Art listings

Glasgow School Of Art

Visual Communication Tue I2—Fri 22 Feb (Newbery (iallery). Studentexhibition.


|S2 Bath Street. 333 l‘)‘)l. Mon—Fri l().3()am--5pm: Sat l().3()ant—lptn. Mixed Exhibition tintil Thu 28 Feb. A selection of paintings. oils and vuttercolours by 10th and 2()th century artists.

HUNTERIAN ART GALLERY t'niversity' of(ilasgow. S2 llillhead Street. 33() 543]. Mon Sat 9.3()am-~5pm. Free.

GBridget Riley: Silkscreen Prints And Gouaches 1963- 2001 Sat 2 Feb-Sat (i Apr. Leading exponent of op art. Bridget Riley first found fame in the mid (itls when her black and white op art swirls became part of British fashion. She later intro- duced colour to set tip visual vibrations and rhythms. This small retrospective exhibition organised by the Hayward (iallery features 40 silkscreen prints atid a selection of gouaches including Riley's experiments on plexiglass. See preview and llitlist. NEW SHOW. Bridget Riley Talks lpm. Ten-- minute talk on the small-scale Bridget Riley exhibition.

Prints By The Carracci tintil Sat 1 Jun. An exhibition focusing on the work of the celebrated (‘arracci family who worked in Bologna at the end of the lbth century. Ludovico

(I555 1619). Agostino ( I557 l()()2) and Annibale ( I560“ 1609) collaborated as painters. but printmaking was an also essential part of their output.

The Carracci And Printmaking In Bologna 1550-1650 Wed 13 Feb. lpm. 'I‘en-minute talk on the works of the celebrated (‘arracci family.

The Hill House t'ntil Sat 27 Apr. A small display presenting a selection of Mackintosh's designs for the Hill House in l'lelensburgh. designed between 1902 and I904 and considered as Mackintosh‘s domestic masterpiece.


IS King Street. 552 25-10. 'I’ue- Sat

1 Iain 5pm.

Everydayasyreve Sat 2 Sat Io Feb. New work by three (ilasgow- based artists Scott Sherry. Ay'a lgttchi and Steff Norwood. featuring video. installation and furniture design. All artists are interested in re-evaluating everyday experiences. NEW SHOW.


l l Mitchell Lane. 221 (3362. Mon. Wed. Fri & Sat l().3()am 5pm; Tue

1 lam~5pmz 'l'hu 10.30am 5pm; Sun noon 5pm. £1 (includes entry to all exhibitions).

Re Design L'titil Sttn 3 Feb (Gallery 4). l)esigned by the A/umis. the [K premiere of this exhibition features the work of leading Japanese architects. graphic. product. lighting and fashioner designers. photographers and writers. all of whom have redesigned 3t) everyday objects. Featured items include teabags. toilet rolls. matches and paper plates. I’ur! offli/iti/i 2001. LAST CHANCE TO SEE.

happell: tintil Sun 24 Feb (Review- (iallery). An exhibition highlighting the work of multidisciplinary design company happell Interiors.

Energy Taming tTnti) Sun 3 Mar (Viewing platform). A foctts on the renewable energy systems used in the Lighthouse and the possibilities of using these technologies in a wider urban context.

Bombay Sapphire, The Blue Room Exhibition Until 'l‘ue I2 Feb (Skylight (iallery'). From l.ondon‘s ()X() gallery. a showcase of contemporary glass design selected by

82 THE LIST Ii‘ .Jan 1:1 lot) 201)?

Omnia Vincit Amour, Engraving 1599 by Agosto Carracci on show at the Hunterian Art Gallery

some of the world's leadng 11'1"“ experts. lixhibits range from Williatn Mort'is' studio glass. solar panels tised iii the (ireat (‘ourt of the British Museum and a glass chair by ('ini Boeri and 'l‘omu Katayanagi. See review. creativescotland t'ntil Mon 2 Dec. 'l‘hroughout the year. the Lighthouse will be showcasing a changing display of the work of Scotland's creative entrepreneurs in advertising. architecture. fashion. design. film. video. music and digital media. prague: session t'ntil Sun 3 Mar (Young Designers (iallery). Annual showcase of the work of young designers coming ottt of Prague Academy of Arts. Architecture and Design. featuring product design. graphic design and fashion.


Station Road. Milngavie. 57S SS-l7. Tue Sat l()am lpm. 2 5pm.

A Painted Portrait ll t'ntil Fri 15 Feb. An exhibition celebrating the life and work of Mary' Armour ( l‘)()2 2()()()) plus work by William Armour and other artist-teachers who worked alongside Mary at (ilasgow School of Art.

Video Screening Fri I Feb. 2.30pm. A video screening of the I‘)S7 interview with Mary Armour.

