Edinburgh an

01 3‘ 558 1979


but the Dal/rel - Seullron exhrbrtron .s tra'rgml ewough .rntr. Alr's l“()l‘.;l

lots o" f)()ll(3ll‘r£tlt people r't

:-goes off.

wrorlj. A‘urr‘pers look unrrr‘:,res;serl. see; some penguins. exanme surrte ."bra'fl. t:"-’:f3(:l‘f(}<t awdsuapes. '.'.;‘:’.<.." a“ .msettlrng seasrrre m»: s' .rdeo a'td rea‘.r:. ‘eelrr g s..rtabi. TSlMlltlElH‘, enr'r':hed.l or. a ’ghnlrr "‘znee pre fron‘ Prerr‘aker, Soutl‘ Brrdge Vt“)!

Bank balance: ’3‘ t :‘s. t 5)

Hrn tr, tne

(Iarr‘era ()bseu'a just ::o'.'.rn v“,- Castre 'S‘Ia’ for a groo, .:r.—.'.'. the last four f;"rs".e<: a'. Tree. so

<runtr1:tn~x~r lei,- "vx; lad”,

or I,_,,‘ ,

i‘tougl‘. f)", 13’;

It, flit; IU', 't‘:ttr.'.<:f; llrl the galle'res shut.

Bank balance: strll iv 1 {r t :3

rm,- trorms are

flagghg. so .‘xe head to I'll: Natrona. (gar er. of E'Sr/t‘and on the Mound for sorr‘r; l,rg. :rispzrrng parntrngr; 0" hits

and lublrual people. the

"M. It doesn’t cost to look

Plays for Tomorrow Spring 200’

.Mfim (Siam Warm-w; are is}. . at {warms

terr‘porarj, exhrbrtron rs from

lee f/fao'orma lo lr're .'.t"r:.r/.=ri« lr’ouge and rt ::or‘tarns some dr‘ax‘xrngs tnat have never been tnexrousl‘, exhrbrted due to New :;errsrtr‘.'rt', to lrght. l‘t(:'t,"l(: a brt (full. and I cant see an. p:<;tures o" lvladonna.

Bank balance: strll 3‘15”). 1 5)

After another arduous .‘Jalk. we arrr‘xe on lfir‘ougliten Street where Mathers r as a l:rg frre and frslt ar‘d (:hrps for 5‘10?) l pusl‘ the boat out and have peas 430;.» and a pint

69.70- as yet". It's hot -:v><ar:tl.' naute (Lursrne. but sari: 'vrts the spot.

Bank balance: ’r‘trlflsts

Borne real <:u|turr: a'. last: (le!t!<; Krlrr‘arno<:k on tlxe org screen. start ir‘nng to frnd some standby treket‘; for the theatre. the

l estrual lneatre. the Krng's

lheatre and the Playhouse

do drrt (:heap frekets only for students and don't have any for torirght anyway. And the perforir‘ed readrng of i)a‘;rd (3rerg's San [)rego at the lra‘.'ersr:- rs sold out. Hugger. \.r".’e ‘.'.'at<:h the seeond hart. In a result that '.'.’ll| bankrupt the bookres and turn the trtle race on rts head. ()eltrr: wrns I) f). Bank balance: strll S‘tt).-t(3

7.40pm M“. attempts to

r'e<:rurt rzornpanrons to head dos/n to l la'\,rr>arket for the Mereat's (2‘ young rnoie arts for S‘Itl stall

.enrng grg rthree

untrl agree to pa“. for a (:al) 611.60,. Nerl agrees to (;()rr‘.e wrth rr‘e. lle rs already drunk.

Bank balance: EYE-to

9.40pm l laxrng .'.'rtn >ssed a "tedroere set frorr‘ l’lar:ebo ‘.'.rannabes lndafusron and drank three moreprrttt;13‘(5.€)()r. Nerl elarrr‘s he '.'.rrl| pass out

unless we get a kebab rSVh.

l abandon all hope of strekrng to my budget. Bank balance: $8.01 In dent

11.45pm Doe are a brt better. ‘.'.’ftll(} generre but sprky headlrners AugustBt are hawng a party. upstarrs rt'reer. l eavrng Ner! to rarnble horrve. (:onsrder popprng down to ()prurr‘. rfree nu rr‘etal club: or V‘Jhrstle Brnkres rfr‘ee folk rock you have to par, .' ‘.()tt(}\' to hear proper danee rnusrr: on a Saturday nrght; before '-.'.randerrng down to l5drnburgh Art School for the '(gg's fresty rndre soul n‘rx rS‘-1r.

Bank balance: 91.6.35) In debt 7- rneludrng an addrtronal t'~.'.ro prnts. It may be x'rorth bearing rn mod that If I had forgone the beers. the pre and the kebab. my expenses would

be only 8‘1 [or

3.10am llax'rng grooved to Daft Punk. llvrs and the llrxes. and spent even were n‘oney on aleohol rthree bottles at 8‘ t 15).. it's tune to go. lhe art sehooi kids frle out. Strangely desprte the fact that none of them can dance and they all dress ‘.'.'errd. they are strll far (:ooler than the rest of us wrll ever be. Strll. you (:an bet they haxen't been to one frln‘. two art gallerres.

two rnuseurrts. one grg. a

mss High Street

wen éNo Rout Palmerston place



{ARBtJUR mu Ftsnmit Sq Newhavcn

xmcsxuow: ROADHOU'SG

NB 5 an Prlnces mm

womes 'BAR‘Constltutlon Street

Peas in our time

(:lub. two pubs and a

kebab shop today. Bank balance: S‘21.(Et)rrr debt. Shrt.

Day time fun: V2.30 mxso rn (:redrtr Evening fun: HR. to 67.10 over budget= Food: 5‘81- xl rS‘Iib-l oxer budgetr

Drink: 8‘18. to «$1316 over budgetr

Balance: 8‘? t .(30 or. er budget

1 The Standing Order George Street. 5.71 .113).

2 Rose Street Brewery R rse


3 The Athletic Arms Angle Park ‘lerraee. 91.88.

4 Mather’s ()ueenst’ern. Head. " 5‘ l .90.

5 Port 0’ Leith Constrtutron Street. $1.90.


31 Jan-14 Feb 2002 TH. LIST 1’