rl’. ‘tir; Clubs


MANGA’S SIXTH BIRTHDAY La Belle Angele, Edinburgh, Fri 25 Jan

The. backstage area at La Belle Angele isn’t huge. For Manga’s sixth birthday it’ll probably be busier than the main dancefloor, which, considering how consistently heaving the drum & bass

night gets, is saying something.

DJ and promoter G-Mac (George MacDonald to his nan) has decided against bringing in a big name guest for the evening, instead inviting DJs from across Scotland. Among those on-side are Manga residents DJ Kid, MC Feelman and AJ, plus Kemal & Rob Data, Tania Swift and Paul Reset (Glasgow), DJ Tez (Aberdeen) and The General (Selkirk). MacDonald himself seems a little surprised at the turnout: ‘It’s turned itself into a Scottish drum 8. bass convention because we’ve got everyone we’ve worked with from Scotland along to play. People may only get about 45 minutes each but that should still be enough for them to

do something good.’

The focus on local acts was perhaps inspired by last year’s birthday. ‘It was OK,’ MacDonald remembers, ‘but Grooverider had only just come back from his holiday that afternoon and he didn’t even know which box of records he had with him to play.’ It was still an entertaining night, but one that perhaps illustrates that if you’re having a party, bringing in a big name DJ means importing a vibe as much as celebrating your own.’

That’s not to say that Manga are opposed to getting the guests in - Ronnie Size and Fabio are among past visitors - while the next few months see the arrival of Kenny Ken and (belatedly) Goldie. Dates at Glasgow’s soon-to-be-reopened Sub Club are also pencilled in.

Six years on and going strong, Manga is still the daddy of the Scottish scene, but MacDonald views the arrival of newer nights on the scene in a mixed light. ‘There’ve been people who’ve done it sensibly,’ he says, ‘and people who’ve come from other areas and done it differently, because down south it’s a constant battle, whereas up here it’s always been a few people doing stuff together. But we’ve got it pretty well sewn up. A lot of DJs won’t play anywhere besides Manga.’ (James Smart)

I Progression at (‘ity cure. ()pin—lam. Free. 1‘) Jan. l‘ortnightly Pre- cluh .xexxion to the main eyent at the Liquid Room. l‘eaturing l‘unky to progrexxion houxc from Barry hell and (‘raig Reid.

I Soul Resistance at the “am. Optn-lam. Free. Weekly Northern Soul. rare grooye. Hammond _ia// and lireakheatx galore \y ith your hoxt ('raig Jamiexon (Modern I.oyerxl.

I Space Face at PopRokit. 9pm lam. Free. Weekly. Andy \Villiatnx and Scott Ferguxon the hoyx that uxed to run (‘arholic lirolic ‘hack in the day' join l'orcex With The Sqtialor Shoyy, Dam and Spider to hoxt thix .xeminal Saturday pre- cluh featuring a luxion ol‘ja/L xoul. l‘unk. houxe and hip hop.

I UrbannHangSuite at Bann‘x.

I lpm-Ram. Free. Weekly Light yegetarian xnackx .xery ed to a xtrangely' xyyinging xoundtrack l‘rom Son ol~ l'gly I Yush! at City (are. 9pm lam. l‘ree. 26 Jan. lr‘ortnightly'. .-\.J. thiin Recordingxl xelectx the upbeat hip hop. funk and ragga. llc‘x joined hy the l'rexh prince of R&B. the Mad .-\mhaxxador.


I Acetate at the Liquid Room hax noyy tinixhed.

I Airborne at the Venue tall lloorxi. l().3()pm— 3am. £8. Io Jan. Monthly. Legendary xonic xay iour Andreyy Weatherall arriyex hack in Scotland to mexx with the mindx ol the techno l‘aithl‘ul. Support comex from the (‘utx & Stringx creyy comprixed ol‘ Sean Kellie. Sitnon Billon. I.ee Sinclair. l’aul Maxon and Keyin Roe.

I Angel Delight at the Venue. Monthly. .\'e.\t date 9 lr‘eh.

I Aquabassino Album Launch at the Venue. ltlpm 3am. L'll). l‘) Jan only lidinhurgh'x deep hotixe macxtro hoxtx the official launch of hix dehut alhtnn Beuly n Bobs. liarly' arriyal recommended.

I Ascension at 'l‘ex-iot Royy‘ t'nion. |().3()pm»~3am. £3 (£2). 26 Jan. Monthly. .\'ot an a.xcent to heay'en ax the name would xeem to xuggext htit a dark dexcent into the yery hoyyelx ol‘ hell. (ioth. induxtrial and ‘darkyyay‘e' care ol~ rexident l)Jx ('lairc. ('raig. D] X and guextx.

I AtOMiC Baby :11 l.;t lit‘llc :\ngele. llHllpin 3am. L‘lllit'Si. 2o .lan. Monthly. chidcnt l)Jx Michael Kilkie and Stuart Duncan launch a ncyy year ol' progrexxiye ltouxc hedonixm.

