The Hill House Tue 22 Jan —Sat 27 Apr. A small display presenting a selection of Mackintosh’s designs for the Hill House in llelensburgh. designed between 1902 and l()(l-l and considered as Mackintosh's domestic masterpiece.. NEW SHOW.

Chinese And Korean Porcelain Wed 23 Jan. 5.45pm. Rose Kerr frotn the Victoria & Albert Museum gives a talk.


l8 King Street. 552 2540. Tue-Sat

l lam» 5pm.

Local Universe Tue 22— Sat 26 Jan. New site—specific work by Kim McKinney. Jason Dee. Patrick Jamieson and Helen Mc(‘rorie inclttding attdio vistial installations. scttlpture and two- dimensional imagery. NEW SHOW.


l I Mitchell Lane. 221 (i362. Mon. Wed. l-‘ri & Sat 10.30am 5pm; Tue

1 lam 5pm: Thu l().3()am--5pm: Sun noon A 5pm. L‘l (inclttdes entry to all exhibitions).

Re Design l'ntil Sttn .3 l-‘eb (Gallery 4). Designed by the Azumis. the [K premiere of this exhibition features the work of leading Japanese architects. graphic. product. lighting and fashioner designers. photographers and writers. all of whom have redesigned 3f) everyday objects. l’eatured items include teabags. toilet rolls. matches and paper plates. l’ui't (il'Ju/nm 2()()l. happell: l'ntil Sttn 24 lieb (Review (iallery). An exhibition highlighting the work of multidisciplinary design company happell Interiors.

Energy Taming l'ntil Sun 3 Mar (Viewing platform). A focus on the renewable energy systems used in the Lighthouse and the possibilities of using these technologies in a wider urban context.

Bombay Sapphire, The Blue Room Exhibition Hi 18 Jan-vWed l3 f-‘eb (Skylight (iallery). l-‘rom London‘s ()X() gallery. a showcase of contemporary glass design selected by some of the world’s leading glass experts. lixhibits range from Williatn Morris‘ sttidio glass. solar panels used in the (ireat ('ourt of the British Museum and a glass chair by (‘ini Boeri and Tomu Katay‘anagi. NEW SHOW. creativescotland Fri 18 Jan Mon 2 Dec. Throughout the year. the Lighthouse will be showcasing a changing display of the work of Scotland’s creative entrepreneurs in advertising. architecture. fashion. design. film. video. mttsic and digital media.

prague: session Sat It) Jan Sun 3 Mar (Young Designers (iallery). Annual showcase of the work of young designers coming ottt of Prague Academy of Arts. Architecture and Design. featuring product design. graphic design and fashion.

Jiri Pelcl l-‘ri l8 Jan. 5 6pm ((‘onferencc Suite. l‘loor 3). Head of Design at the Academy of Arts. Architecture and l)esign in Prague. Jiri Pelcl. gives a lecture on (‘Icch design.


Station Road. Milngavie. 578 88-17. Tue Sat l()am lpm. 2 5pm.

A Painted Portrait ll L'ntil Hi 15 l’eb. An exhibition celebrating the life and work of Mary Armour

( l()(l2 2()()()l pltts work by William Armour and other artist-teachers who worked alongside Mary at (ilasgow School of Art.

232 Embroidery Group tintil l-‘ri l5 licb. ('ontemporary and traditional work by members of the 232 limbroidery (iroup.

LLOYD JEROME GALLERY 2()() Bath Street. 331 ()722. Tue Sat 9am (ipm.

Emil Schult [Tritil Wed 23 Jan. The

first Scottish showing of paintings by limil Schttlt who found fame as part of legendary (ierman electronic music pioneers Kraftwerk. The exhibition features paintings on plexi glass. which employ graphic brushstrokes onto the transparent surface.


2() North Street. 287 299‘). Mon —Thu l().3()am—<o.3()pm: Fri—Sat l().3()am—4pm.

