Rupert Clamp l-'ri l8 Jan-Sun |7 lieb. Work in the project room from Rttpert Clamp.


(Formerly (iallery 41 i. 4| I)undas Street. 557 456‘). .\lon-tliri l().3()am—5.3()pm; Sat l().3()am 5pm. Mixed Exhibition t'ntii Thu 31 Jan. A selection of ctmtemporary paintings. jewellery and sculpture by gallery artists.


Belford Road. (124 (3200 (recorded infortnation 332 226(3). .\lon Sat l()atn—5pm; Sttn noon 5pm. Paolozzi: As Is When t'ntii Sun to I’eb. On display is liduardo l’aolo/Ji's important Pop print suite As Is ll'lmt l()(i4—o5 which was inspired by an account of the life of philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein.

As Is When: The Life of Wittgenstein Mott 2] Jan. l2.45pm. David Bloot'. director of Science Studies l'nit. l'niyersity of lidinburgh discusses the life of Ludwig Wittgenstein. the philosopher who was the inspiration for Paolo/,zi's As Is ll'ltmi pop print suite.


27 Queensferry Street. 220 4 l 5(). Mon-Sat 9.3()am»—5.3()pm; Stilt

noon 4pm.

Recent Acquisitions A selection of the gallery's recent purchases.


8 Adyocate’s ('lose. 225 927 l. Daily

1 1.30am 5.30pm (closed Wed).

The New Wave Of Primitivism Dom is an arts project established in l‘)‘)(i by a group of international artists working in Scotland. With a constantly changing exhibition of artworks. the gallery houses sculpture. stained glass and paintings by artists who practise primitive art.

EDINBURGH COLLEGE OF ART Lauriston l’lace. 22l (1000. Mon liri 10am 5pm: Sat 8; Sttn l()atn 2pm. Surly MacDonald - A Poet. A Retrospective t'ntit Fri 18 Jan. A retrospective exhibition celebrating the work of Surly .\lacDonald featuring poetry and photography.

School Of Drawing And Painting Annual Exhibition t'ntil Tue 22 Jan. Annttal open exhibition of work by under and postgraduate students froin the School of Drawing and Painting.


18a I)undas Street. 557 5227. Mon l"ri l lam 5pm: Sat l()am -lpm.

Mixed Exhibition t'ntil Thu 31 Jan. A selection of contetnporary paintings by gallery artists.


23 [Tnion Street. 557 247‘). Tue Sat l()am 6pm.

Recent Co-Publication Prints Sat 1‘) Jan—Sat 2 .\lat'. A selection of the latest co-published prints produced in collaboration between the studio master prints and inyited artists. The show features etchings. lithographs attd screenprints by John Bellany. Alan Dayie. (iail Wigley. .\loyna l’lannigan. (iraham l-‘agen and many more. NEW SHOW.

FIFTY TWO DUBLIN STREET 52 Dublin Street. 557 2725. Mon Hi I lam 5pm; Sat l lam- 4pm.

Brent Millar t'ntil 'l'hu 3l Jan. ('eramic plates and new paintings by Brent .\lillar.


88 l.othian Road. 228 2688. Daily

l()atn l()pm.

Clickers Camera Club t‘ntil Sat 2 l-‘eb. An exhibition of photography by members of the camera club.


‘) West Port. 22] ()237. Mon Sttn

llatn 7pm.

Half A Man Walked Past l'ntil Sttn 27 Jan. An installation by Rosa ('omellas.

We Are TWO l'ntil Sun 27 Jan. A collaboration with Basque artists Ala/tie Berges and Benat lglesias featttring painting and drawing.


4(ia Raebtirn l’lace. 3l5 2603. Mon Sat l()am 5.3(lpm.

January Sale t’ntil Thu 31 Jan. Reductions on many items including



(iallery & Shop. 77 I)undas Street. 556 3l5‘). .\lon l-‘ri l()am optn; Sat

l()atn 5pm.

Fresh l'tttil \Ved 2t) l‘eb. A selection of paintings including works by Frank Bentley. Jim .\'e\‘illc. ('aroline Dear. llillary Anderson. lialish Wilson. l.eona ('ollins and lileonor Barron. pltts photography. ceramics. jewellery. ceramics and textiles.


22a Dundas Street. 55o 2l8l. .\lon l’ri l().3()am opin: Sat l()atn 4pm.

