edinburgh -

The flesh is willing, but the spirit fancies a pint. Saving cash in the capital may be easy, but it’s just as easy to fritter it away. Words: James Smart

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Bank balance: 5720

10.54am Loavo tho flat. i'rrst stop rs tho UGC fountain Park. '.‘.rhoro ali

arthur's seat U 25 jam to 9 feb 2002 "

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tho usual hits of old rock THE: PIEMAKER

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Bank balance: still S‘Qt)

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solo mission —- not that lattor‘s on Wodnosday. woapons thoro's a S(I()il!f3ll

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Bank balance: 916.130

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Bank balance: 8‘1 [.50

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Royal Musourn in Chartihors had shorts. Most

1 A Streetcar Named Desire Roya? Lyt:o;rrri Thoatro. Fri 1:") For). Allardyco who infalkod a it)? 7/15)p[}t_ fr'(}(} pr(}\,x:(}\,r',r_

Stroot ttrooi \.'.rhoro wo chock rrnprossrxo though. rs

arrrxai of an rncornpotont out a drrod x‘xhalo ponrs and Captain Honort Barclay

hrtrnan. a yory dirty tramp discoyor why tho Crooks

1 Café Marlayne Thistle Stroot. lunchtirrio soup. $31.50.

and sonro stor’n holrovod in Cyclops 4thoy rrirlo round trrp l‘.'.’l(I(} a mock

2 Whose Lunch Is It Anyway? tit-:3 Stand.

York Waco. oxorx Suit. Bank balance: still S‘toso .

rKTr’“. Tt'ifi} (1:3'r‘ti-(t‘..

husrnossrr‘on. drscovorod olophants' skulls so ho could tako hrs dogs

and thought tho tuskholo on a 20 rnrlo rarrrhlo.

2 Mathers Broughto'i Stroot. fist: and chips.

Attor' a z'ory good.

oxtr‘oniol‘, contusrng trlrrt. I

W" THE LIST 31 Jan—14 Feb 2002


3 Cappuccino Express Cockhurri Stroot. bowl of pasta $72.30.

4 Pear Tree House ‘.r'/t;s'. Nicolson Stroot. iunchtrrho titrttot. 3‘91

isrr‘ai? plator 351 llargo).

5 China China Antigua Stroot. all-you— can ~oat throo- courso hutfot. 92-1109 lhotoro Spill).

guit tho crnorna. huy sorrio chips «3‘120, and go to tho City (latc- rn Blair Stroot tor a tint: pint of ‘.'.'ator tlrooi. ‘S‘t.:’>t;. ploaso.' Jokos tho hartondor, ohyrously not roalrsrng that such l)l'lllklll.tllf;llll) could push lil(: oxor tho odgo. I soo tho hlokc from tho (/so/oss (Eu/do lo Scot/and at tho liar and surrotrtrtiously cross corr‘od‘, oft my, list of things to do thoro's nothing

choap on today anyway


3.31pm tho i-r‘urtrnarkot

Cation, ‘2; shop rs l>u//rng.


Health & Fitness

3 Departure Lounge Popitokrt. Picarriy Placo. oyory Wod. 10pm. tr‘oo cornody gur/.

4 Mars: Fourth Rock From The Sun ()ltsor‘utor‘. Vantor (Ioritro. Blackto'd lilr. Iu-o ‘I’ l (-t‘. r'.L41?;:r“.

i'tft,‘ (iftt’\>'](/'Y \y H1!\.

5 Val McDermid ‘vN/atorstorio's. 128 Princos Stroot. Thu 2' Foh. (3pm. troo (:r'wno n<‘)\.'oiist tatk.