Classical '

Performances will be listed, provided that details reach our offices at least eight days before publication. Classical listings compiled by Kelly Apter.


I Benjamin Nabarro and Philip Moore Merchants House. 7 West (ieorge Street. 334 9757. 12.45pm. £4.50 (£1 .50-~£4). Works by Dvorak. Brahms and Janacek from the award- winning violin and piano duo.

I Rosie Staniforth and Nicholas Ashton (‘oncert Hall. l'niversity of(ilasgow. l'niversity Avenue. 3304092. l.l()pm. I-‘ree. Lunchtime recital from this oboe and piano duo.


I Scottish Chamber Orchestra Queen’s Hall. (‘lerk Street. 668 2019. 7.45pm. £6 £20 (£2.50). (‘onductor lirans Bruggen is joined by aw ard- winning Atistralian soprano Rebecca .\'ash and narrator Martin Jarvis for a complete rendition of Beethoven's Ifgmmtt. Bet'wald's Symphony No 3 completes the hill.

Friday 18


I Scottish Chamber Orchestra (‘ity Hall. ('andleriggs. 353 8000. 7.3()pm. £6 £18 (£2.50). See Thtt I7. I Sonnerie RSAMI). 100 Renfrew Street. 332 5057. 1pm. £5 (£3). The ensemble perform a selection of works by Handel. ('orelli. Ratneatt. Marais and (‘otlperiir


I A Tribute To Richard Rodgers St Bride‘s ('entre. l0 ()rwell Terrace. 346 I405. 7.3()pm. £thc. Mezzo-soprano Sheila (iraham and pianist Rory I.ucas celebrate the l()()th anniversary of the birth of Richard Rodgers. one half of the successful songwriting duo Rodgers and Hammerstein.

I Rotary Club Young Musician Competition Heriot- Watt l'niversity l'nion. Riccarton. 451 5333. 12.30pm. Iiree. Lunchtime concert in which a bunch of talented young hopefuls show what they’re made of.

I John Kitchen Reid (‘onceri Hall. lidinburgh l'niversity. Bristo Square. 668 2019. l.l()pm. I’ree. ()rganist Kitchen performs works by Scheidt.


I Murray McLachlan Town Hall. 7.3()pm. £7.50 (£3.75). The virtuoso pianist performs works by Brahms. Chopin. Mozart. and Scarlatti.

Saturday 1 9


I Renfield Recitals Renlield St Stephen’s (‘hurch ('entre. 260 Bath Street. 332 2826. 1pm. l't'c‘c‘. I‘ree Saturday lunchtime concerts by various artists.


I A Tribute To Richard Rodgers St Bride’s ('entre. l0 ()rw ell Terrace. 346 I405. 7.3()pm. £tbc. Sec l‘ri 18.


I RSAMD String Sextet Pollok House. Pollok ('ountry Park. 2060 Pollokshayys Road. (316 ()4 l0. 2pm. £4 (£3 1. Students from the Academy

50 THE LIST '/ Isl .Ja" 700?

perform works by Richard Strauss and Brahms as part of the I’ollok House Afternoon Recital series.


I Edinburgh Quartet Queen’s Hall. ('lerk Street. 668 2019. 2.30pm. £9 (£2.50 £6). The acclaimed string quartet perform works by Mozart and Frank. plus James MacMillan‘s Quartet No 2 ‘11'liv is this night different." '.

I Edinburgh Jewish Literary Society lidinburgh Hebrew Congregation. 4 Salisbury Road. 7.30pm. I-‘ree. The society celebrate the re-puhlication of [lawn Misc/lira. a l930s Jewish songbook written by a distinguished musician and scholar who escaped Nazi (iermany and went to live in Iingland. The works will be performed by orchestra and two female vocalists both of whom happen to be the scholars granddaughters.


I Hector Scott and Neil McFarlane (‘arnegie Hall. Iiast Port. ()1383 314000. 7.3()pm. £6 (£1 £5). An evening of mixed classical and Scottiin music from this young violin and piano dtlo.


