Art listings

Royal Botanic Garden continued

Stella Ross-Craig t‘niil Sun It) .\Iar tlmcrlcith llousc). Botanical dra\\ ings of British plants h} Stclla Ross-('raig. Born in moo in .-\ldcrshot ol‘ Scottish parcnts. Ross-('raig's carccr as a botanical artist starch in WT). working for thc Roin Horticultural Socicty and thc Royil Botanic (iardcns. Kc“. 'I‘hc drasi ings on displa} \xcrc sclcctcd h} thc artist hcrsclll and nonc has cx'cr bccn sccn by thc puhlic lk‘ lit )l‘C.

Ancient Trees Of Estonia t'mil Sun lt) l-"ch tlixhihition llall: Mon Fri

ltlam 3.3(lpm: Sat & Stm noon 3.30pm). 'l‘hc natural and cultural llisltit’)‘ ol‘ listonia is documcntcd in an cxhihition ol‘ work by photographcr llcndrick Rclx'c.


'l'hc link (iallcry 33 'l'ippcrlinn Road. 22‘) Men And Beasts t‘ntil Thu 2% l‘ch. .-\ collaboration hctuccn poct Valcric (iillics and photographcr Rchccca .\Iarr comprising black and uhitc photographs and poctr} documcnting man‘s rclationship to bcasts and thc land at thc turn of thc L‘L‘iiltlt'}.


'l'hc l’clican (iallci'). l l.auriston l’lacc. l-‘or l'ui'thcr inlormation call .-\i'tlink. 33‘) 3555. 7th Annual Staff Exhibition t'niil 'l'hu .‘~l Jan. Artuorks h} thc stal'l‘ol thc l.othian l'ni\crsit} llospital \llS Trust l'caturing painting. drau ing. nccdlcn'ork. staincd glass and photograph}.

ROYAL LYCEUM THEATRE (irindla) Strcct. 34S 4S4S.

Waves l'ntil Hi 15 Mar. Paintings and installation h} Jim ('ursilcr.


lti l)tlntl;t\ Strcct. .553 Ill)”. .\1on l‘il'l lilam (rpm: Sat lilam 4pm. 'l‘hc Scottish (iallcr') \\ ill hc closcd throughout l‘chi'uar) lor rcl'urhishmcnt but an c\hihition ol‘ \\t)l‘l\\ h} gallcr) artists is on shim at thc l)undas Strch (iallcr). Scc listings lor dctails.


5 Baron} Strcct. 478 7440. 'l’uc Sat

lilain ()plii.

Contemporary Scottish Art And Design .\ gallcr} and shop l'caturing a changing sclcction ol' hand-mncn and cmhroidcrcd rugs and tc\tilcs li‘om thc 'l‘urkmcn. l'xbck. Bcluch and Aimaq trihcs ol‘ (‘cnti'al .-\sia.


44 High Strcct. 557 Mon. l)ail_\'

lilam opin.

Mixed Exhibition .\ changing sclcction ol~ paintings h} prcdominantly ltalian artists. l’caturing still lil‘c. landscapcs and liguratn c. \\ ith all \mi‘ks l‘oi‘ salc.


"'- l Ml; 2/001"

86 THE LIST .la';

Photographic works by Marc Marnie is on show at The Village


5S Ratclil'l‘c 'l‘crracc. (to—7 Woo. .\loii

0am 5pm; 'I‘uc l-‘ri 0am 6pm: Sat

l()am 5pm.

Mixed Show l'ntil 'l'uc 3t) .r\pr. .\ mi\cd Slit)“ ol' limich cdition prints and original paintings.


l'nixcrsit} ol' lidinhurgh. South Bridgc. o5tl HI I. 'l‘uc Sat ltlam 5pm.

From The Saatchi Gift t'niil Sat 9 l‘ch. ln l‘)‘)‘) ('harlcs Saatchi donatcd ltlt) “orks to thc .'\rts (‘ouncil (‘ollcction and this gilt has hccomc part of thc National Touring cxhihitions. Assistant curator l’at l’ishcr has sclcctcd \toi'ks li‘om thc collcction including artists Kcrr} Stcu art. Richard Billiligllttlll. (ilcn Broun. l.otlisC Hopkins and Mark l‘rancis. iASl Cl lANCli TO SEE.

Haluk Akakce l'ntil Sat 9 lich trotmd room). .\'c\\ York-hascd artist llaltik Akakcc prcscnts I‘llt’ .l/i'rlum' ()f .l//


Bombay Sapphire - the premium gin in the strikingly designed blue glass bottle - has created a touring exhibition showcasing

’l'lrincs. a \ idco installation hascd on thc human dcsii'c lor l'rccdom. Scc rc\ icu. U‘sST (Illr‘tNtLE '(3 SE E


5t) Utmdas Stl‘cct. 556 (i506. .\lon l‘il'l llam ome Sat 10.30am 4pm.

