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Slll'ing Season 2002

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Drama is listed by city, then alphabetically by venue. Dance is listed after drama for each city. Shows will be listed, provided that details reach our offices at least ten days before publication.

Drama & dance listings compiled by Kelly Apter.


\\..'\ = \Vltt‘t‘lt‘lltlll' :\L‘L‘L‘\\; l) 2 Parking l'ittciltltcx; \\'(' = Adapch 'l'tttlctt \t. TICKETLINK is. ’l'ickctx tor maior \cnucx in (ilaxgtm arc 5. k... .

mailablc lronitltc 'l‘ickcl ('cntrc. Rna’ 8"? and 80b’ Too & A (‘andlcriggx .\lon Sat ltlfiltam (ifitipm; l7 State Afia'r ll“? lam Alldmél

Sun noon 5pm in pci‘xon or until 9pm b} Dunbar's social comedy drama pllttlIL‘ UH til-ll 237 551 I. An} 'l‘ickclli”k :3 about a menage a trOis between a bo\ ot‘licc can \cll tickctx t'or othcr \cnucx. I " , , THEATRE TOKENS 3:; middle aged man and two teenage Tl indicatcx \cnucx \ilicrc 'l‘licati'c 'l‘okcnx {WIS 0” 3 Bradford comm” 05mm can bc cxchangcd tor Iickctx. ’l’olxcm can if has the same vitality now as it did he bought i'i'om tlic lickct (‘cnttcl 3H; Iwomy years ago Max Stafford (tilltllL‘l'lL‘L'\. (ilaxuou. 014] 28/ fi‘lltl: c I ‘. mm hm;l;.m.\ M “1”. 5mm Mm [I (,laik once again directs his hit. .\lcn/ic\ and Janicx lliiii Hookxcllcrxz or (“Ollg Wllll a 3900"“ play (mallng l‘} UN“ GNU “W” ’l‘t‘kt‘nlim‘. “1 7' 3-1“ .3 Will] the same estate two decades Win.

on. See preView traverse llKh’ll/‘O. {_(l//il)t//‘gli. Tue 72 Sat lGFel).

Glasgow Drama 5‘ Fermentation Grid Iron returns

to its acclaimed magic realist style


353 Am IL. Sm.“ mm (,3: (Wm [\H- .- WIllt this adaptation of a novel by “M ' Angelica Jacob. It promises menu 13 “"009 Side UP Hi 3 «V 5:” ':_ sensuality and beauty in this site»

9 licb. 7.30pm. £7 iHi. lidiiibtii'gli-lmxcd conipan}. mciiu pi'oductionx pl'L‘\L‘ltl\ thrcc \ltUI'l play on tlic tlicmc ot' idcntit}:

soeciiic play. telling the story of a young pregnant woman and her

Mantrctl Kai‘ch Man In .tlun; Luigi "g relationship Willi a cheesemonger l’lt';llttlL‘llti'\ ’/'/u' .Urlll Hill/I Ill/Iv /"/(m‘r’l‘ III and a fire eater See prey/Hwy H." 'll‘f’t’l’; """élll'i‘lSc'mlm“ \ 1'” l Br/(iga/t lt/lt’irket. Glasgow. until Sat /‘(’\Itl I [/It' .‘llllllt ('I um i. 3 ( W’ _ The National Review Of Live Art ' J l 00- W?” tow/ma. \Vctl l3 Still l7 l't‘lt. lil‘ilaan longcxt Til The Good Hope 1 ()e Halls ':"".”"‘3-' 'Nlml ”' l'“ “.‘i‘ W‘“ “P. adaptation oi this turn of the icxidcnc) “Ill! an cclcctic iangc oi ncxi . I D t t It I i t t \\ttl'l\ li‘om around tlic “wild and thc IR. 3 C0” “W U C l DUI 'Ca ( mm“ a )0“ ' Scc t'cauii-c. f the perilous voyage of a fishing 3: ., Frank MCGuInness BRIGGAIT MARKET J boat. which stands as a metaphor 1 - 23 Feb (.INC SW“. Tick“ mm] 42‘) “(’21 for an economic system. \Pertormed We sang hymns and played football. That IS true, football. Fermentation l'iitil sat ‘) l‘cb. 8pm. 3‘; hi the National “mm?- 500 iii. Someone said the sky is red today. L's it'tii. (il'ltl li'on i'tillom tip il\ llllgc‘l} .'- i)t(}‘.’|(}‘.‘.’. Theatre Royal. Glasgow. ' ‘UWL‘NU' ‘l‘m‘. ““il‘ “""‘ -" 1""’”“" i lue l? Sat 16 / el). then touring. \\ itli an indoor promcnadc production 7 u about a _\oung_' l‘rcncli \iritcr \\lio lallx ff ': women on The verge 0f pi-cgnani. ilicii lk‘L‘UltlL‘\ lll\til\ctl u iih a j HRT Bordei‘line's piece of popular I. kl‘lgt‘t‘2‘ltlttnrit't- 7V“ ‘Ullill‘lt‘ lit" “ml” C theatre is entirely recast for this Harold PHIth