232 Embroidery Group t'ntil Fri 15 Feb. (‘ontemporary and traditional work by members of the 232 limbroidery (irotip.


2()() Bath Street. 33l ()722. Tue Sat t)am (ipm.

Maxine Hawthorn t'ntil wed (v Mar. (‘olour and texture combine in these small-scale works in mixed media by Maxine Hawthorn.


73 Robertson Street. Suite (i. Floor l. 24S 37] l. 'l‘ue Fri noon 5pm.

Jack Goldstein Tue 5 Fri 22 Feb. 'l‘en short l(imm liltns from the 70s by l.os Angeles-based artist Jack (ioldsleil). Born in Montreal in 1045. (ioldstein has worked in a variety of media including sculpture. performance. film. sound. photography and painting. For this exhibition. the selected films deal with the imagery of the classic Hollywood titovies and include The portrait (It I’t'n' 'Iitngtrv

(l97—l ). ll'llilt' Dul‘t' ( 1975 ). SUHH’

[fuller/lies ( l‘)75) and The Jump ( l‘)7S).


22] “est (ieorge Street. 248 9755. Mon Fri ltlam 5.30pm: Sat

l()am 2pm.

Mixed Exhibition l'ntil 'l‘htt 3| Jan. A selection of Scottish paintings by gallery artists.

Gary Anderson Fri I Sat 23 Feb. .\'ew paintings.


o Wilson Street. Merchant (it). 552 0702. Tue Fri l lain 6pm: Sat l()am opm: Sttn 1 5pm.

Mixed Exhibition t'ntil 'l'htt 2S Feb.

Work by contemporary and up-and— cotning Scottish-based artists.


(‘entre For Developmental Arts. IS Albion Street. 552 2S22. Mon Fri l()am 5pm.

On Your Marks t'ntil Fri 32 Feb. Work by artists from Project Ability 's Arts Development programme.


llS Douglas Street. 24S (i3So. Mon Fri l().3()am 5pm: Sat l().3()am lpm. Group 2002 Sat t) Sat 23 Feb. ()ils.

watercolours and pastels by members of

this group of painters.


o Burnlield Road. (iiffnock. (HS 1200. Tue Fri llam 5pm; Sat ltlam 5pm: Sun noon 5pm.

Winter Show t'ntil 'l‘hu 2S Feb. An exhibition of original paintings by over l5” tll'lists.


26 King Street. 552 2l5 l. 'l'ue Sat l()am 5.30pm.

Just Add Water t'niil Sat t) Feb. Lens-based work by third year line art photographers from (ilasgow School of Art. Subjects include time. space. light. gender and the body. lASl (ll l/\N()l' lO SFF.


at ()ffshore. 3/5 (iibson Street. 3—ll

()I It). Mon Fri ()am llpm; Sat & Stilt l()am llpm.

Ursula Nistrup and Camilla Low Fri S Feb Stilt 3 Mar.

Sw itchspace continues its residency in the basement of()ffshore cafe with a site-specific installation created by (ilasgow School of Art graduates l'rsula Nistrup and (‘amilla l.ow. Nistrup produces a new piece involving wall surfaces defined through amplified sound and l.ow constructs objects mainly out of wood. metal and paint whose glossed surfaces rcllect and change the environment around them. NEW SHOW.


42 ()tago Lane. 357 452-1. Daily ll.3()am Itlpm.

Organic Mechanics t'ntil Fri 1 Mar. Photographs and digital art by Matthew (‘airns.


25 Albert Drive. 2S7 3‘)()(). Tue Sat noon Spm; Sun noon ppm. GJanice McNab - The Greenock Factory Project t'ntil Sun 3 Mar (Project Room). lidinburgh- based artist .lanice Mc.\'ab continues her investigation into the effects of

oy crexposurc to chemicals. ('reating documentary paintings. painted directly from photographs. The (il't't'lllH’ls l'ilt‘lul'y' I’I‘th't'l documents the plight ()l‘ a group of women who have taken court action against the National Semiconductor Factory in (ircenock. They believe that the company is breaching health and safety regulations due to the astonishing number of cases of cancer. miscarriages and reproduc- tive defects in shop floor workers. See review and llitlist.

Mick Peter 'l'hti 3| .lan. ()plll. The artist discusses current projects and his recent 'l‘ramway exhibition with Michelle Nttislliilh. llily‘s (Hi/hung lllllt' Ate/)1.

BLICK: New Nordic Film and Video Sat 0 Feb (Tramway 4). .\'ew s ideo work by artists working in the Nordic regions including Salla 'l‘ykka. Mend Piece For The World Fri S Sttn l7 Feb. Tramway and (ilasgow School of Art host the only Scottish showing ol'Yoko ()no's new \ersion other l‘)(i()s work .llt'm/ I’I’t't‘i'. made in response to the events of ll September. The piece ilt\ iles the public to participate in the work. and