. l'il‘L‘L‘. llea\} roek \ouudx.

I The Partnership Benefit Bongo ('luh. l4 .\'e\\ Street. 558 700-1.

10pm 3am. £3. l.i\ e t'unk it\ \\ ell ax hip hop and funk l).l\ at [lti\ lidinhurgh l‘nherxit} homelexxnexx fundraiser.

j / ./,. ' . ,'/.<r-/////r?.2

I I f, ) . I I :‘ .////// /.('//’/ . ,x/j/z/ r‘f/ (xv/n/ . /é//r// 2.1).) /

/ I / / //-'//'.//-' /.//. I'r'/////. / fi/fl

rock & pop listings Music


I Celtic Connections See also l'olk listings.

I Alien Ant Farm and Dredg Barrimland. 2-H (iallou gate. 552 4(i0l. 7.30pm. £13.50 plllx hooking lee. Papa Roaeh'x nu-metal males who have mirrored their liomies’ ehart \ueeesx \\ ith their Michael Jaekxon eo\ er ‘Smooth (‘riminal'. I Brian Kennedy Royal ('oneert Hall. 2 Sauehieliall Street. 353 8000. 7.30pm. {lo/l; l4 plus hooking l'ee. Irish eharmer

\\ ith a middle of the road appeal. like a more credible Ronan Keating. l’urr of (Hill (‘on/u’i'liom.

I Bruce Cockburn ()Id l‘ruitmarket. :\lhion Street. 353 8000. 9pm. £l5. ('anadian \inger/xongu riter drau ing on folk and hlues intlueneex. l’url (iffy/lie (iHllll’t'l/UHS.

I Clinic King 'I‘ut’x \Vah \Vah lltit. 272a St \‘ineent Street. 22l 527‘). 8.30pm. £6 plus hooking lee. ('ompelling Seouse indie hand with the urgene} of prime Velvet l'nderground and a tendene} to wear \urgieal maxkx onxtage.

I Counterfeit Clash uhei Stttdio ()ne. (irosxenor llotel. (iroxxenor 'l’erraee. 3-H ()5 to. 9pm. l’ree.

I The Vagabonds The Seotia.

ll2 ll-l Stoektt'ell Street. 552 8681. 9pm. Free. Popular CUVCI'S.

I Jam Session Samuel l)i)\\"\.

()7 ()lNithsdale Road. 423 0107. 8.30pm.

l ‘ree .


I Schools Showcase Qtteen'x Hall. ('lerk Street. 668 20l‘). 7.30pm. £4 (£2): family tieket £8. See Wed 30.

I Karma Hi and Stealer Hermit-“mt ['niverxit)‘ l'nion. Rieearton. 451 5333. 9pm. liree. l-‘il’e indie tire pieee Karma iii are joined h_\ lidinhurgh tunk roekers Stealer.