The Right To Work Until Sat 26 Jan. An exhibition by the (iovan Workspace to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the L'(‘S Work—In in which hundreds of workers occupied the shipyards on the L'pper (‘lyde to fight against their closure.


73 Robertson Street. Suite 6. Floor 1. 248 37] l. Tue-liri noon~5pm.

Sue Tompkins Until Fri 25 Jan. New sculptures collages and paintings by Sue Tompkins.

EWAN MUNDY FINE ART 22f West (ieorge Street. 248 9755. Mon- Fri l()am—5.30pm: Sat l()am—2pm.

Mixed Exhibition Until Thu 3! Jan.

A selection of Scottish paintings by gallery artists.


()n-line gallery.

Miniatures One ()n-line gallery showcasing the work of up-and-coming artists from (ilasgow and lidinburgh.


(i Wilson Street. Merchant (‘ityg 552 0702. Tue—Fri l lam-(ipm; Sat l()am»-(ipm'. Stm l-»-5pm.

Mixed Exhibition tfntil Thu 31 Jan.

Work by contemporary and tip-and- coming Scottish-based artists.


(‘entre lior Developmental Arts. 18 Albion Street. 552 2822. Mon—l-ri l()am—5pm.

On Your Marks Fri l8 lair-Fri 22 Feb. Work by artists frotn Project Ability"s Arts Development programme. NEW SHOW.


(i Burnfield Road. (iif'fnock. 638 1200. Tue l-‘ri llam-‘5pm; Sat l()am—5pm: Sun noon»5pm.

Winter Show L'ntil Thu 28 f‘eb. An exhibition of original paintings by over 150 artists.


26 King Street. 552 2l5 l. Tue v-Sat l()am ~ 5.30pm.

Just Add Water t'ntil Sat 9 t-‘eb.

Lens-based work by third year fine art

photographers from (ilasgow School of

Art. Subjects inclttde time. space. light. gender and the body.


~12 ()tago Lane. 357 452-1. Daily

1 l.3()am»-- l()pm.

Organic Mechanics L'ntil Thu 31 Jan. Photographs and digital art by Matthew (‘airns.


25 Albert Drive. 287 3900. Tue-Sat noon 8pm: Sun noon ()plll.

l-lK: Joanne Tatham and Tom O’Sullivan L'iitil Stiii 2() Jan. The first of a season of exhibitions devoted to the work of (ilasgow—based artists. l’irst up are Joanne Tatham and Tom ()‘Sullivan who have been commissioned to create a large-scale sculptural installation for 'l‘ramway‘s main space. The result is HK. ()lll high black lettering spelling out the words ‘lleroin Kills‘ which reflects upon the

anti-drugs campaigns of the 80s. LAST CHANCE TO SEE.

0 Janice McNab - The Greenock Factory Project Pri l8 Jan- Sun 3 Mar. Edinburgh-based artist Janice McNab continues her investigation into the effects of overexposure to chemicals. (‘reating documentary paintings. painted directly from photographs. The (ii'i'i'iiurk l'iu'mijv Project documents the plight of a group of women who have taken court action against the National Semiconductor Factory in (ireenoek. They believe that the company is breaching health and safety regulations due to the astonishing number of cases of cancer. miscarriages and reproductive defects in shop floor workers. See Hitlist. NEW SHOW. Janice McNab In Conversation With Moira Jeffrey Thu 24 Jan. (ipnt. Janice Mc.\'ab talks about her work on show in the Project Room with art critic Moira Jeffrey.

Mick Peter Thu 31 Jan. (ipm. The artist discusses current projects and his recent Tramway exhibition with Michelle Naisntith. ll'iiy's ()_fl)uiiig ‘I‘lit' .\'ig/t!.


28 King Street. 552 48 l 3. Tue Sat

1 lain-Spin.

Stephen Sutclifl‘e and Dave Sherry Tue 22—-Sat 26 Jan. Solo projects by Stephen Sutcliffe in the basement space and Dave Sherry in the upper gallery space. NEW SHOW.

