Heroin, small dogs and visits to the Priory may be a little passe for today’s stars of stage, screen and sport, but accidentally forgetting to pay for things has never gone out of vogue. We challenge you to recall those great robbing spree allegations and remember who got caught and who did nought. Simply match the Artful Dodger-esque celebrity with the items they were accused of coveting.


1) Richard Madeley

Trrcky Drckt, '3; had hrs farr share of grief from Jud; for hrs truly rnane :‘.':rrrn;; rn the past. but there's no need to resort to these sort of antics. Verdrct: charges


4) Olga Korbut

The elastrc-Irrnhed Russran g‘;,'rr‘r1ast way. have struck gold four trn‘es |."- the 1972 Olyn‘prcs. but she needed sornethrng were to /t.'nc."? out on rt ‘.'.'ou:d seen: Verdict: charged.


a) Hair care products from a drugstore, USA.

2) Winona Ryder

The latest rn a long Irne ol Holl\,\.'.ro0d starlets prone to a hrt of pocket frllrng. she's been collared for rndulgrng rn a hrt of retarl therapy

but forgetting about the

retarlrng; hrt. Verdict: charged.

5) Jeffrey Archer

We reckon Jeff was well surfer." to a Irle rn choky and how rrght we x'rere. Was found to he rnnocent desprte herng picked up rn a department store wrth an alleged snrr'tful. Verdrct: charges dropped.

b) Cheese and Earl Grey tea from Publix convenience

3) Bobby Moore g

- /’ The lewe/ rn the crown ol l'ndland's léititi Vt’orld Cup winning; squad dot rnanhandled

ht Mexrcan rowers only

tour years later. some thrng that ‘.'.'as clearly not hrs goal. Verdict:

charges dropped.

6) Hedy Lamarr

Th 5; starlet frorr‘ tht, golden age of the srrxer‘ screen rr‘ade ll‘tlll‘}, a heart flutter rr‘. ner day. hut on two occasrons she's felt the force of the long arm of the law but never got a liar," out of place. Verdrct: charges dropped.

R mm "W

c) A bottle of fine wine from Tesco’s in Didbury.

store, Norcross Georgia, USA.

d) $3000 worth of clothing from Saks of New York.

The Front

1 Ocean’s Eleven

Film The Flat Pack returns, in the shape of George Clooney, Brad Pitt and Julia Roberts, directed by Steven Soderbergh. See reviews, pages 23 and 95. General release.

2 Daniel Kitson

Comedy The return of the hirsute Yorkshireman who stormed last year’s Fringe with Love, Innocence And The Word Cock. See feature, page 18. Stand, Glasgow & Edinburgh.

3 Nigel Henderson /

Wolfgang Suschitzky

Art Moving photographic works with Henderson documenting 1950s East End London while Suschitzky captures Britain between the 303 and 703. See preview, page 80. Dean Gallery/National Portrait Gallery, Edinburgh.

4 Shooting Stars

TV Vic and Bob return for more gameshow surrealism with Will Self and Johnny Vegas joining the teams. See review, page 105. 8802.

5 Scottish Opera

Opera Sally Beamish and Janice Galloway join forces as Scottish Opera belts out the story of Mary Shelley in Monster. See feature, page 10. Theatre Royal, Glasgow.

6 Mull Historical Society Music Their debut album Loss showed that spangly indie-pop and melancholy epics never go out of fashion. Queen Margaret Union, Glasgow.

7 New Territories

Theatre Art, music, theatre, video and dance merge for an unmissable, unclassifiable festival. Various venues, Glasgow.

e) Three designer suits worth $700 l from Simpsons,

LOntario, Canada.

8 Grid Iron

Theatre Acclaimed Scottish theatre company storms the boards with a playful and joyous sexual tale in Fermentation. See review. page 57. Underbelly, Edinburgh.

.3 g.-- A. 5.32.“

9 Northern Ballet Theatre

Dance Scottish premiere of NBT‘s new ballet based on Belasco’s original play of Madame Butterfly See preview. page 56. Festival Theatre, Edinburgh.

? f) A bracelet from I Green Fire i Jewellery shop "

in Bogota. '

10 Princess Superstar Music The female Eminem dons her Chanel helmet and subverts the misogyny of rap. See feature. page 20. King Tut's. Glasgow.

‘”“"!&;gmag§fiép i'v- : ' . 5y

‘1‘: .‘ THE LIST 9