girl in lox e xx ith larger-than-life circus strongman Zainpano (Quinn l. who dies of a broken heart xx hen he kills the gentle tightrope-xxalker (Baxeharti xx ho had hel'riended her. t’ainI'uI storx' ol lonelinexx and isolation xx hose xixidlx seed} \liittll-tt\\\ll backgrounds nex er alloxx sentirnentalit} to set in. Selected release.

Sunday In The Country (Un dimanche a la campagne) rl’tii (Bertrand 'l‘ax'ernier. France. I‘m-ti Louis l)ucreux. Sabine .»\/ema. Michel Aurnont. (ienex iexe .\tnich. 04 min\. In rural France at the turn of the centurx. an ageing painter

inx itex his farnilx to his house. and in the course of" one summer day. their relationships. griefs and fleeting moments ol‘ happiness are explored in tender detail. as is the limit} question ol- life‘s relationship to tll't. .\ lilting. contemplatixe rnox ie xx hich rex'eals a good deal about Tax ernier'x oxx n outlook on his life and xxorlt. (ii-'1‘. (ilaxgoxx.

Sundayr 18).... t(’harle\ .\tcl)ougal. t‘lx'. 2001NSminx'l‘xpicallx poxxerltll drama from \cl‘iptxxt'iter liminx .\tc(ioxern. Here he recreates the ex ent\ of xx hat hecame knoxx n as Blood) Sunday the da} (30th Januarx 1973) that the Northern Ireland ('ix il Rights .-\\\ociation marched in l)err_x against the British (ioxcrnment\ policx of internment

xx ithout trial. The 'I‘or'x gox ernrnent'x l'esptilhe under prime .\litii\lel‘ 'l'ed lleath xxax to respond to the 201K)” peaceful pt'xitexttit's It} sending a l’arachute Regiment into the cit}.

xx hich ultimatelx resulted in traged}. There xxill he a post-screening tll8ell\\ion xx ith the lilnnnalxerx. (iilmorehill(i l 2. (ilaxgoxx. Super 8 Stories l 15) ilinnr Kuxturica. (iei'inanx/ltalx. 200] l ()0 rninx. (‘anncs l’alme d'()r-xx ining director Kusturica turns the camera on himself. or rather his oxx 0 hand. The No Smoking orchestra. in thix concert moxie. Part of the Sheffield International Documentarx I‘extixal. l‘ilmhouse. lidinhurgh. The Swamp (La Ciénaga) r 12 I 000 ll.ucrecia .\tartel. .-\rgentina/Spain. 2001 I Mercedes Moran. (iraciela Borges. Martin .r\d_|emian. It): minx. Sxx cat drips Irom ex erx inch oi celluloid in .\lartel\ film in xxluch txxo families struggle to \urx ix e the .v\rgentinean heat. ()ne mother. broken and ineffectual

xx alloxx \ in a drunken log; the other precariouxlx juggles xxork and kids. .‘xtartel has xx ilhheld a soundtrack to alloxx opprexxixe silence\ to groxx. xx hile \litflx of mood} inaction are heautif'ull) lingered upon. Although the perspectixe is original. ultimatelx the x iexx er is left as I'ruxtratinglx dixeinpoxxered as the characters in the film. Just one true breath of clean air xxould hax e heen xxelcome. (’ameo. lidmhurgh.

Toy Story 2 it» Wilrilm l.a\\etel'. t'S. 2000i 'l'om llanltx. Tim Allen. Joan (’uxack. 95 lilllls. The nexx film expands on the original settings and themes: \Vhen Wood} is not taken to ('oxxhox ('amp hx lii\ oxx ncr And}. he begins to question the meaning oi his ‘lile. When he\ \lll‘NetltleIitl} stolen h} a collector xx ho plans to sell him to a Japanese to} museum Bull and the gang trax el across toxx n to rescue their pal. The emotixe range of' the animated character\ is extraordinary the} sax that computer generated images xxill nex er

\'t- I , D o."i

.°.o .v 7';

{5 ’31:!” .‘IZJ

It; (I: ’3‘. '.‘.‘ :Tr"'_0( 3

.VI. 5 F f!qu

.i, I .(H

p, lo. .l.‘

M‘ 1 f3! t" I

in flux; 34. lung

'0' u


n‘. 30’ 4'"ts:.o “.04-:

. bo'l, I o“.


\,-$‘ .I'w: I: (£1‘,. '3

It‘d. "a"

replace the real thing. htit 'Iiix‘ Sim-x 2 liltllxe8 xou xxonder. (’arlton. Stirling.

