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LUCK BREAK (12) 107 mins 00

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. . 0 Why are 99% of British films shit’? It's a mystery I can't ansv-rer. but this offering certainly falls well within that percentage. On paper it's pron‘ising: Peter the fir/i r"./ferrfi Cattaneo directing and

James Nesbitt. Tiriiothy Spall and Christopher Plummer starring in a prison escape comedy. Trying to pitch itself somewhere between Porridge and The Shawshank Redemption, the combination of stereotype prisoners. nasty screws. an eccentric governor and a wholly iinbelie\./able love story (Olivia Williams alone in the shower room with a prisoner. yeah right) can only lead to tlisapporntment. The enjoyable performances and odd laugh are swept out to sea by the uninspired. plodding narrative. It ain't no Great Escape. that’s for sure. iFilmFour VHS and

Battle Royale


Final Fantasy

scene” feature.

Cameron Mitchell. Men Of Honour




Released: 21 January 2002

A controversial. violent and funny cult film from Japan, in which a school class are taken to a deserted island and forced to fight each other to

Released: 21 January 2002 A 2—CD disc set including the film with three sep- arate commentaries and a "Build your own

Hedwig and the Angry Inch

Released: 21 January 2002

Sundance Film Festival award-winner and an all round critical success. based on the play by John

Released: 21 January 2002

Drama starring Cuba Gooding Junior and Robert De Niro. Extras include an alternate ending and an animated storyboard.

The Wedding Planner

Released: 21 January 2002

Romantic comedy starring Jennifer Lopez and Matthew McConaughey. The making of featurette ‘Dancer & the Cowboy' is included in the DVD's

Futurama - Season 1 Box Set

Released: 28 January 2002

Cartoon series from the creator of ‘The Simpsons'. featuring animatics and conceptual

Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy Released: 28 January 2002

A 2-disc set containing the complete series. with a running time of three hours plus the extras.

Released: 28 January 2002

Action thriller from the director of ‘Gone In 60 Seconds'. Dominic Sena. starring John Travolta. Hugh Jackman and Halle Berry.

_ fEdi‘riburghiPrtnCesvf‘S ‘iSt’Jam' GlasgowArgyleiSt. Sauchi'eha $14 Ce .9


DVD rental) iLouisa Pearsonr

t'HHltLER SW9 (18) 99 mins .00

This is a Brit film that spans 2‘4 hours in the life of its five main characters. ThOugh diverse people. they still get caught up in the same Lock. Stock And Trainspotting-type madness. Like those films Slit/9 involves. drugs. guns. clubbing and annoying characters. all of ‘.'~.ihi(:h is set to a full-on thumping soundtrack. There are flasnes of next-rs footage. fast-paced action. a hint of social commentary and plenty of swearing as '.'.’(3?l as a storyline tha will t)()t't

f; scir‘ate you drtve you mad and reaye you totaitj. exhausted. iMetrodome VHS and DVD rental» iJane Hamiltonr

COMt. DY HEARTBREAKERS (15) 119 mins 00.


.... ©

This acid tongued comedy boasts one of the finest casts of last year. It also. unfortunately. gives into the Hollywood rule of diminishing returns as it buckles under sentiment. Max iSigoiirney Weaveri and Page iJennifer t ove Hewitti are a mother and daughter con team who lure older. wealthy men into marriage and then reap huge divorce settlements. When they move onto tobacco magnate William tensy i(}ene Hackrnanr. while still being pursued by previous victim Dean iHay l iottai. things begin to go wrong. Not least when Page falls for a young hippy (the appallineg rniscast Jason I eer. this is great fun. but ultimately lacks the courage of its evil (:()l‘.\.’l(ltl()ttf§. (Warner VHS and DVD rental it’aiil [)alei

VIVE L’AMOUR (1 8) 118 mins 00..

