THE MAGIC HORSE Scottish Mask and Puppet Centre, Glasgow, Sat 19 Jan

As a generation brought up on Zippy, Basil Brush and Bagpuss, our puppet expectations are pretty high. Not for us the lame Punch and Judy style booth, populated by threadbare characters with squeaky voices. We want imaginative storylines, decent music and, if it’s not asking too much, a wee bit of humour from our modern-day marionettes.

One woman making sure that’s exactly what we get is Alison Monaghan. An erstwhile member of Edinburgh Puppet Company, Monaghan went on to form Yugen Puppets in 1997, a smaller, more intimate outfit touring one- and two- person shows to primary schools and theatres. Naming her company after a Zen term for ‘an expression of beauty’, Yugen’s remit is to retell Scottish fairytales, myths and legends; taking traditional stories, dusting them down and giving them a new twist. And after the success of last year’s The Black Bull of Norroway, Monaghan is back on the road with new work, The Magic Horse, playing sixteen dates at the forthcoming Puppet Animation Festival in

March and April.

The tale of a young man who exchanges his lame mare for a healthy new horse and gallops off into a world of lazy princes, beautiful princesses and magical quests, The Magic Horse features both hand-carved wooden puppets and shadow puppetry, all designed, made and operated by Monaghan. ‘You always see me,’ she says. ‘I change from storyteller to puppeteer, so the audience see my relationship to the puppet, which I think is good: to let people see the whole workings rather than in a booth show where you just

see the puppets.’

But for once, Monaghan won’t be carrying the can all by herself; acoustic guitarist Ali Mclnnes has composed an original score to complement the action, and joins her onstage. ‘lt’s a beautiful accompaniment to the show,’ says Monaghan. ‘It helps me with the movement, and as I believe in not using many words, it gives the audience a comfort during the silences.’ (Kelly Apter)

We welcome submissions for this section, but cannot guarantee inclusion. Please send details to our offices at least ten days before publication. Kids listings compiled by Maureen Ellis.


Activities And Fun

Rutherglen Rep Junior Drama Thu 17.Thti 34 & Thu 31 Jan. 6 7pm tk

7 8.30pm. £13.50 £15 per term. ('atlikin High School. \Vhitlawburn. (‘ambtislang 64] 4331. :\‘_‘es 7 10 & ll 15. Btiddiitg thesps can learn the tricks of ilie acting trade at these ten-w cck courses. Eastfield Junior Art Group Sui 1‘) .lati. 10am noon. £33 per term. liastlield (‘ommtinity ('entrc. Dukes Road. (‘ambuslang MI 831‘). .v\ges 8 I3. lmpriwe artistic techniques and skills at this ten-w eek course.

Spittal Junior Art Group Sui 1‘) Jun. 10am noon. £33 per term. Spittal (‘ommtinity (‘entre. (‘ai'rick Road. Rtithcrglen. 634 7010. Ages 8 13. lixplore dillerent ct'eathe techniques at this ten-

w cck course.

Spittal Teen Art Group Sui 1‘) Jun. noon 3pm. £33 per term. Spittal (‘ommunity (‘entre. (‘arrick ls’oad. Rtitliei'glen, 634 7010. .'\ges l3 l6. :\ ten- w eck course in fun arts actiy itics.


My Neighbour Tortoro it‘i Sui 1‘) Jun. 13.45pm: Princess Mononoke ll’(il Sat 36 .Ian. noon. £3.35 ifamily ticket £‘)). (iIan—‘ow liilm 'l'lieati'c. 13 Rose Street. 333 S133. See l‘iilltl lndcx.

Human Body i i’( i 1'. Grand Canyon il’(}i. times may check l‘ilm listings for showing times. £5 (£3501. l.\l:\.\ 'l‘heati‘c. (ilasgow Science ('enn‘c. 50 Pacific ()uay. .130 5000.


The Magic Horse Sui l‘) .lan. 3pm. £4 (£3 ). Scottiin Mask & Puppet 'l‘lican'c (‘entie 8 l0 Balcai'i'es .'\\entic.