I Audio Deluxe at the lloneyeomh. lllpm 3am. LS. \Veekly lla\ mg ptit an end to ['1' the tie—in \\ ith (‘olout'x that xayy hig name l)Jx like Steye l.ayy ler and Danny Rampling play at inappropriate timex lloneycomh hay e plumhed l'or an in-houxe alternatiye l'eaturing tlte talented rexident l).lx l'rom l)ixtrict. (‘raig Smith playx xoull'ul to l'unky liouxe and garage grooy ex in the main room. yy hile Yogi llitllgllltttl ltlltl .Ml‘ 'littltl \llt)\\ caxe i{\\i;. garage and hip hop through the hack. .\x a xpecial promotion. il‘you te\t ‘deltne’ to 07718 033 Soo a \ll’ paxx \\ ill he xent to your phone giy ing you tree entry to thix night during the month ol January. See lactlile.

I Blast at ('luh Mercado. llpm late. L'lll/L'S. 20 Jan. l‘ortnightly. Blaxt rexidentx lluggy and Markell take on Mixx

Money penny ’x .\'ick (iillet at thix liloor- xhaking. l‘unky houxc party.

I Blitz at the Venue ttop lloori.

10.30pm Rant. [7 non-memherx l [5 memherxi. ll) .lan. Monthly l’rogrexxiy e to pumped—tip trance yy ith l).l l)oc. Stray Andy '1‘ and Kamika/e. l‘ree memherxhip ayailahle on the night.

I 6.6. Blooms at (‘.(‘. Bloomx. Illaillpm 3am that iron] (rpm). lirce. \VCCixl}. l).l :\lly tlttt‘x the tlL‘t‘klllL‘ttl tlllllL'S in her trademark high-camp xty le at thix huxy gay yenue.

I Chromatic at the \‘enue. .\'e\t date 3 l't‘l).

O COIOUI‘S ttl the l.lt|tlltl Rttttlll.

lllpm 3am. £12 on the door ttlll in adyancc. ayailahle lrom l~'opp. l‘het' l)ixko and Rippingi. 2o .lan. Monthly Maxterlul mu/iki/tim l'rom the .\ l’rexx 2 creyy lea- turing Rocky. l)iexel and .'\xhley Beedlc at the rc-launch night ol~ (’olourx' eaxt coaxt xexxion. lilectro xotil xupport comex lrom rcxident l)Jx ('raig Smith and Jon Mancini. See llitlixt.

I Conception at Park Room. in iot Royy llouxe. Monthly. New date 23 l‘ch. I Disco Inferno at ligo, lllfillptn 3am. £7 ([5 in lancy drexxi. 3t» .lan. Monthly l’opular \\ ith a mature yet conxixtently


iuyenile audience. thix long~xtanding dixco ml'erno ix xtill xtoked in the ntain room hy the maxterl'ul .\l(’ ()tix and l).lx \ick Silyer and l.enny l.o\e. liunkmaxter l‘rycr tMotherl'unki ix noyy maxtering the deckx in the ('octcau Lounge. xery ing tip xmooth grooy ex and hootxy moy ex.

I Divine Divas at the Venue Itop lloori hax noyy linixhed.

I The :tl lllL‘ Wee Red Hat“.

llpm Sam. [-1 IUSUI. \Veekly. Still the hext mi\ ol' indie. (illx garage. Northern xoul. xka and xoundtrackx you‘re likely to xtagger acroxx. .\ \\ ell-loy ed inxtitution that xtatmchly deliex change.

I Essential at the l.iquid Room. \e\t date 3 lieh.

I Eye Candy at (‘luh Mercado.

llpm late. {Hi I {S11 ilotttrageouxly attired, l‘) .lan. l‘ortnightly Rexidentx (iracmc l’opxtar. \eiat Barton and Neil ('rookxton hoxt their inlainoux. glam houxc party where mainxtrcam houxc reignx xupreme. lx’emcmher to ‘l)rexx glam or xcram‘.

I Fiesta Latina at in iot Royy t'mon. \lttlltllly. Neyt tltllL' l(t l't‘l‘.

I Greazed Up at the Spider'x \Vch. Spin lam. [5 Hell). 3o .lan. Monthly. l‘axt and lurioux ()ll\ Rtkll \\ ith liyc comho. ’l'he ('ohrax. plux a rockahilly record hop hoxted hy ‘l'oio and Rhtnnhoogie .'\le\.

. Headspin at the Bongo (‘luh Ill..illpin 3am. L'". In Jail. Monthly. lhe hext in hip hop. l'tmk. xoul. houxe and hrcakheat at the tourth hirthday haxh ol' thix nigh on legendary night. .r\llan. 'l'he lx’exonance tl)a\a and (‘olin .\llll;ll'l and Steye Spin comprixe the DJ dixplay team \\ lnle liye l'tmk comex care ol' the lleadxpin .'\|l~xtarx. :\rri\c early to guaran-v tee entry. See llllllxl.

I Joy at ligo. ltlfillpm 3am. L'IlltL'S' memherxt. l‘) .lan. l5ortnightly. l'p-l'ront. dirty houxc grooyex on the tnain l'loor \\ ith Maggie tk .-\lan. plux 'l'rendy Wendy and Sally l‘mlay 'x cheeky mi\ ol xoul. l'unk and chart in the doyynxtairx xuite. l’leaxe note that only gay people and their l'ricndx can gain entry to thix night.