Glasgow Museums

This section lists museums currently showing temporary exhibitions. For details of other permanent attractions, see Glasgow Life, page 79.


Argyle Street. Kelvingrove. 287 269‘). Mon --Thu & Sat l()ain-- 5pm; l-‘ri & Sun

1 lam ~5pm. Cafe. liree.

A Kelvingrove Centenary t'ntil Spring. A commemorative exhibition marking the centenary of the Art (iallery and Mtiseum. Kelvingrove. The well- loved sandstone building houses one of the finest civic art collections in litirope. featuring works by Botticelli. Rembrandt. Whistler and the (ilasgow Boys and Girls. and was the venue for some of the fittest exhibitions seen iit Britain including Picasso-Matisse ( l‘)-l(i). \‘an (iogh ( 19-18) and Dali's Art In Jewels ( l973 4).

BC Wildlife Photographer Of The Year [Tntil Sun 27 Jan. Now in its 17th year. the annual wildlife photography competition organised by BIK‘ ll'i/il/i/i' magazine and the Natural History Museum features entries by both professional and amateur photographers worldwide. The winning entry by Manjo Shah captures the image of a female orang-utan with her young infant. LAST CHANCE TO SEE.

Endangered Wildlife l'ntil Autumn. An exhibition highlighting the endangered wildlife iit Scotland.

Asylum Images i-‘ri 25 Jan ~Wed (7 Apr. ('ommissioned by the Scottish Asylum Seekers Consortium. Asylum Images is a poignant photographic portrayal of the journey made by refugees to the [K to seek asylum. Photographers lloward Davies. Anna Kari and (iuilhem Alandry were commissioned to take photographs in Sighthill in (ilasgow. as they adjusted to their new life in Scotland. See review. NEW SHOW.


The Cross. Kirkintilloch. 578 01-14. TuewSat l()am -lpm & 2 5pm. Scottish Photographic Circle [Tittil Sat 1‘) Jan. Annual photography show by members of this photography group.

Past Impressions Sat 26 Jan Sat 2 Mar. [itchings and lithographs by printmakers Ruth (ireer and liveleen Wright.

listings Art

Hellen van Meene The first Scottish showing of photographic works by Dutch artist Hellen van Meene who takes portraits of young girls on the verge of womanhood. Inver/eitli l-louse. Royal Botanic Garden. Edinburgh. until Sun 70 Mar.

Janice McNab - The Greenock Factory Project Janice McNab's documt—zntary paintings continue her investigation into the effects of overexposure to chemicals. Her chosen subject is the workplace the National Semiconductor Factory in Greenock which has been taken to court by a group of women workers over health and safety violations. Tramway Glasgow. Fri 18 Jaanun 3 Mai:

From The Saatchi Gift Turner Pri7e nominees Richard Billingham and Glenn Brown feature in a selection of works drawn from Charles Saatchi's gift of 100 works to the Arts Council collection. See preview. lit/bot Rice Gallery. Edinburgh, tint/l Sat 5) Feb.

Saving Faces Last chance to see Glasgow School Of Art graduate Mark Gilbert 's painted portraits of patients before. during and after facial reconstruction

reSuIting from his residency at the

Royal London Hospital. A very moving and powerful exhibition.

Glasgow School OlAi't. Glasgow:

until Fri 25 Jan.

New Work Scotland Programme 6 The final two solo shows of the Collective's (:‘ialleiy's New Work Scotland programme which showcases the work of up and-coming artists. laura Ouarmby and Richard Blass round tip the series. Collective Gal/en: Edinburgh, Fri 18 Jan Sun /' /' Feb.

Arthur’s Seat Exploring Place Curated by Anne Marie Culhane. this three venue collaborative exhibition is t it:- result of the first ever residency on Edinburgh's famous landmark. See preview. New Street Exhibition Space, l lolvi'ootl Park Rangers Lodge and Museum of Edinburgh. fittinbtii'gli. /.'l as Jan—Sat 5) Feb.

"5' .14" f THE LIST 73