Gigs are listed by date, then by city. Performances will be listed, provided that details reach our offices at least eight days before publication. Rock and pop listings compiled by Fiona Shepherd (Glasgow) and Mark Robertson/ Henry Northmore (Edinburgh).

Ticket information

Tickets for most medium/large concerts can be bought from the following:


Virgin, Buchanan Galleries. 332 4400

Credit card bookings from: Ticket Link: 287 1.

Way Ahead: 3139 8383.


Virgin Princes Street. 220 323/1. Ripping Records South Bridge. 226 7010.

Assembly Rooms George Street. 220 4349

Way Ahead 0141 339 88813


I Celtic Connections see also folk listings.

I Alien Ant Farm Barrowland. 244 (iallow gate. 552 4601. 7.30pm. £13.50 plus booking fee. Papa Roaclt‘s nu-metal mates w ho haye mirrored their homies' chart success with their Michael Jackson cm er ‘Smooth (‘riminal'.

I Brian Kennedy Royal ('oncert Hall. 2 Sattchiehall Street. 353 8000. 7.30pm. £16/£l4 plus booking fee. lrisli charmer with a middle of the road appeal. like a more credible Ronan Keating. I’url of (chic (.(Hlllf’ellllllx.

I Bruce Cockburn ()ltl l'iruitmarkct. Albion Street. 353 8000. 9pm. £15. ('anadian singer/songwriter drawing on folk and blues influences. I’url of ('r'ltit‘ ('(Iltltt’t'll'uns’.

QCIinic King Tut's \\ alt \Vah lltit. 272a St Vincent Street. 221 5279. 8.30pm. £6 pltis booking fee. See prey iew for l.i\'erpudlian electro-kraut-pop (‘linic.

I Saint Nice’n'Slea/y. 421 Sauchiehall Street. 33.3 9637. 9pm. l.ocal indie band.

I Squander Pilots The 13th .‘s'ote (are. 50 60 King Street. 553 1638. 9pm. Free. A launch party for the local electro indie rockers’ debut single ‘(iiyen'/‘l.unan'. I Kain, Bogus and Cloud Show Soundhatts. 47 Hyde Park Street. 221 4659. 9pm. £3. Members and guests. The popular club has decided to branch out into liye music and this show is their first stab at promoting local bands. Headliners Kain are influenced by all tnanner of grooyy rock'n’roll bands.

I Lady Jude Atl l.ih. 1 l 1 Hope Street. 2486645. 11pm. £5 (£3).

I Major Matt Mason USA, The Sunshine Delay and Jimmy Riff The State Bar. 148 Holland Street. 332 2159. 8pm. £3. l’rban folkster from New York supported by local acoustic cottntry band and acoustic sitiger/songwriter.

I Counterfeit Clash Stttdio ()ne. (irosyenor Hotel. (irosyenor Terrace. 341 6516. 9pm. Free. The (lush and other

I The Hugh Reed Explosion and The Untitled (‘ul l)e Sac. l 179 l’ollokshaws Road. 649 4717. 8.30pm. lintry by donation. Local legend performs in aid of cancer research.

I The Vagabonds 'l‘he Scotia. 1 12 I I4 Stockwell Street. 552 8681. 9pm. Free. l’opular coyers.

I Jam Session Samuel Dow‘s.

67 9l.\'ithsdalc Road. 423 0107. 8.30pm.



I Karma Hi and Stealer lleriot-Watt l'niyersity l'nion. Riccarton. 451 5333. 9pm. Free. Fife indie the piece Karma Hi are joined by lidinburgli fttnk rockers Stealer.

I Schools Showcase Queen's Hall. (’lerk Street. 668 2019. 7.30pm. £4 (£2): family ticket £8. Pupils from met“ a do/en lidinburgh schools perform eyery thing from classical and rock to traditional Scottiin intisic.


I Celtic Connections See also folk listings.

I The Indigo Girls ()ld Fruitmarket. Albion Street. 353 8000. 10pm. £15. The long-sery ing duo of Amy Ray and limin Saliers bring their brand of Americana to (‘cllic (‘onnections

I Embryo and Clocker Nice'n'Slea/y. 421 Sauchiehall Street. 333 9637. 9pm. I Ignorant The 13th .\'ote (‘at'e. St) (ill King Street. 553 1638. 9pm. A night of experimental electronic music.

93"" ’ifiqrfl ..'~. ‘. ,4


French alt.country chanteuse Francois Breut plays 13th Note Club, Glasgow, Thu 7 Feb and the Venue, Edinburgh, Fri 8 Feb

46 THE LIST fz' .Ja“ "

'-- lfrl, l/

I The Lazy Ranchhands, New Jersey Shoreline and The Big Figures Fury Murrys'. 96 Maxwell Street. 221 651 1. 9pm. £4 including entry to post-gig club. Local band line-up.

I Versity, Marciano and Granton Star Strawberry Fields. 56 ()swald Street. 221 7871. 7.30pm. £4. including entry to post-gig club. Indie.

I Abba Revival Bourbon Street. 108 (ieorge Street. 5520141. 7pm. £5 (£12.50 with dinner). Tribute band.

I Pretzel Logic Samuel Dow's. 67 -91 Nitlistlale Road. 423 0107. 8.30pm. Free.


I The Weird Beards Southern Bar. 22 South (‘lerk Street. 667 2289. 9pm. Free. A night of original tunes of the prog rock and ambient funk persuasion from this lidinburgh outfit.

I Schools Showcase Queen‘s Hall. ('lerk Street. 668 2019. 7.30pm. £4 (£2); family ticket £8. See Thu 31.


