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I GIVE YOUR 8088 A Surprise by turning up at work on Monday morning with a new hairdo by Karen Brown at Edinburgh's JFK salon. A finalist in the Avant Garde Hairdresser of the Year competition at the British Hairdressing Awards. Brown blended the


I THE NEN FASHION and Textile Museum opens in London this September. The brainchild of designer Zandra Rhodes. the museum is housed in a renovated cash-and- Carry which will showcase the work of British talent from Vivienne Westwood and Alexander McQueen through to footwear designers like

models natural hair with Patrick Cox. Log onto Shoes for connoisseurs Helen's nets/est venture is her 'hespoke' dreadlock hairpieces wwwflmiondonorg You're trying on some shoes. You're not sure it collection which was launched last month. This and blue, yellow and I BANISH ALL you like them. The assistant hovers around you, involves designing and creating shoes that are brown-colouring. The memories of Craig She's lying through her teeth. She convinces you personal to an ilICii‘JKltlle s taste. making it popular collection is called Ferguson’s that the undersi/ed. distasteful pair of sling—hacks with hrides-to-he. They try on the shoes. get the Clouded Energy and if performance in The

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you want to know more. JFK are at 8 South Clerk

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‘We offer a service where people can hung in 'magii‘ation is more extreme than the customers. Street. 0131 662 1555. Craig pawin of their clothes. try stuff on and have a happy play' so '.'.i'lI(Z"I someone comes ll‘- and says: " I ARE you READY Edinburgh’s Egg Hair says Bateiiian. ‘You go to a clothes shop and take go as ."~‘.{t(l as pt ssihle". is the host thing |:'I the to absorb some of the 8, Beauty win be a whole row < f things math you. You nide peh.nd wond.’ llvle'erid \u't/Illlé‘illlisv looks the fashion heading off to LOS your chaiiging-rooiii curtain safe l.'I the kno.'.'le<lge I / i'e'er‘ {site/trap. re ‘.'/.~'/'ari7 Street. [o'irthurg/i, mags are touting as Angeles this month

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that no one's going to hother you. People doi"! (is

S'lYl. t i'iu' NUALA ASHE

l have found the hest shop in the world. and I'm not going to tell you where it is . . . oh. all right then: it's in Shawlands on the sOuth side of Glasgow and it's called Nuala Ashe. Happy now? If you walk past th s shop. you may see the guirky window displays and plan to pop in some other day when you have- to huy a present for a mate. Well don't: enter immediater and buy something for yourself. As Nuala Ashe says: 'lt's a shop where you can treat yourself or treat someone else' Once you are inside this Aladdrn's cave you ‘.'.'ll| know exactly what she means.

Ashe and her partner T im l-lunter opened the shop in Octoher Qtitit) after spotting a gap in the market and gett ng ideas and inspiratioi‘. from their travels as BA cahin crex'r. Ashe had alu‘xays 'peeii interested in interior design and. ‘.'.'Ilil the increase in popularity of shows such as Chang/rig Hooriis. decided to supply the accessories to go with the paints and the MIDI.

They love the idea of stocking one off designs and using new and unknown designers to make the stock iiist that littie hit more interesting and special for their customers. The shop is full of iiiir'roi‘s. tahles. vases. hoxes and photo frames as .vell as personal items such as handmade cards. mugs. hags. kiddies' clothes. hats and weliies. Intact. i‘ you went iii with S‘ttt. you wouldn't know what to buy hecause there is such .i darn fiite selection.

They also exclusively stock T shirts hy ‘he ‘ahulous designer i esley l lephurn and Jen-roller; by Vivien Clark. Wendy ‘."‘.’ai Yiiig Chan and Alicia iylclitiies. lo keep the men happy they have a hoy's toys capiitet containing cuffliiiks. radios. pens. gadgets. hip fiasks and chunky f3i|‘.'(:l iewelleiy

According to Ashe they have a lifestyle shop. and if things carry on the they have been. then it's definiter for tlit: aiirl l‘:()i yiust tor ()hiistliias. ()l Iiirtlidays. ()r aniiiversaries . . . itlaiée l lamiltoni I fi’i/a/a Ashe. let-2 K.’//’l(illi()(.‘/\’ Road. (i/asgoitz () H 1 iii.” (if/7'.

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being big this summer? How about that 605 favourite, green eyeshadow? Mmmm-mmm . . . of course it’ll be a modern subtle version you’ll need for your make-up bag and not your Mum’s old Mary Quant effort. Clothes- wise it’s still pretty much a case of anything goes, with hippy and peasant gear sitting side by side with metallics, the safari look and sharply tailored suits. Just remember, green is the new charcoal.

to compete for the title. Egg, 23 Broughton Street, Edinburgh, 0131 556 6685.

I TQL TRANSLATES as tranquil qwet lifestyle and it's the latest range to be taunched by Marks & Spencer. Created by Italian designer Enrica Massei. the range includes bath and beauty products. bedding. candles. bath towels and a relaxation CD. Shop online at www.marksand spencercom

Opening times Tu

Exclusive clothing, accessories and more

- Fri |2~6 pm Sat l2-5 pm 3I7-3I9 CowgntcuOld town Edinburgh EHI INA Tel and facs O|3| 558 7 | 30

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