\ Wm“ season. Marie clones tale of two 3; 31 Jan _ 23 Feb 994 , , ‘_ . . "79”“3” 9‘ ""“l'l‘” “'“l Dam“ ’3 You want me to do all the dirty work up and down them stairs, on Saiictiichali Mint 02 400i). [\\( . O Donnell looks to be as crowd . . . . . 7 “M w pl("t“|lt(} ’1“ ever nip“) rim/mp /USt so / can sleep in this lousy filthy hole every night. Not me Believe The Worst 't‘hu T & l‘ri x ;; MA ‘1) 7‘ (I: '2 L ’N ) A a boy l‘cb. 8pm. £3 (UH. t('(‘.v\ 5i. 'l'liird Angcl ’m‘u' “X” ' ‘1 (")' M’” [our/Hg ' Ullnhl'kN lk‘lihnlnmnc“. [C\l- “mndll'ik‘b "7:71"; :".7'r:».i..: r". “C”. viii'."':.”.’13:“:Ti;.':"2"'t;';}':3i‘tv‘ and tcclmolog} in tlic \tor} ol' tln'cc ncglcclcd ot'licc cmplo} ccx. linall} comcx. it comcx at a pricc in lltt\ ncu pla} b} l)a\id J. (iloxci'.


noon-tint Sti'cct.—13‘)()t)23. ll’. li.'l"'I‘. GILMOREHILLG12 by sarah Kane \\’(‘. \\'.’\I ‘l l'ni\ci\it\ .'\\cnuc. Bl) 5532. 7 _ March The Caretaker t‘iiiil Sat 23 l'cb inoi The Double Life 'I'Iiu 3| Jan Sat 3 sun/Mani. 7.30pm. cm i mi. it‘ii-cit- l‘cb. 3pm. £3.50. with bar it) opt-n Punish me or rescue me, makes no difference.

Studioi. llai'old l’mtci'\ gl'ttlllttlltl‘t‘ulxlllgl pi'cxcntx a inulti-iiicdia pci‘t'orniancc

l‘)(ill\ pla} about two brotlicrx and a about cliancc cncountcrx bctuccn

tramp. tlic guardians iii an unkcinpt \trangcrx. l’l‘L‘-\ltt)\\ c\cnt\ bcgin at

lltttht‘. 7.30pm. Observe The Sons Of Ulster The Freedom Of The City Sat 9 Marching Towards The Somme tit-h. 4.30pm. £3 it‘li. lt‘lxlt pla)\\t'i:_'ltl Anton Chekhov 'l'liu 3| .lan Sat 23 l‘cb inot Sun/Mont. Brian l-‘i'icl c\aminc\ litm ordinal}

isiiiim. ciiiitxh. i.\lain ‘i‘iit-aim. i-‘i-t-c pt-tipit- can ht- lll}lltt)lttgl\t‘tl at both 8 - 30 Man"

l:::'\litl'\:\'ill'l:lt:1:l .llan. l'l'i'anlx .\lcl‘(litiiiiiit‘\\' armcd lt‘l‘t‘ttl'l\l\ and licroic mart}r\. Before we can five in the present we must first redeem the ; at g; a) a on cigi mcn . . .

i'i'om tlic \amc ll'l\ll pro\ incc. tlii'imn KING’S THEATRE past UnderStand It and have done With It'

togctlici' during: tlic l‘ii'st \Voi‘ld \Vai‘. 2‘)? Bath Strch 337 55| l. Ill. \\'(‘. \\'.-\|

Joseph And The Amazing

COTTIER THEATRE Technicolor Dreamcoat 'l‘uc 5 Sat ‘l‘j .05 ll}ndland Strcct. 35," 33px. III. In l-‘t-b inot Suni. Mon ’l‘liii Zfitlpm tk \\( .\\:\l 7.30pm; l‘i‘i ipm tk 8pm; Sat 2pm. 5pm

The Play ‘l’liu 7 Sat ‘) l'cb. 7.30pm tk 8pm. £5 L‘Zlfl). 'l'\\cnl} tuo _\Ctll’\ -

tSat mat anii. L" it‘Si. ,v\ _\oung_' altcr itx lll\l pci'l'orniancc. :\ndrc\\ l.lo}d www pla_\\\rig_'|it \itx \litt‘tltf: at a blank pagc. \Vcbbci' and lim Rich biblical inuxical I I I longing tor mxpii'ation. Hut \\llt‘ll it ix \till pulling: in tlic L‘l’t)\\tl\.

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