Training Day r 18) 00. r.-\nioine l-‘uqua. [S 200] l Den/cl Washington. lithan llarxxkc‘. Scott (ilenn. 120 [1008. \Vashington has spent a career plax ing dignified heroes. hut here he cast\ off his nohle mart} r persona with a rixeting portrain of. a pxx chopathic and ruthless!) amoral l.:\l’l) narcotics oI'Iicer. 'l'hix Bad lieutenant has an idealixtic rookie partner (llaxx kc). xx ho has just 2-1 hours to persuade his much-decoraled xeteran colleague that he too has the necexxarx courage and street-sax x} to xxorlx undercox er. Propelled h} Washington's xxxaggering. charismatic performance. Ira/nine l)ax c‘t'tlt\e\ t0\\til‘tl\ distinction. (ml) to he let doxxn h} a disastrous final reel. xxhich lurchex into preposterous action mox ie \lioxxdoxx n8 and \lioot-Ullh. See rex iexx. (ieneral release. Va Savoir l PG) 0... (Jacques Rixette. France. 200] iJeanne Balihar. Sergio (‘astellittrx Jacques Iionnaf'le. l5-1 mins. .\ graceful and charming coinedx of manners from xeteran l‘r'ench .\'exx \Vax e director Rixctte. lér .S'iii'ur'r‘x backstage theatre setting and the parallels hetxxeen art and life might seem predictable. _er the filmmaker inagicallx guides the x iexx er through the l-‘rench capital. alxxa) \ alert to the romantic ptt\\il‘llllie\ that connect his characters. And the casual master) of Rixette'x direction. xx hich el'f'ortlexslx

xx eax ex together the xarioux piot strand\. 1\ matched h} some sparkling cnxetnhle perl‘orlnanees. (il'vli. (ilaxgoxx.

Vanilla Skyr l5) 0.. t(‘aineron (’roxxc. t'S. 200i l'l’om Cruise. l’enelope (‘r'u/. (‘anieron l)ia/. 130 min\. ('ruixe'x gleaming smile and rippling ahx are put to I‘ormidahle litll'el\\l\tle the in his portrain oI' l)ax id Antes. a handsome and Ittl‘tllouxl}

xx ealthx Manhattan plaxhox. ()x er the course ol'one ex ening. he falls in lox e xxith Spanish dancer Sofia ((‘ru/ ). therehx incurring the morhid jealous} of girlfriend Julie (l)ia/ l. and his dreainlile hecoinex a nightmare. ('roxxe'x remake ol‘ the Spanish p\_xchologica| thriller ()l’t'n Iii/tr I'fx't'x Isl/Hr 1.0x ()Ian might he retitled 'Being 'l‘om (‘ruixe'. Ior ll lira/enlx blurs the boundaries hetxxeen fictional character and real-life actor to hecome an inquirx intocontemporarx moxie stardom. (ieneral release.

Way Out West 1 l I 00.0 rlgimex llorne. t‘S. 1957) Stan laurel. ()lix er Hard). James l‘inlax son. N) 111018. The comic duo lind themselxcx ‘()n The Trail ()l The\orne l’ine' as the} head out to hand ox er a gold- mine deed. l’lentx ol good gags in llil\ fast- paced xx extern spool. (ii-'1‘. (iltisgoxx.

What Have I Done To Deserve This? t l8) 0... (Pedro :\lniodo\al'. Spain. 108-1) ('armen Maura. l.ui\ llostalot. ltIII minx. From the camera that brought _xou ll'omm ()n The li’l'L‘t’. . .. an earlier. more surreal x i\ion of desperation. \e\ and hi/arre familial interactions in ltiltltlle-L‘ltt\\ Spain. The central role ix again pla_xed h} a distracted .\Iaura. this time as a houxexx ile coping xx ith her depression and her ghastl} familx h) taking a xx ee \litil‘t oi clcarung fluid xx ith her prescribed amphetamines. Another gem. (‘ameo. lidinhurgh.

c‘f‘fl v.1‘. J- .30-’ I’a.“{l‘ 'a‘l ,p'. t .'( To‘. .5 “' 5.75:! .33'1 o

tlrcmc park.

.x' muff. tn .1


Films are listed by city, then alphabetically by cinema. Film Listings compiled by Henry Northmore

Bombay Cinema: Glasgow

5 Lorne Street. lhrox. (ll-ll 41‘) 0732. £5 (£3).


For this xx'eek‘s programme times. please contact the cinema on (II-II 41‘) 0722 for details.

