under the surface. You have never seen anything like this before. Unfortunately. the rest of the game never comes close to this high standard. Controlling y0ur vehicle is huger difficult. with simple turns needing weeks of planning and a trick system that defies logic. Perseverance helps a little but the 'extreme' experience promised never comes to fruition. The couple of game types are dull and uninteresting and once the wow of the water fades. there is little to persuade you to place the disc in the console.


TONY HAWK’S PRO SKATER 3 (Activision) £39.99 0..

It must be a fantastic problem to have. The previous Tony Hawk '3 titles have sold by the skip-load while courting the gaming media With its addictive depth of gameplay. Do you change it for episode three? Do you gamble it all and head out in a new direction? Or do you tweak and improve a little and hope people won't turn off in boredom?

Well, Activision has decided on the latter and produced what is the best of the trilogy. The tricks are better. the graphics are better and the inclusion of some witty details in the many playing environments

makes for a great game.

Which all adds up to yet

another problem. and this one is for you: do you want to shell out another forty quid for minor improvements to a game you have played before?

PS2 SALT LAKE 2002 (Eidos) £39.99 000

When executed well. this type of multi-event game can be a riot. especially when playing in a gr0up. Nothing beats thumping a mate at one diSCipline. only to thump him again at the next. while weeks of ridicule can follow a poor performance. And with the Winter Olympics on the TV. Salt Lake 2002 c0uld be the weapon of chOice. If only it had more events.

The six that are available are fun, look stunning and make for some furious action. but they are over fairly Quickly and. bobsleigh aside. are similar in gameplay. There is nothing in the Downhill, Ski Jump. Slalom. Freestyle and Giant Slalom that is not touched on during one run in SSX. Which is a shame because there is little doubt this will be a top-seller. It JUSI won't be fondly remembered in the way that Winter Games still is.

(lain Davidson)


Dynasty Warriors 2 (PS2 Midas £39.99) Settling feuds in feudal Japan.

Monsters, Inc (PlayStation Sony £24.99) Star in the movie.

Medal of Honour: Allied Assault (PC EA £29.99) Early contender for game of the year. Star Wars: Starfighter (PC Act/VISION £29.99) Can it exceed the X- Wing experience? Soldier of Fortune 2 (PC Act/vrsron £29.99) Return of the bloodbath.





‘1000 service charge will be applied to parties of six or more.‘ But are you still required to leave a tip? Tipping nightmares are alleviat- ed with this site. Waiting staff may like it or not. but it gives the rest of us some insight into the complex world of what tO tip and when.

GEORGE BUSH’S PRESIDENOY www.drparsons.fsnet. co.uk/georg.html

Well not exactly a Newsni'ght debate but a reaso table interpre— tation. Dubbya as a child describing his present situation wrth the multimedia capabilities of a crayon. Hear all about George's best trend (sic). Tony. Watch the whole animation and see if it changes your opinion of the man. Multimedia satire in the very worst sense. Enjoyable though.

CONVICTS REUNITED www.convicts reunited.co.uk

Not that I'm suggesting that this has any relevance to The List's readership. but following hot on the heels of Friends Reunited. comes this beaut. You've been inSide and yOLi've met a top-notch geezer. and you want to meet up once time has been served. Register here and meet up wrth an ex-~ con of your chOice or get a new team together and start from scratch.

MOVIE TRAILERS www.apple.com/ trailers

Some people say that one of the best parts of the cinematic experience (apart from popcorn hotdogs iieds eating crisps mobiles

going off etc is vi/atching the trailers. Here we get a chance I() g]f£iii(l(3 {ti l-lOllyyxoed's latest before we get the priVilege. Just ariii yetii‘selyes “Illifl Appres proprietary Quick l ill‘.(} Player i\.'.'\.'/i.'.'.ai x );e. com giiicktiiiie. and prepare )’()tll'f$(}.‘.’(}f3 for an evening of tra-ier hash.



