Edinburgh Saturdays

I XtraLive (XL) at the Bongo (’ltib.

l lpm 3am. £7. ‘) l-‘eb. Monthly. A brand new night that‘s bound to ‘.\'L' in clttbland thanks to a cracking line-up comprised of the Ytish All-stars (liy‘e) featuring Selyi Wonder and l)Js AJ. l‘awal. Stcy‘c Spin and the Squalor Show. liypcct an electrifying set from the Ytish crew and all the best in hip hop. ragga. soul and funk from the assembled l)J display team. See llitlist.

Chart & Party

I Atomic at the Subway West lind. 7pm 3am. l-‘ree before I lpm: £3 (£1 ) after. Weekly. l)J (ins Bain joins the residents for some chart and indie action. I Big Cheese at l’ottcrrow.

l()pm 3am. £5 (£3). 9 l‘eb. liortnightly. ('lieesy chart pap front the 7()s right up to the sad and sorry present day. Please note that only students and their guests can gain entry to this night.

I Escape To Time at Time.

llpm .‘sam. £5 with flyct': £6 without. Weekly. A \ct'tically cltallctigcd man play s cottnnercial chart and dance. (her 3 l s only.

I Fiesta at lil Barrio. 0pm 3am. l‘ree. Weekly. A modest mix of Latin. Spanish and LR chart fare with DJ llcctor and his Latin posse.

I Kick at Loca. l()pm 3am. £3 before midnight: £4 after. Weekly. See Hi.

I Luscious at the Ark. l()pm 3am. £4 (£3). Weekly. Sntooth and juicy as a peach. this pulsating night of mainstream pleasure will more than sery'ice simple needs.

I Saturday Sensation at the (’ayendish. l()pm 3am. £(i (free membership and discounted tickets ayailable ). Weekly. 7(ls, Slls and ‘)()s tunes for the sensible adults w ho refuse to ltaye their ey enings spoilt by irritating teenage beer monsters. (her 35s only.

I The Subway at tlte Subway.

()pm 3am. l‘rec before I lpm; £3 (£l ) after. Weekly. Sec 'l'hu.

I Supernova at Rcyoltttiott.

l(l..‘~()pm 3am. £5 before midnight: £7 ill'lt‘l'. \VL‘Cls'ly. l‘t‘L‘l lllL' gush :ls stlpcl‘lloy'a shoots its juicy mix of chart and party fare. Please note that trance poppet lan \an l)altl will be doing a 'Iiyc' l’A here on 35 l‘cb.

I Weekender at the Ark. l()pm 3am. £(i (£5 ). Weekly. Dance and party pap at this capacity night.

Edinburgh Sundays


I Anthropology at Batu Bou.

t)pm lam. l‘rcc. Weekly. A scientific study of human beings and their way of life plus a relaxed selection from l)JRedo‘s ja/l collectiott at this opulent ()ricntal sty lc bar. Selected drinks [ll'tllllos

I Bar Union at Bar l'nion. 0pm lam. l‘rec. Weekly. Sky walker and Solo defend the rebel base with chilled-out breaks and beats.

I Beluga .it Beluga. Spin lant. l’rcc. Weekly. lilcetro soul and jan from the past four decades with Yogi llaughton and his cheery chums.

I Motherfunk Evening Sessions at l’opRokit. ()pm lant. l‘ree. Weekly. Solid soul aitd frisky funk from (lino. l'ry er attd Spectrtnn (Motherfunk ).

I Open Decks Session at Meadows Bar. Spin lant. l‘rec. Weekly. Amateur l)Js get a chance to do their worst on the decks.

I Smokey 8. The Bandit at (’ity ('afe. 9pm latn. l'rcc. Weekly. l)irty house and cheeky breaks and beats w itlt Smokey and his trusty Bandit.

I Sunday Sessions at (‘uha .\'orte. ts’pm lam. Free. Weekly. ()ld encounters new. on a Vltt/l-l‘tlllk-sotll tip with Bert. (lay and guests.

76 THE LIST 31 Jam—14 Fm: 2002

Huggy hosts a Valentine’s Massacre at Blast, Sat 9 Feb

I 2 Urban at Q Bar. 9pm lam. l’rcc. Weekly. l)J l‘abulo/ drops the latest pressings and jams from the hot and jiggy world of Rle

I UrbannHangSuite at Bauu‘s. llpm 3am. l‘rcc. Weekly. Light Vegetarian snacks scryed to a hip hop and breaks soundtrack from Dolphin Boy ('l'ummy 'l‘otich).

I Yo! Below at Yo? Below.

