Want to come ski-ing this winter? Join us now for 0 Holidays to the world’s top resorts ° Weekends at the Scottish ski areas 0 Discounted equipment hire - PLUS the best ski-ing, boarding 8 social events all year round! WANT 1‘0 FIND OUT MORE? We meet at the Raebum House Hotel. Stockbridge every Tuesday from 9pm. All welcome. 0131 220 3121

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what are you doing

(it the weekend?

IV(' is a sell‘ rttn cltth for graduates and professionals offering a wide range ol‘ social and sporting activities. liyery month our tnetnhers rttn do/ens ol' eyents coy ering a

tll\L‘l'se range til. lltl‘c‘l'esls.

Info from... (ll..r\S(i()\\' 070.50 Z-lSIOJ yy yyysglasgoyyi\ hellottt glasgoyt i\ l-.l)l.\”lllR(ill 0l_§l 333 13-13

u \y yy .edinhurghlV( ’.org.ttk

t't‘t’lttltgy tutt/ ll t't’kt'lttly

Edinburgh Naturist Swimming Club runs s\\ im/sauna sessions ‘)-l()pltt eyery l-‘riday at (ilenogle Baths.

For more information please visit or call 07880 618 073

A.D. Group for lesbians oy er 40 meets monthly to plan social eyents. lilms. meals. \yalks etc. .\'eyy memhers \\ elcome.

Ring 0131 556 4049 for info.


If you’re between 30 and 81 join the

Single Connection

Edinburgh’s Premier Club for




small flat move specialists

moving boxes. bags and a bed?


friendly dependable stress-tree

0131 229 8361


eslttlilislietl I‘M:



) ' . . I rolessor It rank Walker ts llte ttc\l speaker in [he Architectural Heritage Society till St‘ttllzllltl's \Vttllt‘l' Lecture Series. taktitg as his suhtecl '(‘ontinuity' & Discontinuity - A European Vien' \entte: Adelaides the Place tcorner ol liath St/l’itt St. (ilasgoysi tlille‘ 'l-lllll'stltt}. 3 l sl I't'lil'llut’y 7. illpm (‘ollee 3.00pm lecture

(‘ost at door: 15.5” Students l'ree

Bands & Music

Lemongrass seek competent creatiye guitar. hass. hyo\. \Ve‘re neyy. tltottgh ‘mature'. pop/rock hand akin perhaps to (‘l'()\\ ded IllllI\L‘. Inn is. Recently iii session on Radio Scotland‘s '(‘eltic ('onnections’. Phone Alan 0131 332 4849

I Singers/ songwriters/bands. Hate your song arranged. produced and recorded onto (‘l) at the \lttsic Production House 2-1 hit studio. liacilities—Vl)rums. session players tinclttding real strings). Seriously amhitiotts'.’ ('all John (ll-ll 337 2358

I Drummer wanted for Rock ‘0‘ Roll liltlttl. .\ltlsl he dedicated and comtnitted. l’hone 077l5 784 SS4.

Guitarist seeks programmer to start music project. lnl'lttences: postrock. electronica. \Varp stttl'l‘. l.oads ol' ll)li.r\S. Contact belchior44©

I Singer songwriter 20, (ilasgoyy. itito anything l'rom Kate litiin to l‘ilter. Seeking musicians \y ith dillerent ideas to hunt a hand. \y ith an outlook to gig and record. ('ontact Angie: trihalsky S l (U


ordinary people.

expenses are coy'et'cd.


(‘an yott tnake a little room it] your life to SIIARI‘I A HOLIDAY with an adult who has a learning disahility'.’

It so. you might he an ideal person to volunteer to support someone to hate a ht‘eak for a couple ol‘ days or a week or two. ()ur holiday schetne ol’l‘ers people the opportttnity to make choices ahotit ‘real‘ holidays. sharing ordinary places doing ey'eryday things with

'l't'aining and support is giy'en and all Volunteer

It you think you might he interested at all. please contact liinma (‘ashtnore on 313 I (ll. 3'3 I(IIIAll'l'I'I-ll‘g' HIt/("lllilt'l


Social Work

I Voluntary staff required at the l‘orest (are: arts administrators. international co-ordinator. ptthlicity/links. ethical purchasing person. maintenance employee. 'l'hree months commitment prelerred, Remuneration possihle through neyy tleal/l.l’.lil.. ('onlacl .\lallhe\\/Aaron lll 5| III 033".

I Art as therapy. counselling. Also ( iroup \tork. ('onlidettlial. ct‘ealiye e\ploration ol' personal. prol'essional. health. and lamiiy issues. etc. liyperienced. caring prol'essional. .\lrs Ruth l‘eketey. 'l‘el: 0|.il No If?

