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lho 'surtkori (:ity' of Kokoya is an ancient l'tllli(}(l Hy/arrtrno (:rtj. subrr‘orgorl lli tho MOHIIOl‘l'EiliOéili f;ll£ll|()‘.'.'f;. You can vrot'x tho rurhs from a glass» bottorr‘otl boat av batltllo thoro by soa kayak. ()losr: by art,- f;()ll‘f} boautrlul. (losortotl (:ovos; and tilt: arttrguatml \illago :>l Simona. which If} 1:1."r‘;.:rritr:<l l)‘, a <;a:;tlr:- ‘.'.'rth brrllrarrt ‘.'ro‘.‘.':; of tho surrotrrvlrrg aroa.

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Excess baggage

Festivals, flights and fabulous fares

I IF YOU’RE searching for a party that’ll compare with Hogmanay, how about Sydney’s Mardi Gras? STA Travel is offering returns flights to Sydney from £575, with a Mardi Gras package coming in at £158 for four nights accommodation, a party ticket and the chance to take part on a parade float. The Mardi Gras runs from 8 February to 12 March, and if you’re planning a long stay you could take in the World Cup (31 May-30 June) in Korea on the way home. Flights are open to all, more details on www.statravel.co.uk or call 0131 226 7747. I IF YOU'RE LOOKING for a holiday with a difference in the UK. get hold of the Vivat Trust '3 brochure. The company offers holidays in historic buildings which have been completely restored to their former glory. There's a thatched cottage in Lincolnshire. a Jacobean banqueting tower in Shropshire or. closer to home, there's the Tower of Hallbar in Braidwood. The properties vary in size to house COuples Or groups and prices start at £235 for a three day mini—break with discounts for couples. For more details call 0845 090 0194 or log onto www.vivat.org.uk I GO HAS ANNOUNCED that East Midlands Airport will be its third base in the UK with flights to several European destinations starting up in May. The flipside of the announcement is that its Edinburgh and Glasgow to Dublin route will cease to operate from 21 March.

I LOADS OF NEW editions of Rough Guides are on the shelves of a bookshop near you. All-new titles include Thailand's Beaches & Islands, which features a fully- COIOur marine life section and profile of Bangkok.



Bc‘arhcs til Islands

then there's Malta & (3020 which includes insider's advice on the best beaches. diving, hiking and bird- watching. Other destinations among the fully revised editions include South lndia. Brussels. Melbourne and Europe. For a full list of titles log onto www.roughguides.com I FEBRUARY IS festival time in plenty of cities around the globe. The party to end all parties is the Rio de Janeiro Carnival (9-12 February, http:/l ipanema.com/carniv at) where crowds of up to 300,000 join in the fun, or else try Mardi Gras New Orleans style (12 February, www.mardigrasnewo rleans.com).

I LONELY PLANET competition. We know you lucky people like nothing better than winning prizes. so be very grateful that the nice people at Lonely Planet have given us five 2002 calendars and five diaries to give away. Packed full of inspiring photography. maps and information about festivals and events around the world, they'll be a valuable addition to your workspace. Just send your name and address on a postcard to Lonely Planet Comp, Travel Section, The List. 14 High Street. Edinburgh, EH1 tTE by Friday 1 February and we'll see what we can do.

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