Small Paintings For Christmas l'ntil Sat 2o Jan. A selection of paintings by met 50 artists pltts ceramics. sculpture. prints. jewellery. boxes. scaryes and Russian craftwork.


lloly'rood Road. 556 l7()l. OArthur’s Seat - Exploring Place Hi 25 Jan Sat ‘) l-‘eb. See New Street lixhibition Space and prey iew.


('astlchill. Royal Mile. 473 2000.

.\lth Sun 0.30am l()pm.

Jilli Blackwood l‘ntil Sttn 27 Jan. In association with the Scottish (iallct‘y. textiles by Jilli Blackwood which

incorporate her slash-and-show technique which she dey‘elopetl while a student at (ilasgow School of Art.


(if) (‘umberland Street. 558 0872.

.\Ion l-‘ri l()atn ()pm; Sat l()am 4pm. 21 Master Prints t'ntil Sat () t-‘eh. To coincide with ()pen liye’s (iallery 21st birthday. an exhibition of prints including works by Blake ('aulfteld. Hockney. Chagall. Matisse. Rembrandt and \Vat'ltol.


()5 The Shore. l.eith. 553 5255. Tue lit 1 lant 5pm: Sat 1 lam 4pm.

Jack Morrocco t'ntil Sat 1‘) Jan. .\'ew liguratiye and still life paintings by Jack .\lorrocco. in this his second solo exhibition at the gallery.

Mixed Exhibition t'ntil Sat 1‘) Jan. A selection of applied arts including silyerware. glass. jewellery. ceramics. wood turnings and sculptttre.

New Faces 2002 Sat 3(» Jan Sat t) l-‘eb. 'l'he l.eith (iallery’s annual sltowcase of the work of oy'er 3() new graduates front the fottr Scottish art colleges featttring painting. sculpture. jewellery. glass and ceramics. NEW



87 Broughton Street. 558 8778.

Tue Sat llatn (3pm.

Mixed Exhibition This new gallery on Broughton Street. set up by the fortner owner of the Belley ue (iallery‘. (‘allum Buchanan. features a range of paintings by 2(lllt ztt'tists. The selection includes an early work by Jenny Sayille. pltts works by Steyen llood. (ieoffrey Roper. Jttne Redfern. llenry Kondracki. .»\lexander (ioudie. John Bellany. Kate Downie. Jack Knox and Brent .\liller.


Belfortl Road. ()24 6200 (recorded information 332 22(io). .\ton Sat

listings Art

The Palazzo Balbi on the Grand Canal, Venice c.1819—1835 by J.M.W. Turner on show at the National Gallery of


l()am 5pm: Sun noon 5pm. (life. Hmmm . . . David Shrigley’s Selection From The Permanent Collection l'ntil Sttn 24 l‘eb. Artist Day'id Shrigley selects his fayourite works from the permanent collection which include .\larcel Duchamp's llt'd‘lll' ()/'(’/tu.s'I/‘Iy and an early portrait by Scottish ('olourist S.J. l’eploe. 'l'he displays includes a selection of Slit'igley"s own work. See rey iew.

Fart For Peace: David Shrigley’s Hmmm . . . Selection Mon 28 Jan. 12.45pm. .\'eil Mulliulland. a lecturer at lidinburglt (‘ollege of Art talks about Day'id Sltrigley ‘s selection from the National Gallery of Modern Art's permanent collection. Wilhelmina Barns-Graham t‘ntii Stilt l7 .\lar. To coincide with the launch of the first book on the artist. a special display of paintings and drawings by St Andrew s-born artist Wilhelmina Barns-- (it'aham.


'l‘he .\lound. (i24 (3200 (recorded infortnation 332 22(io). .\lon Sat

l()atn 5pm: Sun noon 5pm.

From The Madonna To The Moulin Rouge: Recently Acquired Drawings l‘ntil 'l'lni 3| Jan. A display of oy er 4“ draw ings and watcrcolottrs recently acquired by the National (ialleries. ranging from deyotional images of the Madonna to spontaneous sketches of the Parisian music hall. the Moulin Rouge. .\lany of the works haye ney er before been exhibited due to tlteir selisitiy it} to light. There are drawings by Hill] and l7th century Italian masters Agostino (‘arrach l’ietro 'l‘csta and Domenico Ricci: a preparatory sketch for the figure of lirminia by (iuercino: \ iew s of lidinbtirgh and .\'ew hay en by Alexander .\'asmytli: an anatomical study by I‘lth century French draughtsman (‘harles lit‘ancois Sellier and Joseph ('raw hall's watercolour ll'liilt' Dru/w. lASl (Ill/\NCE It) SH.

1'3" .J.i" THE LIST 75