HMV quiz of the year

The answers and the wmners

The first prize winner of our ludicrously difficult quiz of the year is Martin Maguire. Paisley. who will receive $300 to spend in HMV. The two runners up. each getting £100 to spend in HMV, are Silvana Vitale and Mike Avern, both from Edinburgh. Congratulations to them all and thanks to everyone who entered.

The answers are: 1) Chris Eubank; 2) The Coup: 3) Adam Rickitt & John Altman; 4) Audition and Battle Royale; 5) Ocean Colour Scene; 6) Amores Perros, Best In Show and Glue; 7) Gorillaz; 8) Ali Smith; 9) Arthur C. Clarke: 10) Lomo; 11) 12 seconds: 12) The King ls Alive; 13) Davina McCall; 14) Garth Cruikshank & Eddie McCabe: 15) 139; 16) Cardinal Winning: Catholic Church, Craig Brown: Scotland football manager, Henry McLeish: Scottish Parliament; 17) Robert ller aka Anthony Jr. Edie Falco aka Carmela; 18) Cathy Dennis; 19) Richard Deacon: 20) Homer Simpson.

The Experiment (Sun

27 Jan) is typical of the

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Lumiere audiences is have enjoyed

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Cinema director argues case against. Words: Miles Fielder T here's been a great deal of concern and almost as much

700—800 admissions over three-day weekends. There's clearly a demand for the programming we do.‘

The Lumiere's programming over the three years has included specialised seasons of films. including many works from Scotland. the launch of a new Irish Film Festival. as well as participation in the international Film Festival in August. and the popular Your Choice strand. which has allowed the public to book favourite films.

‘The public have been appalled,‘ Mowe said about the decision to close. Again, the National Museums denies this. ‘You asked how many letters we had received from the general public expressing concern at its closure.’ Gray said to The List. ‘To date. sevenf

And so the argument continues. with the NMS taking a firm line: ‘The National Museums of Scotland has undergone a period of expansion.‘ said Gray. ‘opening three new museums in the past three and a half years. However, in common with most national Organisations. the value of our grant in aid has decreased in real terms over the past ten years and we are now concentrating on our core activities. The National Museums of Scotland strives to achieve best value for public funding while continuing to effectively seek plural funding.‘

Are you concerned over the impending closure of the Lumiere cinema? If so, voice your opinion by emailing react@list.co. ul<

speculation over the closure of Edinburgh's Lumiere

cinema. The venue. which has been operating for three years attached to the Museum of Scotland on Chambers Street. will screen its last film on 31 March.

The Lumiere's director Richard Mowe told The List the reason for the impending closure is a 21 m budget deficit for the forthcoming year at the National Museums of Scotland. As a ‘panic measure'. Mowe said the NMS is looking to save the $70,000 it takes to run the cinema annually. Furthermore. as the cinema's director. Mowe said he wasn't consulted at all. ‘The decision was already made to close the Cinema'

However. the NMS rejects Mowe's accusations. According to the organisation's press manager, Susan Gray. the decision to close was taken ‘solely on the financial position of the cinema'. Gray said: ‘The National Museums of Scotland have reluctantly taken the decision to close the Lumiere. An interesting and creative project, the Lumiere has been run with enthusiasm and commitment by its director. Richard Mowe. The project is reviewed on an annual basis and with great regret we have concluded. with an annual deficit of $70,000. it is not financially sustainable.‘

Mowe. however, questioned the figures: ‘We have doubled our figures this year. and they are continuing to rise. We've had

‘We have doubled our figures this year - there’s clearly a demand’

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Coming quite soon . . .

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If you loved the recent stage show of Chicago. you'll adore the fact that a big screen version is on its way. Renee Zellweger will play Roxie Hart. starring alongside Catherine Zeta Jones and Richard Gere . . . After accusahonsthat

Coronation Street is getting too serious for its own good. the producers are set to bring comic Roy Hudd onto the soap. Perhaps the most amusing thing he's ever done was to write jokes for Tony Blair's speeches. Especially as Hudd was a rabid Thatcher

fan . . . On the back of Shirley Manson's lipstick advertising campaign with Elton John, Garbage are back on the serious t0uring trail With expected appearances this year expected at Roskilde and the first Lollapalooza since

1997 . . . Ah and. em,

Del Amitri have a new single out in March . . . The world domination plans of Robbie. Ewan and Leonardo will have to wait for a while. as Pierce Brosnan has announced that he wants to do more Bond movies. Shooting has just begun on the 20th

007 adventure and the Irish-born star hopes to do another one beyond that . . . So bad it was quite good show Fame is set to return to American TV screens later this year with a ' revamped theme and realistic storylines. Believe that if we ever see it.