78 THE LIST ;:1' 1’7 ’1

Kelyindale. 33‘) 6185. Yugen Puppets adapt this Scottish fairytale abotit a man

w ho exchanges his old mare fora magic horse. The story of the pairs mission to

w in the heart of a princess is told using gentle storytelling. music and colourful puppets. Sec preyiew.

The Snow Child Sat 36 Jan. 3pm. £4 t£3i. Scottish Mask & Puppet 'I‘heatre ('entrc. 8 l0 Balcart‘es Ayeniic. ls'elyindale. 33‘) 6185. Pay la's Puppets adapt this magical Rtissian folktale about a childless old couple w hose dream becomes reality one snowy day.


Beverley Naidoo Wed 33 Jun. 8pm. Kirkintilloch Library. 3 4 West High Street. Kii'kinlillocli. 776 5666. A chance to meet ('arnegie medal winning children‘s author Beyerley \aidoo. who w ill read from her work The ()I/It‘l' Sit/e ()fli‘iiili.

Activities And Fun

Quickies For Kids Royal Mtiseum ()1' Scotland. 3 (‘hambers Street. 347 431‘). l‘ree. 'I‘en-minute talks for children held eycry Saturday at 3.15pm atid eyei'y Sunday at 3.15pm.

Saturday Art At The Dean Sui l‘) is Sat 36 Jan. 10am noon. £10 for a four-week block. l)ean (iallci'y. Belfoi'd Road. 634 6300. Adyance booking required. Ages 6 10. Juliana ('apes leads a series of four ftm workshops which use inspiration from works in the galleries to explore drawing techniques.

Tae A Mouse And A’ That Sui

1‘) Sat 36 Jan. noon & 3pm. l-‘rec. btit ticketed. Museum ()1' Scotland. ('liambers Street. 347 431‘). Ages 3 13. See photo caption.

Remembering Camelot Sun 30 .Ian. Illaiii noon & 1 3pm. l‘ree witli exhibition ticket. (‘iiy :\t'l (‘t-iitie. 3 Market Street. 53‘) 3963. :\d\ancc hooking required. A printmaking and collage workshop inspired by images of ('amelot.


A.I. Artificial Intelligence 1 l3) Sui 1‘) Jan. 1pm; Shrek 0') Sat 36 Jan. 3pm. £4.50 t£3.50). The Lumiere. Royal Museum. (‘hambet's Street. 347 43 l‘). See l-‘ilm Index.


Schools Showcase wed 30 Jun lit 1 l‘eb. 7.30pm. £4 (£3); family ticket £8. Queen's llall. (’lei'k Street. 668 301‘). Pupils from met a dozen lidinburgh schools perform eyei'ything from classical and traditional music to rock.

Theatre & Dance

The Nutcracker t'ntil Sat 1‘) Jan. 730an Thu & Sat 3.30pm & 7.30pm. £6 £30.50. Playhouse. 18 33 (ireenside Place. 0870 6063434. Ballet International reyiye the 1966 Moscow production of this popular ballet. choreographed by former Bolshoi director Yuri (ii'igot‘oyich.


The Quest For Camelot: The Arthurian Legend In Art t'ntil Sut 36 Jan. £3.50 (£1 1: family ticket £5. ('ity Art ('entrc. 3 Market Street. 53‘) 3‘)‘)3. This family exhibition traces the impact of the .’\rthurian legend on artists throughout the centuries.


Sunday Stories Sun 37 Jan. 3 3pm. £3. National Portrait (iallery. 1 Queen Street. 634 6418. Journey to faraway lands and meet colourful characters iii these story telling sessions for ages oyer 5.

Outside The Cities

Activities And Fun

Scots Song Group Thu 17. Thu 34 «Q Thu 31 Jan. 4 5pm. £30. Iiast Kilbride Arts (‘entre. ()ld ('oach Road. liast Kilbridc. 01355 361000. Ages

8 14. Learn traditional Scots songs in an informal environment.

Arts & Crafts Sat 1‘) & Sat 36 Jan. 10am. 11.15am. 1pm & 3.15pm. £35 for ten weeks. liast Kilbride Arts ('entrc. ()ld (’oach Road. liast Kilbi'ide. 01355 361000. Ages 5 7 & S 10. lixplore arts and crafts techniques tising a \ariety of materials at this ten-week

Pottery Sat 1‘) & Sat 361an. 10am. 11.15am. lpiti & 3.15pm. £30. liast Kilbi'ide .-\i'ts ('entre. ()Id (‘oach Road. liast Kilbride. 01355 361000. Ages 5 7 & S 10. Learn the basics of pottery techniques including coiling. pinching. slab btiildiiig and the potters w heel at this ten-week course.