0Tosca Play'liouse. I8 22 (ireenside Place, ()870 6063424. 7.30pm.

£13.50 £32.50. (‘hisnau National Opera present Puccini's tale of love and treachery set in early 19th century Rome. Sung in Italian with Iinglish surtitles.

I Joby Burgess Reid (’oneei-i Ilall. Iidinburgh l'nivei'sity. Bristo Square. 668 2019. l.l()pm. l‘ree. Pei'cussionist Burgess delivers a lively programme of works by Sierra. Sinclair. Xenakis. I-‘oster and Alvarel.

Wednesday 23 -


I Timpani and Percussion Department Concert RSAMI). I00 Renfrew Street. 332 5057. 7.3()pm. £5 (£3). A look at the diverse nature of percussion music.


GTosca Playhouse. 18 22 (ireenside Place. 0870 6063424. 7.3()pm.

£13.50 £32.50. See Tue 22.


I Kelvin Ensemble ('oncert Hall. l'nivcrsity' of (ilasgow. l'niyersity Avenue. 357 2997. l.l()pm. Iiree. A varied programme of chamber music performed by members of the timetable.


I Nabucco Play'hotise. I8 22 (ireenside Place. ()870 6063424. 7.3()pm. £13.50 £32.50. (‘hisinau National Opera take on Verdi's epic tale of destruction and revenge. featuring the legendary ('horus of the Ilebrew Slaves. Sung in Italian with Iinglish surtitles.


QScottish Chamber Orchestra ('ity Hall. ('andleriggs. 353 8000. 7.3()pm. £6 £18 (£2.50). Tippett and Vaughan Williams offer moments of tranquillity with their I-iititusiu ('mii'm‘tutttt' on (I I/H’IIH' (i/(‘urt'lli and .S'y'm/i/tu/iy' Nu 5 i‘cspectiyely. But the real excitement here is the world premier 01' Sally Heamtsh's Ito/(l ('mtt‘t'rtn .\'u 2. for which soloist Tahea Zimmerman joins the orchestra. Sally Bcamish gives a free pic-concert talk in (ilasgow at 6.30pm and Iidinhurgh at 6.45pm.

I BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra BBC Studio I. Broadcasting House. Queen Margaret Drive. 338 8844. 7.3()pm. l‘ree. Sian lidwards conducts 'I'chaikovsky's .S'y'mp/imiy .\'n 5 and Iidward Mc(iuire's Double Bass (‘mm'rttr I-‘ree tickets can be obtained by sending an sae to: SS() ('oncerts Secretary. Broadcasting House. Queen Margaret Drive. (ilasgow. (i1 2 81X]. Phone 0141 338 2916 for details. I Dominique Merlet RSAMI). l()o Renfrew Street. 332 5057. 1pm. £5 (£3). The pianist performs works by Weber. Schumann and Debussy.


I Nabucco Playhouse. I8 22 (ireenside Place. 0870 6063424. 7.3()pm. £13.50 £32.50. See Thu 24. I Matthew Owens Reid (‘oncei'i Hall. Iidinhurgh I'niversity'. Bristo Square. 668 2019. l.l()pm. Free. A lunchtime organ recital featuring works by Bach and Part.

Saturday 26


I Renfield Recitals Renl'ield St Stephen‘s (‘htirch (‘entre. 260 Bath Street. 332 2826. lpm. Free. See Sat 19.


GScottish Chamber Orchestra

Queen's Hall. (‘lerk Street. 668 2019.

7.45pm. £6 £20 (£2.50). See Hi 25. Tosca I’Iay'liotise. 18 22 (ireenside

Place. 0870 0003424. 7.3()pm.

£13.50 £32.50. See Tue 22.


I Bohemian Nights Queen‘s Hall. (‘lerk Street. 668 2019. 7.3()pm.