I Last Night A DJ Stole My Wife at l’o Na \a. l lpiit 3am. [3. \Veekly l).l lth Varmint. keeping it real with the old School In ncyy xt‘llttttl l‘t‘ttlx ill. hreakx l'ormula.

I Latin Explosion at the Mantho ('luh hax noyy linixhed.

I Latino Loco at l-Ll Barrio.

lllpm 3am. l-‘ree hel'ore l lpm: £2 alter. \Veekly. ‘l‘he lrexhext l.atino heatx l‘rom the harrio yy ith l).l llector and hix I.atin Pti\\C.

I Luscious at (‘luh .laya. 9.30pm late. to. ll) .lan. l-‘ortnightly l‘unky l‘S hotixe night hoxted hy Stuart l’erdie (RU! ll) and Neil ('rookxton tliy e ('andy i. It you catch a cah lrom the city centre xtraight to the yenue. you can reclaim your uni tare tyy ith receipti l‘rom the l.uxcioux door xtall'. Ma\imum claimx are to. xo don‘t take the ptxx.

I Luvely at the liquid Room. Monthly. \cu date (i l’eh \\ ith the xi\th hirthday haxh.

I The Mambo Club at the Mamho ('luh. lllpm 3am. H (Li \yith l'lyerl hel'orc midnight: £5 alter. \Veekly. Sir ()xxie takcx hix ragga. hip hop and reggae xhoyycaxe on an :\lrican tip. mi\ing it tip \y ith xocca and other intligenoux l'layax. I Messenger Sound System at the Bongo ('luh. lllpm 3am. L'S. ll) .lan. l‘ortnightly l)elegatex gather tor the ‘l)uh ('onl'erence' yyhcre the mighty Mexxenger xoundxy xtem goex tip againxt l.ondon'x legendary (‘hannel ()nc xoundxy xtem leaturing Mikey l)redd at the controlx pltix .\l( 'x .-\l'rikan Simha and Rax Kled. liarly arriyal recommended to guarantee entry.

I Mingin at Studio 24 tupxtairx l. lllfillpm 3am. to. in Jan. l‘ortnightly. Rexidentx Brian I)empxtcr and Man Joy partake ol' the tixttal Mingin’ madnexx. playing lilthy houxe and In ixtcd trance tor a l'rixky and predominantly gay

cum tl.

I The Mission at Studio 24.

llpm 3am. £51“).\\'eekly.'l'lte axtoundingly popular haunt lor the alternateenx ix mm a \yeekly al'l'air. occupying the \y hole huilding yy ith three roomx ol‘ up-to-date darknexx on W Jan and hoxting a rock and indtixtrial night in the doyy nxtairx room on Io Jan.

I Opium at ()pium. ltlpm 3am. l‘ree. Weekly. Rock. nu tnetal and alternatiye/indic l'rom rexidcnt gal l).l. Marxha.

I Oxygen at (‘luh .laya. Monthly. Next tltttc ‘) l't‘ll.

I Phosphoresence at the Venue itop l'loori. lllfillpm 3am. £4. 2o .lan. Monthly. ’l'he pxy chedelic trance night moycx up to the top floor lor one date only to hoxt an intimate allair l'eaturing a guext xct l‘rom (‘harlic Munro tl-‘ly ing thittol.

I Posh at ('luh .laya. Monthly. Ne\t date the.

I Progression at the liquid Room. lllpm 3am. EH). 1‘) .lan. Monthly. .t\nother Scottixh e\cluxi\e l'rom the recently re-latmchcd progt'exxi\e houxc night. lledrock‘x llrancaccio tk .v\ixltcr make their dehut in .v\u|d Reekic. playing high-adrenaline houxc to make your hody moye. .\nd it they can't play l'or xhit. \\ ho carex hecauxe l.uke llrancaccio ix quite leaxihly the hext looking male l).l l'ye

I The Project at the Bongo ('Itth. Monthly .\'c\t date 9 l‘eh.

0 Radio at the ('laremont llotel.

Spin lam. [5. l‘) .lan. Monthly. (let your kooky kickx at thix teenage rock 'n' roll riot l’caturing liye action lrom 'l'he Rockahoatx and a retro record hop hoxt- ed hy Rockin' Rick. (‘larky and Paul l’at. SL‘L‘ llllllxl.

I Scratch at l.a Belle .\ngelc. Monthly. .\'c\t date ‘l l‘eh \y llll xpecial guext. .leru ’l'he |)amaja.

I Senses at .\'oa hax noyy linixhed.

I Tease Age at the ('ili'ttx (‘ltih

llptn 3.15am. [5. Weekly. \oyy going into itx tenth year. thix indie xtalyyart l'eaturing xyy inging (lllx hitx to haggy Manchcxter tunex conttnttex to drayy a [litL'lxt'tl and x\\ eaty t'l’tt\\tl \\ t‘L‘lx lll. \\ Ct‘lx

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