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The things you simply have to do this issue

CRIME AND PUNISHMENT TV John Simm stars as the complex anti-hero of Dostoevsky's psychodrama. A thrilling ride from Tony Marchant's adaptive pen. See review. page 93. BBC2.


Film The geniuses behind lm Story .lit‘ at it .ttmin With .1tttloint‘lutlent;onA.1 monsters and .1 cm itiulrmi by" :u'imtmr; Sew it‘t'ltlllt‘ .iiiti ieviéq't‘t'. pages it)

.liki .‘l‘. Kn‘l‘t‘l.“ it‘lt‘tltit‘.

TI-IE HIVES Music The matchingly outfitted Swedes invoke the mayhem of Rocket From The Crypt with their slick rock'n'roll. See preview. page 42. Barrow/and, Glasgow.

ANDREW " . _ ' " Comedy This

' , ' . chirpy Irishman " gives us a dose of BRIDGET RILEY his thoroughly Art Si/kscreen Prints And excitable Gouaches 7963—2001 is observations. the name of her See preview. excellently disorienting page 63. retrospective. See Jong/eurs. preview. page 79. Glasgow. Hunterian Art Gallery, Glasgow.

REBECCA MILLER Books The daughter of Arthur has written a string of cracking stories about women in Personal Velocity. See review, page 96. Doubleday.


FA HAR Art Supermodels. crack dens and sweaters are among the varied subjects of this joint show. See preview. page 78. doggerfisher, Edinburgh.

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RESID ALIEN Theatre Part of Glasgow's City Of Love, a welcome return for Bette

r Bourne's I X-FACTOR


I, h Edinburgh Fringe Dance The Dear/y " hit show about the

Departed is the Englishman in New SLIPKNOT Scottish company's YO“ Quent'n Music The maniacs with the masks and a hardcore - IOOk at death- See 8759- Tron teen following get set for a Valentine's Day p’eV'eW' page 57' 3590‘“ massacre. See preview. page 42. SECC, Glasgow. V Traverse. Edinburgh.

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