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Taking up the challenge with a personal trainer.

..'_::’::)t Jane Hamilton ’ll work yott harder than you‘ll eyer work I yourxelti. l'll ptt\lt you.‘ 'l‘hese were the frightening \\t)t‘d\ ol .loltnatltatt Watson. my pel‘xollztl trainer. alter I realised I hadn't lost weight. ettt down on aleohol or joined the gym as promised on 1 January. lt‘x now l‘ehrttary and 1 \till hayen’t \hit'ted my arxe otl‘ the eoueh. so hate done what any \elt rexpeeting. healthy eating. hody eonseious perxon wottld do attd l'ound myxell a personal trainer.

\‘y'atxon grew tip in .loltzttttte‘shtlt'g and on eonting to Seotland deeided to ntake his ltohhies ol‘ healtlt and llllle‘\\ ltix work hy \tudying perxonal training. maxsage and \portx therapy. lle strexsex that he can only giye the adyiee. training and enetturagement. httt the etit'ort has to eome from the elient. You hay e to pttt in the work heeattxe he won‘t he ayailahle to \tand guard at the fridge or use llix South Atriean army training to get you into your traekies and ottt pounding the \treetx.

lt w as therel‘ore with a mixture ot great eltllttl\iit\ttt tloxe two \tone in two tttottlllx) and total tear that I axked hiin to pttt me through nty paees and turn that llahhy' arse iitto a little ripe peaeh. ln trtte I’ll \ty le lte eomes to your home. \o ax well (ix ayoiding the ltztxxle ot‘ going to the gynt. l alxo had a good wartn up ax l quiekly tidied the houxe. llardly' in the door. he \\'zt\ taking my hlood prexxure. heart rate and working ottt nty hotly/tat ratio hel'ore dixeuxxing goal\. itiltt\ and planning a training programme.

Apparently the popular aim l‘or wonten i\ to he \kinny httt itot tnuxeley and all guys want a \l\ paek. But my goal ol Madonna's arms. Britney'x helly. rim htun and lille .\lael’het\on'\ legs \eemed to he a hit ot' a \ttunhling hloek. Reality elteek met: the exereixex hegatt with \treteh lL‘L‘llllltlllL‘\ to warnt

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Stretoh' marks i

tip the muxeles. then onto the weights and \oltte tloor work (no. not that type: he‘s a pt‘olt‘xxionzll l.

It is helpful it you hate your own w eight.\ and a eardio maehine \tlL‘lt as a hike httt you ean alway .\ improyise as we did with ~\ome \kipping in the settllety or push ups in the pat'lotlt‘. \Ve also took adyantage ot‘ the outdoor\ and did some power walking and jogging interyal training to httild tip my non-existent stamina and hunt otl’exeexx lat.

.\loti\ation is a eomtnon prohlent \o thankt‘ully Watson lxe‘Cpx you going with positiye at'lirmationx oliyotlt‘ goals (a si/e It) hy .ltme). regularly ehanging exereixex and [eating you to eheek But there i\ no hetter motiyation than money and when you‘ye shelled ottt tor a hloek hookittg at £40 an hour you are damn sure you‘re going to make the most ol‘ it.

Watson emphasixex the importanee ol eotttintting to exereise and eating healthily in hetween training \L‘xsiottx. lle doexn't agree with dieting and helie\e\ people need exereixe whieh will produee tlte henelitx oli leeling stronger. t'elieying stresx. weight lt)\\ and hreaking tree from the pay ehologieal hang up\ that \tlt'l'tttltltl sell. image.

.»\\ l‘or me: gite me a l'ew more w eekx and I'll haye traded itt lllix \aggy old hody tor a hrand new toned. \lim attd stelte one - I only hope MKS \till has tltetn in \toek.

J u 7 a!!!


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The aim for women is to be skinny, but not muscley, and all guys want a six pack