Spm midnight. l’rcc. Weekly. The stishi sty lc bar gets the fttnked-tip drum tk bass trcattncnt from D] QllCL‘ll B (Bcliaye'.’).


I 0.6. Blooms ill (..(‘. Blooms. 10.30pm .‘sam (bar from Spin). l‘ree. Weekly. The best tunes from across tltc genres to shake your booty to at this gay club.

I Deebo at l’o .\'a Na. llpnt 3am. l'rcc. Weekly. l)J Wa/lo seryes tip a selection of sc\y. disco house and uplifting l'S garage classics.

I DKY at Studio 34. llpm 3am. £l.5(l before midnight: £3 after. Weekly. l)KY strides confidently into its third year with resident l)Js Jordi. (larctlt and Base playing rock. goth. tnetal. industrial and punk. 'l’hcmc nights and free gifts combine to keep things interesting. week in. week olll.

I Goddard at the Bongo.

l()..l()pm 3am. £3. 3 l-‘cb only. l’tink pop combo (ioddtlt‘tl let loose With an esclttsiye liyc show. one that's warmed up and cooled do“ n by l‘L'lSI} dccknical doings.

I Kayos at ()pium. l()pm 3am. l-‘ree. Weekly. Righteous rock night spanning early works to modern masterpieces.

I Long Weekend at the Venue. Monthly. .\'c\t date l7 Feb.

I Lube at ligo. l()Jtlpm 3am. £l(l. l(l licb. Fortnightly. (lrcase those checks for another instalment of this toyed-up. ttnderground dance night. Scott l’earcc ((‘crotonin ). Brian l)cmpstcr (Mingin') and Base Bcgg (Area 5| ) are your hosts in the ntain room. while the omnipresent \ogi llaughton plays garage grooycs in [he (Wk‘lt‘tttl Lounge.

I Mars at Wee Red Bar. l()..l(lpm 3am. £4. 3 l-‘eb. Monthly. .lamic and Paul play soulful. mind-massaging deep house to help y‘otl \\ ind-down the weekend.

I Mode Organic at the (‘itrus ('lub.

l lpitt 3am. £3. Weekly. A sugar sweet mix of ska. soul. funk. mod and frcakbeat at this long—running (l()\ soirec.

I Pimp at the Mambo ('lub.

llpm 3am. £3 (£3). Weekly. All-new night of hip hop and Rtle sery'ed tip a treat by Big lil and a supporting cast of thousands.

I The Ska Club at the Venue. Montltly. Next date l7 licb.

I Soundbank at the Wee Red Bar.

Monthly. Next date 34 l-‘cb.

I Spellbound at the Liquid Room. Monthly. Next date l7 l‘cb.

I Tackno at ('lub Mercado. Monthly. Next date 34 lieb with lit/t ()fT/Il' I’ll/M ’l‘ackno.

I Taste at the Honeycomb. l lpm 3am. £8 (£6 members). Weekly. llaying rtm amok in a festiy'c fashion. 'l‘aste resumes normal sery ices. with inlamotts l)J duo liishcr x Price supplying a progressch this of holise and garage in the main room. through the back. Martin Valentine wows the mixed/gay crowd with his ftmky l'S house gems. No guest l)Js in January or liebrtiary. not like you llCL‘Ll ’L‘lll.

I United at ('lub Mercado. l()pm 3am. £(i (£5). 3 l‘eb. Monthly. The ('lub Mercado residents (including 'l'rendy Wendy. Markcll. and (lraemc Mc(’|ean) join forces at this ‘united' front of ttpliftittg and \ocal house. (learcd towards a glam crowd so make sure you dress lllL‘L‘.

0 The Wendy House at (‘luh Mercado. l().3()pm 3am. £(i (£5). to Feb. Monthly. 'l‘rcndy' Wendy w elcomcs Motherfttnk l)Js (lino and l‘ry cr to fttnk up the fireside of her clubbing cottage. lispect the best in ftntk. soul. garage grooy'cs and good old-fashioned house music. Sec llitlist.

Chart & Party

I HRT at the (‘aycdislr l()pm 3am. £3 (£3/£| ). Weekly. .‘ylainstrcam chart and party classics at a night w hose acronymic moniker stands for ‘Alcohol Replacement 'I‘ltcrapy '. Which would work if ‘alcohol' started with all ‘h'.

I Sin at the Ark. l()pm 3am. £3 (£1 ). Weekly. ('ltart and party tunes from l)J John. pltls boo/c (it sweet shop prices.