I Celtic Connections see also folk listings.

I Alexander O’Neal (‘lytle .-\uditorium. Sli(‘(’. Finnieston Quay. 0870 040 4000. £16.50/£14.50/£12.50 plus booking fee. Archer pal soul smoothie pleasures the laydeez. those of them who hate not do/ed off due to his laidback deliyery that is.

I Kristina Olsen, Hans Theessink and Tam White The Arches. 253 Argyle Street. 0901 022 0300. 8pm. £12. Blues night featuring Atnerican blues/folk/jauer ()1sen. Dutch singer/guitarist Theessink and wur ain Tam \Vltite. I’url o/t'ellit‘ (Ullllt't‘HU/M.

QKittie and Shadows Fall Queen Margaret l'nion. 22 l'niyersity (iardens. 339 9784. 7.30pm. £8.50 plus booking fee. See preyiew for ballsy metal grrrls Kittie. I Dieselbone, Foley and High Roller King 'l'ut's Walt Walt Httt. 272a St Vincent Street. 221 5279. 8.30pm. £4 plus booking fee. Local band triple bill.

I Occult, Ragnarok and Anorexia Nervosa Nice'it'Slea/y. 421 Sauchiehall Street. 333 9637. 9pm. Another Six Hours ()f Hate eyent featttring these delightful death metal outfits plus more to be confirmed.

I The Starries and Sunny Noise Sub Experiment The 13th Note (are. 50 60 King Street. 553 1638. 9pm. Heayy indie rock.

I Cooler, Cloud Show and Halcyon Strawberry Fields. 56 ()swald Street. 221 787l. 7.30pm. £4. including entry to post-gig cltib. indie rock.

I Motown Tribute Bourbon Street. 108 (ieorge Street. 5520141. 7pm. £5 (£14.50 with dinner).

I Open Stage The Hall Bar. lot) Woodlands Road. 564 1527. 4 8pm. Free. Weekly session for local inttsicians.

I Margana 'l‘he Halt Bar. 160 Woodlands Road. 564 1527. 9pm. Free. I Counterfeit Clash Mc(‘huill’s. 40 High Street. 552 2135. 10pm. Free. See Thurs 31.

I Kong Samuel Dow‘s. 67~~91 Nithsdale Road. 423 0107. 8.30pm. Free. Rock.


0Mos Eisley, Ac Rid and The Remicks 'I‘he Mercat. 28 West .\1aitland Street. 225 3861. 8pm. £3. lixcellent spark) indie rock from Newcastle‘s Slur Hill's-obsessed Mos liisley with a blend of pop. rock and funk from Ac Rid and more indie rock from lidinburgh's Remicks.


I Celtic Connections see also folk listings.

I The Hothouse Flowers ()ltl l-‘ruitmarket. Albion Street. 353 8000. 9pm. £16. Rousing (’eltrock from this yeteran L‘Ulllltt). I’rll‘l (If (T'lflt' (‘muu't'limts

at Clinic Don't just take Radiohead's word for it (they were special guests on the ‘heed's last visit to Scotland). take our word for it: Clinic's (pictured) thoughtful atmospheric electro-indie-kraut bleeps and stomps are enchanting and beguiling in the extreme. A unsung gem. See preview. King Tut’s, Glasgow, Thu 37 Jan.

if; Slipknot The nine-headed hate machine finally rattles its way into town like the Tasmanian Devil with an ulcer. For sheer weight and startlingly dynamic metal there's noone to touch them . . .and they've got funny masks. what more do you need for a St Valentine‘s Day massacre? See preview. SECC, Glasgow, Thu 74 Feb.

The Hives Something not unlike hysteria has broken out around this Swedish quintet. their matching outfits and slick‘n'snazzy old skool R‘n‘R sound invoking thoughts of the genius of Rocket From The Crypt. See preview. Barrow/and, Glasgow, Tue 5 Feb.

31"}: Mos Eisley, Ac Rid and The Remicks The headliners here are a trio of hysterical Geordie Star Wars Obsessives who head this fiesty triple bill of power pop punk tremors. The Mercat. Edinburgh, Sat 2 Feb.

3:5": Kittie Three teen rock temptresses show the boys in big shorts how its done and get the heads down for some full metal racket. See preview. QMU. Glasgow. Sat 2 Feb.

I Pete Wylie and Stylus Automatic g2. 490 Sauchiehall Street. 353 8000. 8pm. £8 (£5). The titan behind the Mighty Wahl. arid local outfit Stylus Automatic provide the lite music in a night to raise funds and awareness of the Miscarriages Of Justice Organisation for .\l().l(). conveniently enough). Actors Tam Dean Bttrn and Gary Lewis and comedian Phil Kay will also take part in the eyening's entertainment.

I Goma Nice'ti'Slea/y. 421 Sattchiehall Street. 333 9637. 9pm.

I The Operators 'I‘he l3th Note Club. 260 (‘lyde Street. 243 2177. 8pm. Fundraiser for Frontier.

I Sacred Heart Losers The 13th Note (are. 50-60 King Street. 553 1638. 9pm. Delicate country-tinged indie band from lidinburgh.

I The Cobramatics 'I‘he Scotia.

112 114 Stockwell Street. 552 8681. 4pm. Free. Residency.

I Steff’s Sunday Session tfisge Beatha. 232 Woodlands Road. 564 1596. 5pm. Free. Bring your own instrument.


I Embrace (‘orn lixchange. New Market Road. (iorgie. 443 2437. 7.30pm. £13.50. The Brothers McNamara celebrate the release of their new album of host- Britpop sounds If You 't't' Never Been