John Lowrie Morrison (Jolomo) l'ntil Sat 2 l’ch. Rcccnt landscapc paintings h) .lolollto.

William Ferguson Sat () Sat 33 l-‘ch. A mcmoi'ial c\hihition lt‘tlltll'lllg‘ paintings h} William l-crgtison.


lior l'tn'thcr inl'ormation call 52‘) 3930/3082 tor a dctailcd itincrar). Message Sent .\lon I l l-‘ch 1’ch .lun. :\ group slum ol~ uork h} artists \\ ho c\p|orc communication in thcir uork l'caturing .\lalcolm Brmsn. .lcnn} llogarth. chcrl) Hood and hid} Spark. 'l‘hc 'l'ouring (iallcr) \\ ill hc stopping oil in Stirling t ll 23 l't‘l‘l.


'l'raVcrsc 'l'hcatrc. it) ('amhridgc Strcct. 328 5383.

MIEONE: Highly Explosive Material l'ntil Sat 9 lich. Words and imagcs li'om thc Acrosol (‘ulturcx Journeys Sun [0 l-‘ch Sat to Mar. An cxhihition of photography and tcxtilcs hy lilcanor .\lacl.cod.


lo Sotith l-‘on Strcct. 478 7810. Mon Sat

l lam ll.45pm; Sun l3.3() ~ I l.45pm. Finders Keepers t'niil Sun 3 Mar. .\larc .\larnic has photograpth some of thc uorld's most inllucntial musicians. ln I-‘im/i'rx At't’l’t'l‘. .\larnic turns his attcntion to Bcnchtours Productions and thc I.cmon 'l‘rcc's outi'cach programmc for young pcoplc and adults \\ ith lcarning dillicultics. photographing \arious stagcs in thc projcct.


Jackson's (low. 30‘) High Strcct. 225 SW]. .\lon l-‘ri 9.30am 7.30pm: Sat 9.30am 4pm.

Pucketty And Other Landscapes l'ntil Sat ‘) .\lar. .\ cclchration ol‘ thc Inc and paintings of lili/ahcth ('orlc)‘. l‘caturing studios of l’uckctt) l‘arm in ()xl‘ordshirc. Scottish landscapes and Northumhct'land.


tltil‘lllt‘l'l} Malcolm lnncs (iallcryl. 4 l)undas Strcct. 55S 9544/5. Mon Fri Illam (rpm; Sat llam lpm.

Mixed Exhibition l'ntil 'l'hu ZS l-‘cb. A sclcction of Scottish landscapcs. sporting paintings. militar} oils. uatcrcolours and prints.

Edinburgh Museums

This section lists museums currently showing temporary exhibitions. For details of other permanent attractions, see Edinburgh Life, page 91.

THE DRAWING ROOM GALLERY 2S (‘harlottc Squarc. lidinhurgh. 243 03m. .\lon Sat lilam 5pm; Sun noon 5pm. l-‘rcc. .\'ot onl} thc hcad ot'licc for thc National Trust l‘or Scotland. 3S ('harlottc Squarc also houscs a pcrmancnt collcction oi 20th ccntur} Scottiin paintings l’caturing work h} l’cploc. lluntcr and ('ach. Displa) cd in a domcstic sctting. thc \\tll'l\\ arc complcmcntcd b) a collcction ol‘ chcnc} l'urniturc.

MUSEUM OF EDINBURGH tl'itll'lllL‘l'l} Huntl} llousci. I42 ('anongatc. 53‘)4|45. .\lon Sat Illam 5pm. Arthur’s Seat - Exploring Place l'lllll Sat ‘) l‘t‘l‘. SCC Ncu Strcct li\hihition Spacc.


(‘hamhcrs Strcct. 347 42 l‘). Mon Sat lilam 5pm: Sun noon 5pm; 'l‘uc

ltlam Spm.

Relief And Revolution: The St Andrew’s Society Of Philadelphia

the very best in international contemporary glass design.

Until February 12th 2002, visitors to The Skylight Gallery in The Lighthouse, Glasgow will be able to see stunning examples of

glass design in The Bombay Sapphire Blue Room (admission free).

Six lucky readers of The List each have the chance to win a bottle of Bombay Sapphire along with a set of two martini glasses.


What is the colour of the Bombay Sapphire bottle?

RULES: This competition is only open to readers who are 18 years old or over. Competition deadline is February 18, 2002. Mark your email or postcard with BOMBAY SAPPHlBE and send it to promotions“? or pop it in the post box to The List Ltd, 14

High St, Edinburgh, EH1 1TE. Usual rules. apply and editor‘s decision is final.