I Sunday Session at Subway West lind. ‘lpm 3am. (‘heap drinks promos and chart tunes proy'ide a debauched climax to the weekend.

Edinburgh Mondays


I Beluga at Beluga. Spm taut. l‘ree. Weekly. Would you Adam and liy'c it'.’ It‘s only sotil ja/x loungin' with l)om lilanagan (4 lieb). follow ed by chilled ottt deep house and soulful garage with Anthony Small ( ll Feb).

I Quality Control at Meadows Bar. ()pm lam. l-‘ree. Weekly. ()ff-kilter hip hop. breaks and beats with the iny'cntiy‘e lot that run the Quality (‘ontrol radio show on l'it‘csh Air l“.\l.

I UrbannHangSuite at Bann‘s.

l lptn 3am. l‘ree. Weekly. Light vegetarian snacks sery'ed to a mellow hip hop aitd breaks soundtrack from assorch guest l)Js.


I 0.0. Blooms at (‘.(‘. Blooms. 10.30pm - 3am (bar from ()pllll. Free. Weekly. Things mellow out (or so they claim) at this gay club. with an upbeat disco selection.

I Metro at Po .\'a .\'a. l lpm 3am. Free. Weekly. DJ Roddy Mac mixes tip 80s classics. filthy disco and soulful house. I Spanish Pub Night at [it Barrio. l()pm» 3am. l‘ree. Weekly. A right old knees-tip for the Spanish and Spanish- loy'ing community hosted by l)Js Felix and lidu and featuring tlamcnqtiito straight through to Hispanic chart hits. I Vod: Bull at the Liquid Room.

l()pm 3am. £4. Weekly. Student night supplying high calibre hip hop. beats aitd breaks from Harry Let's (lo (Boombox) and Lyley (Scratch). The name derives from the fact that vodka/Red Bull mixers are a mere £l all night long.

Chart & Party

I Decadence at Revolution.

l().3()pm 3am. £4 non-students (£3 students ). l)epra\'ed dancetloor decadence at this capacity student night where big. big prizes are tip for grabs.

I Monkey Business at Subway West lind. 7pm 3am. £3 (£1 ). Weekly. Pit your wits against I)J Shaggy in the (lo Bananas game show?

I The Subway at the Subway.

9pm 3am. tree for students with matriculation card; £l otlterw ise. Weekly. See ilihtl.

I Tentastic at (laia. l()pm 3am. £l(). Weekly. l’ay £ It) on the door and get unlimited drinking at the bar. This frankly insane facility (bearing in mind it’s the beginning of the week) will be complemented by a sttitablc crass chart & party selection.

Edinburgh Tuesdays


I Beluga at Beluga. 8pm lam. l‘ree. Weekly. Big Beat l)Js Simon Hodge and Stuart Bcnnct spin ja/I funk and rare gt'ooyc classics from across the decades. I Caramel at Rtish. 9pm lam. lirce. Weekly. 1)] (PR mainlines the freak funk. with cocktails at happy hour prices all night long.

I Flowin’ at Bani Bou. 9pm latti. l-‘rec. Weekly. JP and P Stle proy ide more bounce to the ounce with their weekly fix of soulful to scratchy hip hop and Rth.

I UrbannHangSuite at Bann’s.

l lpnt 3am. l-‘rec. Weekly. Light vegetarian snacks served to a mellow hip hop and breaks soundtrack from assorted guest l)Js.


I Blow at the Bongo (‘luh l()pm 3am. £4. l3 l‘eb only. It's what Americans affectionately call cocaine. it's what British bong heads call cannabis btit in this case ‘blow' is a blazing hip hop and drum & bass extray'agan/a also featuring liye M(‘s and breakdancing.

I 0.6. Blooms at ('.(‘. Blooms. 10.30pm 3am (bar from 6pm ). l-‘ree. Weekly. Take a step back in time to (l()s. 70s. 30s and early" ‘)()s tunes at this gay club.

I Livin’ It Up at lil Barrio. 9pm late. Free. Weekly. Smooth urban grooyes (for this. read hip hop. Rth and street soul) at this all-new session hosted by DJ Bayo and guests.

I Motherfunk at the Honeycomb. 10.30pm 3am. Free. Weekly. Messrs (lino. l-‘ryer and Spectrum freak the ftmk fantastic at their consistently rammed night of classics old and new. Arriye early to guarantee entry and if it's guest action you're after. deep funk daddy Keb l)argc is here on 36 l"eb.

I Paul Maslin at l’o Na .\'a.

l lpm 3am. Free. Weekly. DJ Paul Maslin may not base the imagination to