I saw you Classified

I saw you - Glasgow -

V I saw you (‘laire from Northern Ireland. You had long red hair. We met in the Garage. I was your Neil L l!) Someone reading this must know you. Get in touch. Box No [.7433/55.

V I saw you Rudi. We met in Borders. Have the same taste in movies - night out at the pictures sometime? Box No [7433/56.

V I saw you Brenda from (‘umbernauld in the (‘athouse. on Friday the 30th of November. with your sister. your Irish friend and Richard. You forgot your earrings in my flat. Want them‘.’ Contact me. Matt. Box No [7433/57.

V I saw you sexy blue-eyed blonde. held door open for me at Borders on Wednesday 9th Jan at 9.30 & I asked you the time. Box No [7433/58.

V I saw you Ma/ey Moo. For such short legs you can really sing!!! Box No [7433/59.

V I saw you Lynn T (AKA sex goddess?) at Waterstone's. Point is. I haven't: miss you in my life. 'l'ell Shal. I'm no threat. Lunch at Bar 10‘.’ Mingusman. Box No [7433/60.

V I saw you passing by Borders. Long. dark hair and a coat to match. Saturday 12th January. Romeo is waiting for his Juliet! Box No [.7433/6I. V I saw you pretty boy in the Tron Bar. Lose some weight and we might become an item. I wasjust looking. Box No [7433/62.

V I saw you Schubert! You old trout. Let's find a quintet together. A music lover! Box No [.7433/63.

VI saw you in the (‘ul de Sac. Is it really that big after passing a spud'.’ Your secret love. Blondie. Box No [7433/64.

VI saw you sexy chick. dressed in black chatting

tip Irvine at the Soundhaus

on llogmanay. Box No [7433/65.

VI saw you on the tube on Monday-l l.30ish. You were tall. blonde and devilishly handsome. We caught each other's eye. I was the tired looking redhead. Box No [7433/66.

VI saw you Noelle. Ian and myself. Really enjoyed our night out...have to do it again. You really made me laugh. Box No [7433/67.

V I saw you provocative Annie sitting with your white wine 6’; soda in the Arches with your laughing eyes. Box No [7433/68.

V I saw you both try your hardest to get me into bed. You can just exhale boys. It aint gonna happen. Box No [7433/6‘).

V I saw you sexy red head move maker getting down on the dance floor at ()ptimo. Box No [7433/70.

V I saw you in the Polo Lounge. Sat 12/01. you big tall brown eyed American (1’). We stood and got ignored together at the bar. I let you go lst cos I'm like that. Buy me a drink next time!! Box No [7433/71.

V I saw you and opened the door for you in Borders Glasgow. Gorgeous green eyed nice body!! Remember you asked me the time. Can't stop thinking about you! Get in touch. XX. Box No [7433/72.

V I saw you I sat beside you. you blond haired curly beast. I'm sure you knew I was there. Box No [7433/73.

VI saw you on 13/1/02 in the Arches. Long red jacket. black spikey hair. You were watching me too. I think we are kindred spirits. Call me. XX. Box No [7433/74.

V I saw you cleaning the chicken strips off of the board... I wanted them but I realised that I wanted you much more! Box No [7433/75.

V I saw you Bunter - How I missed your cheeky wee smile... good to catch up. Box No [7433/76.

V I saw you ya fat Spaniard. Quiero una grande bocadillo de puya'.’ Box No [7433/77. V I saw you in Tinderbox. 10/01/02. Dark-haired girl in big blue coat. You must have needed your coffee to get you through the night. Happy birthday! (early or late). Box No [7433/78.

VI saw you in "B" with your shag-me shirt & tight

jeans! We've shared many

meals from the Chip-Chick Inn!!! Box No [7433/79.

V I saw you Jo Blow QT Tinderbox. you minxy wee Irish star! Box No [7433/80. V I saw you in the Tron bar eating nachos. Be my jalapeno "fernando" Agnetha. Box No [7433/81.

VI saw you Jacs &

Heidi. . .Glasgow's good though I do miss your company from Edinburgh. Say hello to my nephew Ralphy boy x. Box No [.7433/82.

V I saw you Catherine Zeta Jones-esque lovely in Munch top in the Tron. You're such a babe come rock with me! The Rita Hayworth Look-a-Like! Box No [7433/84.

V I saw you Ginger Cow. sniffing around the wee blonde calf in the Cul de Sac. Dig the horns. Box No [7433/85.

