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DRAMA ; DOCUMENTARY . DISCO PIGS Sltlpelblylealsed A KNIGHT’S TALE sunruncom tv@llst-co-uk (15) 93 min 0000 re'mag'mng 0f the lWO' (PG) 127 min 00 (15) 100 min 00.0 . hander that stormed the DOCUMENTARY II 'ltlllllfllllllllllltllllllllllllllt'. Edinburgh Fringe in Heath Ledger may be "M""""‘”" THE REAL bOy IS in the dock.

“mm m. 1997. Gone is the dense “my; and intense linguistic

W “Wil-“t1 1“! ' barrage that made the ~clltlnll MUlll’ll‘t m1th crissmr original 80 theatrical

(although strands of the made up Cork dialect remain) and in its place a fleshed out vision of the world of Pig and Runt (Cillian Murphy and Elaine Cassidy). childhood sweethearts born on the same day and locked into a tragic pact to shun the outside world. Brutal. romantic. funny. it powers ahead to a heartrending end. (Entertainment VHS rental; DVD rental and retail) (Mark Fisher)

lgnore the naysayers. Far from being a failed adaptation of a brilliant stage play. as some detractors have suggested. Enda Walsh‘s Disco Pigs is a

Taxi 2 - HMV Exclusive

Released: 28 January 2002

Following on from the success of Taxi, writer Luc Besson takes the same premise for the sequel and then makes it faster! HMV have an excluswe dou- ble DVD set containing both Taxi 1 and Taxi 2 fOr just $24.99.

Animal House

Released: 4 February 2002

A teen cult clasSic with the "Animal House Yearbook' and ‘Reunion'. included in the DVD exhas.

Chasing Amy - HMV Exclusive

Released: 4 February 2002

First time UK release for this Kevin Smith comedy -.some say his best).

Die Hard 1 - Double Disc Set

Released: 4 February 2002

DVD extras include an extended ‘power shutdown' scene. outtakes and an interactive slide show.

Robocop - Trilogy Box Set

Released: 4 February 2002

A much requested box set. Robocop has a huge Cult following. Extras include a new 45-minute doc- umentary and two original featurettes.

Cinderella 2 - Dreams Can Come True Released: 11 February 2002

With a bean bag toy as a free gift. the DVD includes the ‘Enchanted Castle' game and storybook.


Released: 11 February 2002

Comedy starring Sigourney Weaver and Jennifer Love Hewitt with a 'Back In The USSR' music video.

Jurassic Park 3

Released: 11 February 2002

A DVD loaded with extras. such as, ‘The Making Of...‘ featurette. 'New Dinosaurs of JP3' featurette and a tetir of the Stan Winston Studio.

104 THE LIST 1.1

2?”; i el: 2007

one of the next big things. but if he chooses more dross like this. he'll quickly become yesterday's man. Only a robust and shouty performance from Paul Bettany and a typically restrained. eyebrow-lifting show by Rufus Sewell maintains any interest. This tired comedy- adventure concerns a medieval peasant With grand ideas abOut being the (ousting champion of

UH”! unsn


all ye olde worlde and bagging a posh lady in the process. There's some vague underlying message about being true to yOurself and an anachronistic s0undtrack including Bov/ie and Queen which is meant to amuse. but only makes you go 'eh'?' JOList not good enough. (Columbia Tristar VHS retail; DVD rental and retail) (Brian Donaldson)


(U) 75 min 000

'It takes a lot of practice to be one of the best' announces L.A.-based breakdancer Wil Power at the start of this fly work-Out for aSpiring b- boys and b-girls. It also takes limbs of rubber. nerves of steel and a healthy dose of humility as y0u make a complete and utter dick of yourself trying to master intricate moves like the vaguely attainable 'uprock' and the nigh on impossible 'helicopter'. ‘B-boy replays' break down the moves to slow and simple steps. sadly not slow enough for someone whose idea of exercise is flexing the arm muscles to down that next pint of lager. (Telstar VHS and DVD retail) (Catherine Bromleyl


