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Men seeking women

9 Club kid, 24, 6', viva- cious, into clubbing, pubbing, WLTM someone who has loads of energy & knows how to enjoy themselves. Call me on 09069 514305.

'0 Attractive, very tall male, 6'4", 39, well spoken Glaswegian, enjoys sports. cin- ema, eating out, seeks good natured female. for friendship. Call me on 09069 514307

V Thoughtful, caring, spiritually minded male, seeks an effervescent, intelli- gent, mature, slim woman, 25- 35, who has diverse interests & enjoys good food & culture. Call me on 09069 514308.

0 Active guy, 35, seeks slim female, 20-35, with beau- tiful face & beautiful personali- ty. Call me on 09069 514310 V Brown-haired male, 32, likes fun, pubs & chilling out, seeking female for friendship, fun times, maybe romance. Call me on 09067 563557 and enter ID no. 1158386

¥ Black male, 33. outgo- ing. GSOH, WLTM female from the Edinburgh area for fun, friendship & possibly more. Call me on 09067 563557 and enter ID no.

1 160806

0‘ Male 33, medium build, brown hair, likes sport, going out, having a good time, WLTM female with GSOH, for fun, maybe more. Call me on 09067 563557 and enter ID no. 1 162461

1’ 20yr old male enjoys clubbing, sport, going out & socialising, WLTM similar female for great times.

Call me on 09067 563557 and enter ID no. 1162349

0 Fit male, 29, quiet, slim, thoughtful, likes outdoors, travel, films, sport, seeks nice female. quiet, for friendship maybe more. Call me on 09069 514297

0 Attractive, educated, solvent, mid 305, blue eyed male, WLTM Bob Dylan appreciating, attractive Edinburgh female, soulmate. Call me on 09069 514298

V Attractive, younglsh, 30 something male, enjoys cinema, restaurants, pubs, clubs & conversation, GSOH, WLTM similar female for fun. friendship, maybe more. Call me on 09069 514302

116 THE LIST 31 Jan 14 Feb 2002

V 'l'im, desperately seeking Daisy. Slightly neurotic but hugely entertaining male, 26, with GSOH, WLTM female, 20-30. for conversation, cuddling, companionship, lavish lunches. Call me on 09069 514303

V Fun-loving, single dad, 46, 5’5", enjoys walking, pool, fun nights out, WLTM female for friendship, possibly more. Call me on 09067 563557 and enter ID no. 1342747

V Red-haired male, 22, 6’, enjoys cinema, pubs, walk- ing, bowling, seeking female, 20+, with GSOH for fun & friendship. Call me on 09067 563557 and enter ID no. 1342912

Women seeking Men

V Lady 30, slim, attractive, sociable, GSOH, looking for sensitive, easygoing guy, for positively good times. Call me on 09069 51431 1

'4' Attractive girl, 32, blonde, sporty, happy go lucky. WLTM nice guy for good times. Call me on 09069 514312

0 Gorgeous mother, 34. sadly disappointed in men, WLTM someone lovely to restore her faith, if you are into playing, having fun & have something to give then call me! Call me on 09069 514313

V Glaswegian female, 38, size 10, enjoys socialising, clubs, pubs, eating out, WLTM male, 30-45, for company or more. Call me on 09069 514304

U independent woman, 28, petite, redhead, nurse, likes cinema, gym, eating out & good conversation, WLTM male with similar interests. for nights out & good times. Call me on 09069 514306

V Attractive female, 30, enjoys music, art, cinema, liter- ature & travel, WLTM intelli- gent, attractive male, GSOH, 28-40. for friendship, LTR. Call me on 09069 514309.

'0 Young female, 44, gen- uine & caring with great SOH, enjoys discos, Karaoke, cine- ma, music, TV soaps & holi- days abroad. WLTM similar male. Call me on 09067 563557 and enter ID no.

1 161 193

v Attractive lady, 44, 5’2", enjoys meeting new peo- ple, music, walking, live bands, WLTM unconventional male for sharing life's adven- tures. Call me on 09067 563557 and enter ID no. 1160564

v 23yr old female 5‘6". blonde hair, blue eyes, enjoys going out, staying in & having fun, WLTM male for good times together, maybe more. Call me on 09067 563557 and enter ID no. 1161737

'0 Romantic female, single mum of 1, brown hair, blue eyes, enjoys socialising, WLTM outgoing male, for good times, friendship &

maybe more. Call me on 09067

563557 and enter ID no.

1 161558

6 Petite female, 32. brunette, 4‘ 1 l”, bright & bub-

bly, enjoys cinema, good nights .

out, WLTM tall good looking male for fun & friendship. Call me on 09067 563557 and enter ID no. 1 185369

6 Brunette female, 34, medium build, seeks Christian male with GSOH to share friendship & happy times together. Call me on 09067 563557 and enter ID no. 1343134

w Gentle female artist. divorced, 42, vegan, into family life, philosophy, Jewish mysticism, beach walks, seeks friendship with similar male. Call me on 09069 514299

Men seeking Men

0 Young 37, professional gay guy, medium build, outgoing, likes theatre, eating out, nights in, WLTM similar age, or younger soulmate. for fun, friendship, candlelit dinners & romance. Call me on 09069 514300

35w old ltalian male. likes travel, reading, meditation, WLTM other males, 25-40, for fun. friendship perhaps more. Call me on 09069 514301

V Outgoing male, 25. 5'10". blonde hair, blue eyes. athletic build, enjoys sport. clubbing, pubbing, WLTM male for friendship, perhaps 1- 2-1. Call me on 09067 563557 and enter ID no. 5013497


Friendships 2

I Professional woman, 40 in Glasgow for 18 months, wants to meet people for cine- ma, theatre. concerts, conversa— tion, visiting Glasgow and Scotland etc. Box No F/433/51

Personal I


I Early 40s educated, creative. seeks 35-40ish woman. Ans, elements, conversation, wine, laughter. movies, travel, sharing, hugs, exploring, fun, adventures. possible LTR. Sensitive good. sensuous better. Box No 433/1. I Romantic, easy-going, attractive, professional male. 38 likes music. cinema. dining out, good wine seeks similar female for fun, friendship and maybe more. Box No 433/2.

Sorted male - confident, articulate, fit. and independent seeks, slim, attractive female with similar attributes. Mutual passions may include: music. film. art and sport. Humour and vitality essential. Box No 433/3.


I Are you single, smiley. sorted, sensual seeking similar? Petite, blue-eyed blond. youthful, fit and 41 in Fife WLT hear from you. Go on! Box No 433/4

I Sassy lass WLTM hunky, active Kiwi or Aussie guy who likes good wine, mountains and Listy stuff for fun times. Box No 433/5

I Sometimes witty, attractive, down to earth 30 year old woman from Glasgow seeks chatty, intelligent grown up male for laughs. nights out and possible more. Box No 433/6 I How about a double date? 2 women with brains looking for a 45+ mate. Make us laugh, are you getting the gist? Bonus points for a hill walking or arts-loving Socialist! Box No 433/7


I Caring, considerate, cultured woman seeks similar sincere. independent. non-smoking. non-scene. 45- 55ish, supportive woman friends/relationship; interests - personal growth. classical music. travel. GSOH - Edinburgh area. Box No 432/52 I Attractive professional 38, warm. witty and articulate. Enjoys walking. nature and travel. Seeks friend- ship and romance. Photo appreciated. Glasgow. Box No 433/50

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