Re: Comedy Special (issue 432)

Big thumbs up all round. Inevitably. everyone will have their own opinions as to who should have been included. but on the whole you got it just about right.

' Liked the interview with the rising stars. This clutch of comics were particularly well- chosen. One if not all of them are destined for bigger things on the nationwide scene.

As for the fact that the likes of Billy Connolly, Fred MacAulay, Elaine C. Smith and Rab C. Nesbitt barely got a mention . . . no disrespect. but I see this as a good thing. We've been living under their shadow for too long now. which only plays into the hands of lazy TV execs who are seemingly unaware that any other comedians exist in this country.

Jason Hall via email


Re: Comedy Special (issue 432) Thanks for your spectacular coverage of Scottish comedy. It is good to see it get the press it deserves! Janey Godley via email

STAND UP, STOOD UP Re: Comedy Special (issue 432) I hope you can understand why I and others might find your ‘snapshot' approach inconsiderate. First. you could take into account the amount of work that we (John Flint. John Gillick. Raymond Mearns. Colin Simpson. Fred MacAulay) have put into the Scottish comedy scene.

Many of the acts listed in the article don‘t see comedy as a job. but as a hobby. I have no grudge with these people. many are friends. But there is a world of difference between their passion for the job and my own. Over the last three years. I have put in around 400 stage appearances.

Articles such as this can be detrimental to working comedians if not researched with more commitment. If a new promoter had recently opened in town,

Write to:

model for Wildcat’s J

where do I stand if they use it is as a point of reference? Probably not on their stage.

I don‘t ask much. but if more ‘snapshots' are to be made. please make the camera more focused.

John Littlejohn Wheatlie/d Road Edinburgh


Re: Lumiere to go dark (issue 432) I am writing in support of your article against the closure of the Lumiere.

Not only is it a vital addition to the non- mainstream Cinemas of Edinburgh, it is also an important activity for the museum: I am impressed by how the films often are chosen to add to the public understanding of the exhibitions. This almost certainly aids their accessibility.

Juliet Wilson via email


Re: Lumiere to go dark (issue 432)

I write to express my great disappointment at the decision to close the Lumiere. As the National Museums of Scotland's own

React, The List, 14 High Street, Edinburgh EH1 1TE or . React, The List, at the CCA, 350 Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow G2 3JD or email

Hellen van Meene exhibition Royal Botanic Garden, Edinburgh

Abigail Student

I've enjoyed it. It's really Striking. Exploitative? That's crap. It‘s not at all.

memories of lying around. day-dreaming. She's made them look

beautiful at

boing that age. It reflects the boredom and those empty moments when you're just

. spacing out. “W a.

promotional material states. the Lumiere offers “a unique range of cinema for foreign film enthusiasts. for families and for all discerning cinema goers'. lts closure will diminish the cultural life of the city.

The decision appears to be yet another example of the penny-pinching which is doing so much damage to our cultural life. The amount of money involved is trivial. If the NMS was really concerned about the $270,000, why was no consideration given to how the deficit could be reduced? Why were the friends and supporters of the Lumiere given no opponunity to develop proposals for putting the venture on a more secure financial footing?

I am also disturbed by the suggestion that the Lumiere is to be axed because it is not considered to be part of the museum‘s ‘core activities'. This hints at the survival of the out-dated and discredited notion that the purpose of museums is to preserve fusty old artefacts. In the city of Patrick Geddes. such a limited and limiting view of museums is unacceptable.

I trust that the misguided decision to close the Lumiere will be rescinded. Graeme Purves

via email

John McGrath, who died on 22 January, with the set ohn Brown’s Body at Tramway

UPSTANDING TALENT The death of John McGrath John McGrath was the kindest of men and the most enjoyable of companions but his influence went much deeper than that. He taught a whole new generation of Scots not just to be radical. but also to be civilised.

His inspired use of humour and music in grOund-breaking productions such as The Cheviot. The Stag And The Black. Black Oil went hand in hand with his ability not just to entertain. but to inform and change minds and hearts.

He was a tireless advocate of constitutional change and one who retained ambitions for Scotland to do more. better. We can ill afford to loose multi- talented. internationally recognised artists such as John. Michael Russell SNP shadow culture minister via email

Sophie Kira Esther Student Student Off/(3e worker It brings back She’s captured Brilliant use of

colour. thought- j)rovoking and not porno— graphic. You get a sense of becmning adults


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