3% m

Charting the rise and fallout of a startup internet company. this film is full of hopes. dreams and backstabbing. and what makes it even better is that it's all fact. The documentary follows childhood friends Kaleil lsaza Tuzman and Tom Herman, founders of Goonrkscom. from raising millions of dollars from investors to working through technical problems and fighting off competitors. You'll share their joy as Tuzman slips Bill Clinton his business card and feel their unease when the stock market crashes. As both men have been raised on Oprah they're more than happy to share their innermost feelings with the camera. and watching their relationship flounder along with the fortunes of the business makes for Surprisingly intriguing Viewmg. iArtifiCIal Eye VHS and DVD retaili (Louisa Pearsoni


The Bergman Collection Three more ClaSSICS from the S\.'.'edish auteur: l/l/I/O' Strawberries. Cries And l/WT/SDG/‘S and From The Life Of The Marionettes. (Metro Tartan VHS and DVD retaili

The French Connection Box Set The best narcotics cops movie ever. and its almost—as- excellent sequel. “Did you pick your feet in Poughkeepsm?‘ (20th Century Fox DVD retaili The Parole Officer Underachievnig cack from the othenVise very funny Steve Coogan. iUniversal VHS rental and DVD retail: Shiner Michael Caine goes London hardcase one more time. Yawn. lMomentum VHS rental and DVD retaili

The X-Files: The Search For Mulder Who cares where the Fox's at? (20th Century Fox VHS retaili


Take two families: one single parent from a central London estate. the other white-collar countryside middle- classers. Take thirteen- year-old Pierre out of the city and drop him in the country. sit back and watch the results.

This non-judgemental but ultimately skewed Black Brita/n SpeCia/ (when aren‘t teenagers gonna play up just a little in front of a camera?) is more often Coming TO America than Fresh Prince. Pierre is a smart but torn teen, peer pressure and seeming paternal indifference giving him little incentive to succeed at school. He deals with his new iamily. school and Surroundings admirably but his story conveys as much about the state of contemporary 800er as it does his personal triumphs.

The Real Fresh Prince not only highlights continuing raCial disparities in Britain (the family are the only black people in their village) but the financial and sooal divisions within Britain's black population.

(Mark RObertSOn)

DRAMA SERIES THE JURY Scottish, Sun 17 Feb,

Ouite how lTV has transformed itself into a controversy-laden, mildly pioneering channel, leavnig even C4 in its dramatic wake is a great mystery. Yet. after Bloody Sunday. Othello and Blood Strangers. the once meek station has become the third (button) way. The Jury keeps its brave pulse beating away.

A fifteen-year-old Sikh

accused of murdering a classmate with a ceremonial sword (ie its really big and sharp). As the jury rolls into c0urt. the twelve men and women are unaware of the epoch-making trial they are set to pass judgement on. For the record. Helen McCrOry. SyIVIa Sims and Gerard Butler are among the Summoned while Antony Sher and Derek Jacobi are the opposing OCs.

This first of SIX episodes will keep you utterly engrossed. but is let down with the occasional dipping into crude stereotype (the snarling white nationalist family venting its rage against the sullen. pacifist ASIansl. Still. once hooked. you won't give up until the verdict. (Brian Donaldson)

DOCUMENTARY SOUTH BANK SHOW: THE SOPRANOS Scottish, Sun 17 Feb, 11.15pm oooo

I never thought l'd live to see Melvyn Bragg in the Bada-Bing. Yet. there he is chatting away in his (itiintessentiai English way with the no- nonsense New Jersey boy DaVId Chase. the man who created Tony. Junior. Livia and Carmela. And the Wise guy who upset his fellow ItalianAmericans to the pOint where they threatened to sue for denigrating the positive image they'd so tirelessly created.

With a weary smile. Chase allows our broadcasting intellectual to ask penetrating questions l'\.'.rnere did you get the idea for The Sopranos?) without having him whacked. Still. the clips are great; from Tony's first appouitment \‘Jlll‘. Di Melfi to his attack on Christopher for hinting that he may write a Goodfe/las - est ji ie screenplay: the news footage of mob arrests to inten'iews With a bot)— \-'\’()Ell'lllg Edie Falco