A toy story

Why we can’t help loving Monsters, Inc We know we should be down on movie merchandise. ranting against the corporate moguls who get fat as children wail and plead with their parents to buy them the latest officially certified bit of tat. But how can you say no to these? _. Would any life really be a 0 complete without a Roaring Sul/ey or an Action Eye Mike? When it comes to Monsters, Inc toys. resistance is futile. As the marketing blurb says. ‘his rotating eye means he's always got his eye on you!‘ For maXimuin impact. hide Mike in the fridge to watch your loved ones scream in terror as they open the door expecting nothing more than out-of-date milk. He'll be watching. (LOuisa Pearson) I Toys priced f.“ 7 7. 99—53 79. 99. availab/e from Argos. See feature.


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