A luxury Taipei apartment waiting to be rented is the setting for this mature meditation on urban loneliness. 'l hree isolated individuals ~ a female realtor. a sexy street vendor and a shy gay salesman use the facilities of the apartment throughout the night. without the others.

knoxa'ledge. Bo!d. visually

striking. full of richly iayered performances. this Mandarin drama gets right to the heart of the pressures of modern living and balancing an exhausting work load. Never iinr‘emittirtgly grim. it is full of tenderness and surprising humour. It deseryedly won the Golden lion a‘.'.'ard at the 199.1 Venice Film Festival. iMillrvres Multimedia VHS retail: iJohn Binnie;

ALSO RELEASED The Claim Mciiaei Writter‘r)ottom reiocates "homas Hardy 's The r"/7a‘.'or‘ Of Caster'br'rdge to gold-rush era America. 'Fox DVD rental

Jurassic Park Ill Complete-y unnecessary tt‘ird trip to dinosaur :sle. iUnixersa: VHS and DVD retaili

The Mexican Good tun comedy crime cape' starring Brad Pitt.';i Roberts and tne great James (‘ianziolfirL iUniyersai VHS and DVD retaili

Me You Them 0" l to.

this classy Bra} ran comedy o'a'r‘a. i():>i.iirit>.a t'isfa' \./i 155 rectali

Mohammed Ali ‘AKA Cassius Clay‘ t)<,~ri..'i‘-.:'t'.ar‘. abort t'ic-

‘itt ‘.".'il ES'i‘i'." ii‘<,.t~;:. Xi Mt‘iiVi Vt l5; :t'ttl {Wt} 'tt'uth


BBC1, Fri 1 Feb, 11.05pm on.

You can picture the TV execs brainstorming this one. Staying in is still the new going out. so let's package up the best of live entertainment in Scotland and we'll make a killing. Just take a cross-section of our finest comedy specin‘ens Craig Hill. Frankie Boyle. Miles Jiipp. Bob Doolaliy. Reverend Obadiah Stoppenwolfe sprinkle with music and banter. et voila: perfect ‘.’l()‘~.'.’ltt§} for the curry and cans crowt l.

Recorded ‘as line' and hosted by Greg Hemphill. it's a sirripie enough concept. the end result is '-.'.ratchaole. yet too safe and slick in. a Child/er) In Need meets CD:th l)astardisation.

l. we Hoe." Show does work at the leyel of Sttt)‘.’.'tI£tSll‘.§j new talent I 2 a ‘.'.’i(t(?l' audience. Rey Obadiah will dictate ned— speak and office patter for rnonths to come. and t-rankie Boyle‘s topical gags are certain to spawn a tiurn, of sick en‘ails. But it's still not a patch on the real. tl‘.‘(? thing.

'Maur‘een tillisi

t )l t-‘xMA

NIGHT FLIGHT BBC1, Sat 2 Feb, 9pm .0.

this really solid dran‘a

beasts soir‘e exceptionally fine perforrr‘arices yet ultirrtately lacks the courage of its initial convictions. slipping rnelorlrai‘r‘atically into redemption cliches. Harry Peters itihristopher t’liirrirrier- is a cold Second \\’orl<i

War RAF veteran who makes the mistake of geing on a reunion weekend and getting more than he tmrgarned for. An estranged comrade Vic Green

i Er lwarr l Woodward l introduces him to Ted iKenneth Cranhami, the son of a gunner who auras killed on a mission Harry messed up. Through flashbacks we see the young uptight Harry iAIec Newman; make a series of decisions that will haunt his life.

We're in Stephen Poliakoff country here. otherwise known as a sub-genre called 'The Sins Of The Fathers' and while the first half relishes in careful detail and tragic nuance. the second loses its way once The Big Lie is unleashed. Plummer and Woodward have never been better and William lvorys tender script is a welcome meditation on the brayery of these tender youths. iPaul Dalei



Channel 5, Sat 2 Feb, 9pm .00

[.(t‘.'.’ And Order has been on Air‘cricar‘. screens tor eleven years. yet while the crime likes of iii/o'er One and \’Y/ ’f ) Hit re were snapped up tout de suite. it has taken a blood -ol )sessed Channel 5’) to exentualiy buy this taut dr‘arr‘a. And though it has a distinctly old—‘asniaried feel iright down to its Mike Post Hr Street Biiresi’ then‘e tunei. and a firm structure that will undoubtedly grate after a while the first halt follows the crime investigation, the second coyer‘s the subsequent trralr. it has enough stylised grit to keep \oii