Every issue, The List is highlighting the work of a young Scottish photographer in association with Beck’s.

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Vanessa Wenwueser

Born in Munich, Vanessa Wenwieser is currently studying fine art photography at Glasgow School of Art. Concentrating on portraiture. as well as stills and the city. the featured images explore freedom of space and people‘s right to do what they want to do. She has previously worked as a photography assistant and is keen to work for a magazine, particularly in music and film. If you would like to get in touch with her. phone 0141 337 2429 or email

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How to enter work Applicants should be students in the second year or beyond of a photography or relevant

degree, or those who have graduated in the last three years. To arrange a time for The 5 List to see your portfolio call Helen Monaghan on 0131 550 3076. Each of the chosen [

photographers will receive $100, courtesy of Beck’s and The List.