V I saw you ne‘er day (3am). stairway called Todd. You Scottish guy. me mid 30's guy. We exchanged lingering glances. I could not stop (with friend)!! Do you want to wait/try again handsome boy'.’ [7432/1

V I saw you on Sat 5th Jan. Andrew. You were with your mates in Iioquets. You looked gorgeous in your blue and white checked shirt and grey jacket. Me shy darked hair girl you spoke to. [7432/2

V I saw you at the taxi rank on Byres Road. I'm a teacher. you're a chiropodist. let's teach those toes a lesson! [7432/3

V I saw you Geny from London in ('L. Pats on the 29th. We talked. Julia not Geena. Please get in touch. ('at. [7432/38

118 THE LIST 31 Jan 14 Feb 2002

I saw you - Edinburgh 4

V I saw you in your cuddly. fleecy. top and green('.’) trousers at Sainsbury's. Rose Street. Thu 17. 4pm. In my brown. wool. flarey trousers l was building myself up to meet your gaze. but you left. Let‘s meet up so I can practice eye contact. Box No [7433/1.

V I saw you at Ferris Wheel. Husky-loving blonde from List. Thanks for great evening. You're lovely. Great smile. Can I C[' again'.’ Gallery“? Meal“? Ballet'.’ G&T on me! Box No [7433/2.

V I saw you and keep seeing you in the Early-to-late shop corner of Salisbury road ~ you're the tall. blonde. foreign girl. Where are you from? Your accent is great . . . I think I need language lessons from you. Box No [7433/3.

V I saw you nightmare afore Christmas . . . you were the tall pierced woman in the fishnet I was the man who cried when you left. Box No [7433/4.

V I saw you on the .38 (Lithgay—Embra. 23 Jan) in leopardskin coat. black velvet gloves and ‘PINK' bag. Bearded guy facing rear would like to stroke your fur. Box No [7433/5.

V I saw you very cool and lovely American woman who stood up for the Cameo door staff on the opening night of Monsoon Wedding. Free tickets on me and a big thankyou! Box No [7433/6.

V I saw you in (‘C's. Sat 12 Jan ()2. You with your straight friends. 19 and unsure. but not shy. Me older. confident and outspoken. I took you by the hand and led you through the bar. now let me lead you to a better place! Box No


V I saw you hwatsong at l’illbox. you are truly the Judy Garland of techno . . . from the mysterious stranger. Box No [7433/8.

V I saw you Eduardo. you are the light of my life and have put the fire back in my heart. I love you always. Martin. Box No [7433/9.

V I saw you working behind the bar at The Stand on 1 Jan ()2. looking so line. with your long dark hair. tattoo at the bottom of your back. Me. with American friend. Could I make you smile‘.’ Box No [7433/10. V I saw you Robin in C("s a while ago. been thinking about you. hope to YMC‘L' soon. C‘alum. Box No [7433/1 l.

V I saw you Mathew. I saw your gorgeous. green eyes smiling down at me. and now I am forever in love. CB. Box No [7433/12.

V I saw you 'Marc Almond' alias Rob. Haven't got your new phone number. Leave it to my ex—llatmates. Veronica The Finn. Box No [7433/13.

V I saw you tall. shaven head. blue eyes. black leather in Waterstone's. l was the flame-haired temptress with the Scorpio Moon. I want to be in your dreams! Box No [7433/14.

V I saw you 7.. at the Liquid Rooms t 16 Wed) and working tip a sweat in the studio at college! Wiin I had talked to you at The Basement that day! I'm closer than you think! YI-“t Box No [7433/15.

V I saw you Girl. Spring '99.

in a glasshouse in the Botanic

Gardens. stroking Jinxy the cat.

I didn't live here and had a girlfriend. Now I don't have one. and live here I do. Where are you‘.’ Box No [7433/16.

V I saw you at the Cameo. (Mulholland Drive) Wed 9 Jan. We decided you were Spanish.

tall. dark. with unruly hair and a

great smile. Box No [7433/18.

' -. You must supp and addresswlthy'f' ' Fill in the free poetcards avail

V I saw you farty pants McShagger. and I want to tell the whole world I love you. World. listen up! I love him! Fanny xxx. Box No [7433/19. V I saw you Hola L'GP. Trying to bleed a radiator and attempting to recover the lost fish in your life. go on get yourself off to Spain on yer bike. Box No [7433/20.


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