ls the wet) or: ()7‘;);.‘;t." to be retio’.‘ It "Fast ::-:.~ because ‘3()"‘_‘.}(2".:’: "as; taken the (liétilf; c tire: sri ccinedy inc-ritaiit'. {1"il tech:ioiogicai". downgrade-(i it a fen; years and tamed ". 1‘1: Teletext. this :s :i zer‘. well crafted. and :if'te" very funny. pic-tie .z' work. inc; told and shock 'ig ‘Briice Forsytbe is st aliye' gag.


www.scotland- glasgow.co.uk

id;i‘<i the :tt‘

Have a look at a :‘ fiill sw-ng'. Yes.

Glasgow is fi'.'.‘ll(}"i;} w.)

the best of then; it‘d, “George Sgaa'e. a spacious ce"c"etc~ pia/xa dotted trees £1110flt)‘.'.’(}l‘-t)(}(lfs(il‘:l surreiindet’l f)‘, '.'."{fi’2 streets. "i.'.’-'Il(:.'l was so the heart of VTCTZE'HI" Glasg.}()\.';'. All a I(}t.' s: needs to knew. M sses out the nastier pits. i:.i'. it's better than it '.'.'as.

EDINBURGH www.scotland- edinburgh.co.uk

To be fair there's a ‘.'.a‘. s Glasgow's arcf in. a..

The capital’s insensite is perhaps prettier t: at. detailing all tne classic tourist 'iesoits'. Then there's the cast <-. Wonderful sites that

represent both cities

admirably (llltl aii- emit:


ambassadors it. a”. foreign lti'lt'lfl‘Ji't} l‘.l""."‘.t a visit. Stet-z,- tilai

Video] DVD


IINITIIVIACY (18) 115 mins 0...

The sex is the least interesting bit. Oh yeah. it’ll go down (sorry) in cinema history as the first mainstream British movie to show a mouth (owner: Kerry Fox) slipping over a penis (owner: Mark Rylance), but that says more about our censorship laws than it does about the nudity. If you’re looking for a turn on, don’t look here. For all their explicitness, the scenes of copulation are raw, intense and animalistic, sexual but not sexy, too real to be erotic.

No, what really matters about this bleak film is its portrayal of isolation. Set in an unloved London landscape, all cars, crowds and crumbling tenements, it's about the strange, wordless relationship between Jay and Claire who meet for weekly sex sessions, as loveless as they are vigorous. It‘s the kind of no-strings-attached arrangement of sexual fantasy, but in reality, Jay can't cope with the anonymity. He sets out to discover who this woman is, follows her home and finds her life is as make-do~and—mend as his.

A few years ago in the Edinburgh International Festival, the same director, Patrice Chereau, staged In The Solitude Of The Cotton Fields. Performed in French, the play had a brooding power that went. beyond words, as Chereau stripped the stage relationship down to its primal elements. He does something similar in Intimacy, using the physical presence of the actors to convey a psychological terror that is compelling to the last. (Mark Fisher)


THE "TERRORIST (12) 95 mins 00..

TI-IE' FAST AND THE FURIOUS (15) 107 mins coo

\ | } \\’

l‘ ‘t:\i\/' \l‘

.\ '*‘:;'.:e"e:i ' Mall: - ' : .»7\‘.es'ia "WINK-13:3: .'."e". she's """ " ~ to ..".:-:"'take a “9:98”. «ISIS '\:', 'I'.: : . :-'.:". ".y: U":‘-"‘.it:>grap‘1{. ‘LT _: .-»:: f":: .ic.t"‘~ aaen 'Iimi'f? ..f3 "" .5)" '.' i" 111' {Kathi}. tint) .giits " .-. '. " i (i . ".i s'i‘ a " he i : " 1': to see fie .gi' " ' »'..-.' :w: '24“: :‘iw‘aris it's ~- 15 2' : 1 '. '.'.:‘-'ieed to

" Fault" \rf l8