vi. Waterwall: Materiali Resistenti Dance Factory

Italian choreographer lyan Man/oni’s dancers tnust be the cleanest in liurope. Or else the wrinkliest.

.\lan/oni's llirlvrn'ul/ is set on an imposing tnetal structure beneath a perpetual downpour. The show‘s

ten nimble. gravity-defying dancers climb. slide and swing during an hour-long deluge. (‘alling this

sensual spectacle all wet is strictly a compliment.

I Nanny/(1y: (S/asgow Wed 27 Feb-Hi I Mar. 7.30pm. £10.60 (56.50).

New Plaza: Toby Paterson

(ilasgow-bom artist and Becks l-‘utures nominee. Toby Paterson. will be unveiling his sculptural skateboard obstacles at the two-day .fIn/w'n/vs in .l/uliun eyent. Professional skateboarders will put the obstacles to the test. alongside screenings of Swedish artist Lars Siltberg's I)\’l) installation series .llun ll'iI/I Hal/s ()1) Hands And I’ve]. shown to great acclaim at the 2001 Venice Biennale. The public can bring along their boards too.

I The Arc/res. (3/asgow. Sat 2 Mar. Pit-9pm 61 Sat (9 [via/1 /—-(>‘pm. Free.

Mare’s Nest: Station House Opera

This British performance company lays claim to a unique physical and Visual style. Muir's- M's! continues artistic director .lulian Maynard Smith’s fascination with the real and the yirtual. In a bewitching mix of film and live-action. four people multiply themselyes before our \‘ery eyes. lixpect an exceedingly cleyer play with audience perceptions.

I Iranian/(17,1 (il(1.‘§§j()‘.'/, fr/ 8 (9 Sat 5) rV/(H‘. 7'..’3()/)m. 519.50 413.550}.

Scan: Rosemary Butcher

'(‘rammed with Visual holes’ is how Veteran choreographer Rosemary Butcher describes Sum. made in collaboration with Visual artist Vong l’haophanit and composer (‘athy l.ane. Receiying its Scottish premiere. the piece fuses dance. \‘isttal art and music to create a liying and breathing form of installation . art. The audience is seated on Noah Tnlogy: Anus mm- cirlcc (,i‘ ;. mm” This could either be your worst nightmare or a dream come performance “ML Uncut-mg [hm ._ true. Hungarian company .-\rtus draws you deep into the action m) (mg was mg cum-C pic“, by actually incorporating you into its show. During this three- I HM} Arc/ms. (E/t'i:;gow_ Wm/ and-a—half hour dance. theatre. music. Video and animation 17; / (3/). 5.; piggy)”, (t; 1/“, 1.4 ‘experience' they‘ll lilm your face. record your voice and lill\L‘ I or). /' /".f-J:'>;)m. 5715 () Ail-5.5m. your name before morphing it into the action. r,I"/('1f/()/)g1/Hey/(317()fI/V()/t/‘[/ I flfl/ll‘Ui/(llfl. ll/(Xl .00 8"” 1).]? / (Pl). /'.,’)/7l. 510.50 tl\()\..")(l.