GGA: Glasgow

350 Sauchiehall Street. (ll-ll 352 4900. H (£2.50).


The Low Down r 18) 0.30.

0neWeekrl5i+TheFlatrl5l+Alice (I5) 8.30.

FRIDAY 1 FEB The Low Down r l8) 0.30.

DneWeektI5i+The Flatrl5i+Aiice MS) 8.30.


Ratcatcheril5i 3.00.

The Low Downrl8i 0.30. DneWeekrl5i+TheFlatrl5i+Alice (I5) 8.30.


Ratcatcherrl5i 3.00.

The Low Downrl8i 0.30. 0neWeekrl5i+TheFlattt5i+Alice (IS) 8.30.


The Dream Life Of Angels r l8) 0.30. Orphee r I5) 8.30.


The Dream Lite DiAngels r l8) 0rpheert5i 8.30.


The Dream Life DiAngels r I8) Drpheerl5) 8.30.


Eraserhead r l8) 3.00. The Dream Life Of Angels I I8) Orphee r 15) 8.30.


Eraserheadrl8i 3.00. The Dream Lite Di Angels r l8) DrpheerlSI 8.30.

MONDAY 1 1 FEB Love 2001 (the) 7.00.

Sleepers (performance only) £8.00/£4.00 Tramway Hotline: 0141 287 3900 (Info: 0141 422 2023)


listings Film


A La Place Du Goeur r 15) 0.30.

Songs From The Second Floor r 15) 8.3( I. THURSDAY 14 FEB

A La Place Du Coeur r l5) 0.30. Songs From The Second Floor r l5) 8.30.

GilmorehillGi 2: Glasgow

9 t'nix‘ersitx‘ .-\x'enue. 330 5522. Tickets £4. ('hildren's ticket [2.


Pom Poko il’tii 7.30.


My Neighbour Totoro it") 3.00. Princess Mononoke (3) 0.00. SUNDAY 13 FEB

Laputa: Castles in the Sky 1 H ii 3.00.

FRIDAY 8 FEB Sundayrl8) 7.l5.

SATURDAY 0 FEB Limbo r 15) 2.30.

SUNDAY 10 FEB Gal l 15) 2.00.

Glasgow Film Theatre

I: Rose Street. Ill-ll 553 SIDS. (Kile/hall .-\Il performances hoolxahle. (1)]. (ti). lixeningx: £4.75 (£3.50). \latineexz £3.75 (£2.50). Wed thet'ore 5pm): £3.75 (£2). Douhle hill 55 (£3.50). (it'll. \axersz L'l‘) lb l-ll the tickets for the price til. 4 (Hilltl for three liltilitlixl.


1.Monsoon Weddingtl5i 2.30. 5.30. 8.I5.

2. A Ma Soeur! (Fat Girl) l l8i 3.00. 5.00. 7.00. 9.00.


1.Gosiord Parkil5l 2.00. 5.30. 8.I5. 2. Va Savoirrl’til L45. 5.00. 8.00. SATURDAY 2 FEB

1.80nsOiThe Desertrt') 1.00. Gosiord Paritrl5i 2.45. 5.30. 8.I5. 2.Va Savoirtt’til 1.45. 5.00. 8.00.


1.GosiordPat1(rl5i 2.00. 5.30. 8.I5. 2. The Judge And The Assassin (Le iuge et I’assassin) r l5) 12.30.

Va Savoirrt’m 5.00. 8.00.


1.Gosiord Parkrl5) 2.00. 5.30. 8.t5. 2.Va Savoirrl’m 1.45. 5.00. 8.00. TUESDAY 5‘) FEB

1.Gosiord Parkit5i 2.00. 5.30. 2.LaStradarl5i 2.30.

Brass Unbound (Pm 5.45.

Va Savolrrl’(ii 8.00.


Tramway and Reckless Sleepers ,7. .. SLEEPLESS NIGHT

Thu 7 & Fri 8 Feb 19.00-01.00 Be (..‘xl'ill£il'£:il0('l by brcal<daricing, graffiti art, film, performance, visual art, and a mix of new DI talent or meditate with ambient sounds and bedtime stories. Enjoy a late day as l‘ramv-ray is turned into somnambulist's

Sleepless Night (all inclusive ticket) £10.00/£5.00

25 Albert Drive, Glasgow Gd) 2PE