Loznias Gay 8. Lesbian Svatcnooaro

Advice on Sexual Health & HIV/AIDS and all matters relating to the Gay and Lesbian Community


SWITCHBOARD LESBIAN LINE 0131 556 4049 0131 557 0751 7.30pm-10pm 7.30pm-10pm

Every Night Monday & Thursday

Calls may be monitored for training purposes.

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0141 333 1321 someones a. GLASGOW


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09066 144 156,mmmm

I saw you Classified

I saw you - Glasgow

V I saw you in Glasgow L'ni sauna. waited outside to ask you out but bottled it. I told you to push but should have asked for your number. You were wearing a black swimming costume. me black trunks. a match made in heaven. Box No U/433/40.

V I saw you last year and you broke my heart. are you still the sweetest fruit in the orchards? See you again one day I hope. over a bottle of Chablis. Still miss you so. x. Box No L'l433/4l.

' V I saw you Wee Munchie.

hope you have a lovely birthday. You make my life such fun with your madcap behaviour. Lots of love. The Gnome. Box No


V I saw you gorgeous blond painter. you work at the Lowdown and have a show coming up in Sydney. Remember me from Friday night? I was the dark haired guy sitting near the kitchen hatch . . . was too chicken to ask your name. would love to see you again . . . Box No U/433/43.

V I saw you small. American. dark-haired. bewitching vixen sitting with blonde clad friend at Optimo. Do you and you're leather wanna get soulful with me and some Al Green? I think that you

could bust a few moves I‘ve

never seen before. Box .\'o 11/433/44.

V I saw you spooky wookie snogging the oldest lady in the

world at New Year at Studio 24.

Ha ha ha. Box No L'/433/45.

VI saw you 44 bus. ‘psycho driver'. Charing Cross. rainy Wednesday morning. you had a nose stud. a red bag and a RBS umbrella and I pretended to read my book beside you. Box No L'/433/46.

V I saw you I have seen you Antipodean angel working in the Variety bar and hopping about in Optimo. You are really cute. baby. Me. fallen angel. Fancy going fora heavenly milkshake? Box No L'/~l33/-l7. V I saw you last summer. just before you went back to Canada. Glasgow isn't the same without its blonde Canadian and we all miss you a lot. Happy New Year. and come

home soon! Wah Wah Wah!

Box No L'/433/48.

VI saw you leaving Sainsbury's with your groceries one frosty Saturday morning. I was on my way to the library. Sorry that I can‘t keep my eye's off you but I think you're gorgeous. Box .\'o L'/-l33/-l9. VI saw you Euan in the Taverna. Pollockshaws Rd. Sat 19 Jan ~ and as the old saying goes: If at first you don't succeed . . . Box No L'/433/5(). VI saw you cute. slightly drunk. black-haired girl at Buchanan Street. you offered me a chip and sat down across from me on the train. What WAS going on with that guy next to you?! I wanted to stay on the train with you. Where do you get off? Box .\'o


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9050 350 774

Po Box 1896 Lomloan1n3n Calls cost 350 (ml lIlIlI LIVU calls rt-cordml

:I‘? amt . xx

2 444

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using our Sect-cl SKIS Service.


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I am Hot 4L. B my Valentine!

B my Horny Devil 2night! v v ,

CALL 67 5‘

Lines close at mid-day on 14th February 2002. Calls cost 75p/min at all times. Calls from non BT and mobile phones may cost mOre. Service provided by Phoenix Telecom. Horsham.

\\ 62 918

West Sussex, RH12 2RG.For Customer Service call 08701 201 504

31 Jan—14 Feb 2002 THE LIST 117