Food 8: Drink

Eat out, drink up

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If chocolate be the food of love, bake on Words: Barry Shelby

hef Tony Singh is co-

owner of the hottest

new dining venture in Edinburgh. Oloroso. Subject to recent glossy features in the industry bible Caterer as well as Our own local ‘national newspaper,‘ the roof-top New Town restaurant offers an eclectic array of dishes. The cuisine reflects Singh's -' diverse background. South Asian heritage and previous professional experience at the Royal Yacht Britannia. the Balmoral and Martins.

We asked him for a reCipe reflecting seasonal produce: no easy task in the dead of winter. But he responded smanly in this month ostensibly devoted to love with his hot chocolate fondant pudding.

'I like comfort food from all around the world.‘ he says. ‘This chocolate pudding is a bit fancy but still appeals to my basic needs.

'It's quite eaSy to make.‘ he adds ‘You can prepare it before hand and pop it into the fridge and bake it from there.‘ Alternatively. you can also make it more than a day in advance and freeze.

Recipe for hot chocolate fondant (serves six)

3009 of bitter chocolate

2009 of butter

Two eggs

FOur yolks 60g of caster sugar Melt the chocolate and butter in a double boiler. -.'rhisk the sugar and eggs to a sabayon in a mixer. Fold the chocolate mix into the sabayon and petir the mixture into nioulds. Bake the moulds in a preheated oven it7()O SistiF. gas mark 3—4) for seven minutes until slightly risen and moist. If cooking from the fridge. bake for ten minutes: from fro/en. approximately fifteen minutes. Empty out of mould and serve with ice cream and biscotti.

Recipe for the biscotti Six eggs 2509 of sugar One teaspoon of anise 3759 of flour 200g chopped hazelnuts 1259 butter or margarine FOur teaspoons of baking powder

Beat the eggs until light and fluffy. Add the sugar and anise. Add half the flour to the mixture. Add the chopped nuts and softened butter. Stir in the last of the flour and backing powder into the cake. Make three long loaf shapes on a buttered cookie sheet us‘ing a wooden spoon. Inden: slightly in the middle of each. Bake at 350F 180C gas mark 4 for 25min. Remove from the oven and cut each loaf into half-inch slices. Return the slices to the pan and toast ‘ooth sides in an 475Fr240C/gas mark 9 oven until brown -this should take around five minutesl. Watch them closer so they do not burn and serve with the fondant and ice cream. I O/oroso. 33 Castle Street. Edinburgh. 073/ 220‘ ft; 7.1.

108 THE LIST ’1'. 2?; Vet; 1/0le

Side dishes

An extra helping of news . . .


in South Learmonth Gardens, Edinburgh, has launched a wine bar and restaurant called Ochre Vita. The new venture allows head chef Richard Glennie to focus on Mediterranean cuisine: his current menu includes dishes such as carpaccio of seared tuna, penne with chorizo, and duck leg confit. The dining room is located in the rear conservatory, while the bar has been renovated and made more contemporary.

I THE FUN-LOVING OWNERS of the Grassmarket's Two Thin Laddies new has a second. much larger operation on High Riggs near Tollcrcss. Edinburgh. With a proper kitchen and licence. the 'cafe and salad bar" plans to extend its opening hours Incv-r Ban". {5me to include theatre offerings. In the meantime :t's a selection of breakfast foods and lunch tune offerings sach as homemade (ttliCl'IE). beef t'.>:irg(-3rs. rolls and wraps With a "variety or fillings.

I DRINK MANUFACTURERS are still trying to come up with that competitor to Red Bull. New to the market is XES (pronounced excess) which the public relations bumph goes so far as to say ‘is sex in a can’. XES allegedly offers slightly different formulas for men and women. The gent’s version - XES Homme - contains something called damiana which promoters say is ‘a herb with anti- depressant, aphrodisiac and sexually enhancing properties’. With XES Femme, the odd one in is catuaba, ‘which stimulates the central nervous system and acts as an aphrodisiac and tonic’. Both have ginger and, as you might expect, caffeine.

I I¢3I}(_.‘1|NNIN(;} NI2><I MONTH Pivo c.1210 in i‘t‘irhburgh \.'.r:li drop its rather welt-regarrie<I feed (nit Izsted by The Irst's fjr’ifl'if,‘ 6; Drinking Glide: rn exchange for an ()IIIOIIEIIIIII‘IU". chence and night?) [)th until Sam, Thu-Sue

v.‘ i am. Mon-J-A’edi.