7 Sickly sweet Caffeinated chews (each pack with enough to caffeinate a small cow). tequila worm lollipops. chocolate-dipped crickets and oven-baked worms. J ust some of the sick. yet strangely tempting delicacies for sale on this site. Ordinary people should check it out too for the fab selection ofcult US

Magic; Mushrm_


5 Magic mushrooms Straight from 'lambu Passion Store in the Netherlands. lovers of fungus can shop from the comfort of their own homes for Mexican. Hawaiian. (‘olumbian and Thai mushrooms. Pay by credit card. and wait for them to be delivered. www.tambu-smart.com

Not only that. but you get

lunar constitution and bill of rights. mineral rights

in case you have to prove you own the land to some aliens.

Fley Candy

com/moon.htm 6 Bluesnake.com

This is like Toys ‘R‘ [s for young upwardly mobile social deviants. There‘s a lot of bizarre stuff for sale here. You can buy everything from sweary wrapping paper. tasteful ornaments like 'l)eath Row Marx“. and accessories for smokers and snorters. such

candy. gumball and even candylloss machines. www.cybercandy.co.uk

8 Buckfast delivered to yourdoor

liver dread that trek to the off- licencc to buy drinks commonly procured by tramps? Tesco.com could be

Piece of the Moon

acre of the moon. wow-wee!

lunar deed. lunar site tnap.

and declaration of ownership



Spend, spend, spend. . .

I LOVE lS IN THE AIR. in Glasgow. at least where the new City of Love festival has several events to entice fashion- lovers. Aiming to be Glasgow's biggest-ever charity fashion show, Sense Scotland has joined forces with Princes Square traders to raise funds for children and young adults who are deafblind. Tickets to the 12 February show are 220—9330 including refreshments and entertainment. Call 01 41 564 2444 for tickets. if you're even more romantically inclined. head along to the Wedding Fair at the People’s Palace Winter Gardens on 17 February (noon—7pm) where ProNuptia and I Do magazine will be staging fashion shows and giving lots of handy hints to make your big day run smoothly. One for the ladies.

I CAN YOU TAKE any more on the Valentine’s theme? The Purple Ronnie range (www.purple ronnie.com) has a


as the ‘lloover Sniffer Tube'. www.bluesnake.com

the answer to your prayers. Here you can buy a crate of twelve 75c bottles of Buckfast

10 Sunglasses for dogs This is the ultimate in saddo

selection of gifts for those of you who like a little humour with



continues to expand its ranges to win back customers, and along

.‘ sus‘rmus

with a wealth of Valentine’s gifts it's launched a new furnishings catalogue. Home. At first glance it looks to be more expensive than lkea. but does have a huge range of products. from ironing boards to bed linen to sofas. More details on www.marks andspencercom

I AND THAT’S ALL the romance we can bear. So how ‘bout some sicko science? In Canada, scientists have managed to spin their own spider silk (the toughest fibre on earth), with a view to using it for body armour, ladder- proof tights and even biodegradable fishing lines. But how have they done it? Suffice to say it involves goat DNA and hamster kidney cells. Yuk. The genetics boys are mightuy excited but we’re just plain scared. Forget designer babies, this’ll bring a whole new meaning to the phrase “designer clothes’.

Skate and snowboard fashion from Glasgow

Based in the southside of Glasgow. Densestuff.co.uk produces individually designed and hand printed skate and snow boarding attire. and gives customers the opportunity to custodial,- their clothes.

Friends from the age of rifeen. Dav/id Berry and Anthony Browne. both 24. established Densestuffxxm». 'ast October after securing the funding from the Princes Scottish Youtn Business Trust. Browne explains: ‘It was just something we diSCussed. but when we realised we could get funding and do it for real. it began getting serious as neither of us; .vere keen on a traditional nine-to-five job.‘

A bairn. at under four months old. Densestuffcouk has already confounded the expectations of its leunderu, attracting huge interest, as Browne admits: ‘We've had enguiries on our site from 7:3 countries arOund the globe.

“In the future we hope Dense ‘.‘/lll become a respected brand throl.ighout Europe and we would hope to he am: to open our own outlet in Glasgow. As long as we can pay the bills and (my), our Job. we're happy.‘ (Carolyn Aitken)

I WWW.d(3/lf§(3$ffli‘f.(Kit/ft. phone: () M I 423 2260. Also available at Ot/fS/(Ie Now stores, Glasgow and l din/men and Tribal Junki. Glasgow

U Tonic Wine for £56.89. sites. for folk whose only Your romance- working out at £4.74 each. friend in the world is their Choose between What a bargain. Saving you mutt. Tragic. With different bf’oks sum as the Sfifgg"°‘g° E :23" Vang money. and the styles for different occasions gigggogfeggfiove (a 1' eliilltl‘l‘lvttSSli‘lLlil of looking llle at atltEund S20 .1 pop. you ' better, the Lime Guide D a _]a cytesco com cout 1spllsish gutop‘thc two} To Doing It, and e, “1 www. . pan o ogg cs ea . w he 1 you surely ca,“ 90 .m “mg my Period .38“ 3pc, , . means you get a wee doggy wrong with the E 7‘56 "9“ E 25%”"93‘" 9 Bits of the moon hat for free. on lordy! Love Handles Shower l‘or £49.95 you can own an www.dogg|es.com Gel. STYLE FILE i DENSESTUFF.CO.UK '


CA Games



"r" l N i c. is: :9. . mmee-

DeGouncys Ai‘cade, Cnesswell Lane,

Hillhead. Glasgow G1 2 BAA.

Tel:Cl1 4M 3341 13901 Fax : 0’1 4’1 342 4288 E-lVlail : cagarrwesfigintonetco.elk


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