£10 £12 (£8). A l'undraising concert from the Bohemian Salon Orchestra and Lyric Opera (‘ompany. featuring excerpts from Die l'Tl’t/(‘I'HIUHS and Tllt' .Ilt’rry “Tl/(Ht.

Tuesday 29


I Gusztav Fenyo lluicliesons‘ Hall. 158 Ingram Street. 552 8391. 1.15pm. £2.50. The highly acclaimed pianist performs works by Haydn. Schoenberg and Schubert.


I Susan Hamilton Reid ('onccrt Hall. Iidinburgh l'niversity. Bristo Square. 668 2019. l.l()pm. l"ree. A lunchtime concert from soprano Hamilton.

Wednesday 30


ORSAMD Opera School RSAMI). 100 Renfrew Street. 332 5057. 7.15pm. £10 (£7). Three short operas performed by students at the RS.-\.\1D's()pera School: Stravinskyk .llui'rtt is a rarely seen madcap comedy featuring a spot of via/I and ragtime: Vaughan Williams‘ Rit/t'rs 72) The Sm is a tragedy set on the Irish coast: and Puccini‘s (iiunni Sr/iii'i'lit' is an energetic comedy about a wealthy man who dies. leaving his fortune to a group of monks much to his money -grahhing family 's chagrin.


I Schools Showcase Queen's Hall. (’lerk Street. 668 2(119. 7.30pm. £4 (£2). Ptipils from mer a dozen Iidinhurgh schools perform a range of styles. from classical and rock to traditional Scottish.

Glasgow I The Conway Trio Meiclianis

llouse. 7 West (ieorge Street. 33 9757.

ytitag'mgmiimm. ‘Jflvl‘m mi: ism

7 ." ’. ,4 I a“ a1 '. -‘ 'E‘ 1

--:i~.':. RSAMD Triple Bill A night at the opera which promises not to drag on longer than necessary. Instead. you'll be offered your cultural fix in three bite-size chunks. as the RSAMD's Opera School delivers a triple—bill of diverse works ranging from woeful tragedy to outlandish comedy. See listings for details. SRSAMD. Glasgow Wed 30 Jan & Sat 1 Feb: Edinburgh Festival Theatre. 7 8 9 Feb.

Scottish Chamber Orchestra In the company of two Englishmen »— Tippett and Vaughan Williams a new Scottish work is born. when Sally Bcamish unveils her brand new Viola Concerto No 2. City Hal/s. G/asgow. Fri 25 Jan; Queen's Hall, Edinburgh, Sat 26 Jan. Tosca and Nabucco The Chisinau National Opera return to the Playhouse with two n’ionumental works from the pens of Puccini and Verdi. Expect lavish sets. burning temples and big choruses. Edinburgh P/ay/iouse. 22—26‘ Jan.

12.45pm. £4.50 i £1.50 £4). ('ellist William ('onway isjoined by violinist Sarah Bevan—Baker and \ iola play er (‘atherine Mai'wood for a mi\ed programme. including Mo/art's lhi't’t‘tititt'tttn in If littl.

I Academy Brass (‘oncei-i Hall. I'niycrsity of(ilasgow. l'niversity Avenue. 330 4092. l.l()pm. I’ree. Brass players from the RSAMD perform a \ai‘iety of works under the direction of Brian Allen.


I Scottish Chamber Orchestra l'shei' Hall. l.othian Road. 228 1155. 7.45pm. £6 £20 ( £2.50). A gentle btit passionate programme from conductor/y iolinist .loseph chnscn and the orchestra. featuring l)\oi'ak\ Iv’u/tiuttrcjirr Ito/m (llltl ()ri‘ltt'strti and .S'vm/tltn/iv Nu (S and Mendelssohn‘s litllfll ('tIIIt't’I‘IU.

I Schools Showcase Queen‘s Hall. (‘lcrk Street. 668 2019. 7.30pm. £4 1 £2). See \Ved 30.

‘lt’s not a revival; it’s just maior labels trying to sell old records’

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