Bird Boxes Stm 30 Jan. 3 4pm. liree. Palacerigg (‘ountry Park. Palacci'igg Road. Cumbernauld. 01336 730047. [it time for the nesting season. btiild your own bird box.

Acoustic Guitar Stiii 30 & Stiii 37 Jan. 1pm & 3pm. £30 for teii weeks. liast Kilbi'idc :\t'ls (’entrc. ()ld (‘oaclt Road. liast Kilbride. 01355 361000.

Ages 7 l 1. Day i‘orrestci' leads beginners courses in playing guitar. Harp Workshops Thu 3| Jan.

5.30 6.30pm. I.anark Memorial Hall. St l.eonat'ds Street. I.anark. 01555 665383. .'\tl\;lllL‘L‘ booking required. Ages o\ er 8. Jennifer Port. w ho played at Madonna's wedding. leads an eight-week course teaching the basics of harp playing.


Cumbernauld Youth Arts Festival Tue 3‘) Jan Sat l61‘eb. times \‘ary. £13 for a "l'cen'l‘ickct' for all show s and workshops. ('umbei'nauld Theatre. Kiltlrtiin. (’umbernaiild. 01336 733887. .\ diyet‘se programme of theatre. music. dance and workshops exploring all aspects of performance and designed forages

I4 31. See Theatre listings.


Iron Giant (1') Sun 30 Jan. 3.30pm: Wind In The Willows tl'i Sun 37 Jan. 3.30pm. £1.50. .\lacRobcrt. l'niyersity of Stirling. Stirling. 01786 461081. Please note that during refurbislmient. all films

w ill be screened in the Logic lecture 'l'heatre. See liilm Index.


Puss In Boots Sui l‘) Jun. 3pm & 3.30pm. £4.50 i£3.50). (ireenock Arts (iuild. ('ampbell Street. (ireenock. 01475 733038. Join Jack and his cunning cat as they try to outw it the ()gi'e in this charming paiito from Hopscotch Theatre (’ompany.

The Happy Gang’s Arabian Adventure Sat 36 Jan. 1 Iain & 3.30pm. £6; family ticket £33. (‘arnegie llall. liast Port. l)unl'ermline. 01383 314000. Ages tip to‘). .loin the Happy (iang as they embark on a magical. musical my age to mystical Arabia.

Kids 2 - The Laserworld Adventure Tue 3‘) Jan l"ri l l-‘eb. 7.30pm. £7 t£6). Albert llalls. l)umbarton Road. Stirling. 01786 473544. Mtisic. comedy and dance combine in Krackin' Kids 'l‘heatre (‘onipany‘s musical adyenture to the legendary Laserworld. The International Purves Puppets Biggar Puppet Theatre. Brougltton Road. 01 8‘)‘) 330631. £5 (£4): family tickets £33 & £36. Book in adyance as times are subject to change. Reductions for parties of the or more. Show s on offer in er the next two weeks

The Tinderbox Thu 17 Jan. 10.45am: Sat 1‘) Jan. 3pm. ('orpoi'al Fitzpatrick goes in search of a magical 'I‘inderbox and happens upon some weird and wonderful characters along the way.


Undersea Fantasy t'niil Sun 37 Jun. 10am 4pm. l‘ree. Stimmerlee Heritage Park. llei'itage Way. ('oatbi‘idgc. 01336 431361. Venture under the sea in this interactixe children's exhibition chock ftill of hidden treasure. wildlife and wrecked sea-faring \csscls.

TAE A MOUSE AND A’ THAT Sat 19-Sat 26 Jan, noon & 3pm. Free, but ticketed. Museum Of Scotland, Chambers Street, Edinburgh, 0131 247 4219. Ages 8—12. Wee Stories’ renowned storyteller Andy Cannon follows on from the success of ‘A Piece Of Cake’ with another fun interactive session, this time bringing Burns’ poems to life.