I Massage in Glasgow. Massage is one ol- the hest \yay s to treat many common modern day ailments. lior details contact: Andy on (ll-ll 35" 0955. andy (H yyyyyy.glas—

I Feel free of past limitations. gain a posili\c attitude tk sellconfidence. discoyer your potential .. Hypnotherapy t\\ ith \l.l’i helps you enjoy your lil'e. l.ouise llay 'l‘raitting tk ('ottnselling 0| 3|

3 l s 35%:

I Counselling. Qualified, person centred counselling hased in (ilasgoyy (‘ity (‘cntte lintlttiries (lillian l’erguson. 'l'el (HAM) 8‘." l(ll .\loh 0".“3 5M» (1571'. tiiail


All about Alexander technique An introductory lesson or \\til‘ls\ltttp to etiahle you to decide \\ ltt‘lllt‘l~ 10 take ytittl'

interest l'ttrtlier. Tel Isobel Anderson 0141 334 1658

I Personal counselling in North lzast lidtnhtirgli. .lcmiy \Iarttn .\l.r\ l)tp ('. limotional and ncryous prohleins. het'eaycment. relationship dill—icttlties.

Indiy idttals atid couples. l’ree trial session. ('oncessions ayatlahle. (llAl »l(i7 SIRS or

tenny (U t'ndmarttnct\

Body & Soul


.-\ neyy approach to holistic healing. ‘l'reats anyiety. stress. phohias. depression. panic attacks. insomnia. anger. griel. se\ttal disorders Gael Ferguson 0141 554 6745 or 07870 637 755

I Learn Reiki. .\ gentle healing energy to change your lil'c. llealings also ayailahle. (‘onlacl Sarah ill-ll 553 “Hill

Travelled independently in India?

Did you take your camera'.’ It you are interested in participating in research on tray el photography. then slioyy lllL‘ ytllll' \llilPN Call Lauren on 0131 557 1543 or email

Professional photographer specialising in stylish. modern porll'olio images. especially hlack attd \shite. l’hoto shoots on location Horn {75. Tel: 0131 653 0682 E-mail: david@manhattan

I Longstay backpacker’s acctunitiotlatioti in the city centre. ayailahle iti shared. single. tltttllilc or l\\ in t‘titittts. l‘ully tarnished: ’l‘\'. hi li. tridge. tree/er. cooker. \yashing machine. hedding. supplies. etc. Including ('otmcil I'a\. gas. electricity & 'l’\' licence. Price range hetyyeen L315 [(10 pm. Phone no: (llfil 553-115"). .\lohile no: 07050 332 3%. limail address:

longstay Ixtckpackerstt! hottnailcom


Est: 1986

We are once again see/ting quality t'enlrtt/‘lluts lo (lt‘t'UINIIiUt/(lft’ I-i'stit‘u/

participantsfor I. 2. .i’, 4 week lets during August

Int/mm \ [w and lllh'lliltllll'll Imm (‘arole Smith/Anne (luring, 'l'el: IIIOZII 810620 entail: feslflalsm aol.t’om or write to 3. Link‘ylt-a Cottages. (iiITortI. I-last l.othian I'LIIJI 4I’l'l.



I Room in city centre llal. near (ieorge Square. Hat is clean. tidy tk modern. looking I’m mature. prolessional. postgl‘udllitle. ll/s. mltsl he L‘lL‘itll. tidy A gay trientlly. £300 pcttt. 'l‘el: 0Hl 553 5-740 or 07700 755 037.

I 2 large rooms in loyely \Vest lind llat. sttit 3 l'riends sharing. sty liin decor. all mod cons. ayailahle end l-‘ehruary. Tel: 07050 523 IRS.

I Professional person wanted for room iti lttytiry. \Vt‘sl I'llttl. tlL'lilClIL'll lititlst‘. Lil)” pctit inclttdiug hills. deposit required. 'lcl: (ll-ll 357 I‘D.i tansyyering machine).

I Flatmate wanted to share 3 hedrootn l'lat \y ith 2 easygoing males. nice llat yy itlt good \ ieyy s. close to underground ck uniyet'sity. WM tk ltllct'tm aye. £300 pctn + ("II 'lcl: (l7SSl ‘)(l7 575.

I Large double room in student llal. ne\t to (ilasgoyy lilti. sllill'L‘tl kitchen/hathroom/lounge. suit couple. L500 pcm + hills + deposit. Students only. lll'L‘l-L‘I'ill‘lL‘ ll/s. 'lclj (ll~ll 35‘) 7350.

I Sunny double room for rent. to share \y ith 1 other. itt spacious. recently redecorated llillhead llat. L500 pcttt including ("l~ + hills. Tel: 078 l 5 332 905.

I Double room to rent in lttyttry West lind l'lat. all mod cons. to share yy ith 3 pt‘ol'essional l'emales A puppy. \Vottld sttit prol'essional. n/s. £550 pctti including ("1' & all hills. ‘l‘el: Zena tll~l| 333 025 day time or eyening (ll-ll 53‘) (3338.

I Wanted young professional lemale yy ith good sense ol' humour. to share \\ ith 3 others k cat in Amiiesland. l’leasant l'lat iii L'\t‘t‘lletll lttt‘ullttlt especially littl' transport. (i(‘ll. must he n/s. £380 pctn including ("II Tel: 077-“) ()3: SN».

I Large double room to rent Ill 2 hedroom l‘lat lll Scotstottn. all mod cons. close to puhlic transport. Elli) pcm + deposit. ayailahle noyy. ‘l‘el: (ll-ll 05S l-lSo or 077(1) (LS5 0‘)".

I Room for rent in hright tnodern cleati 3 hedroom llat itt Kely inhridgc area. l’rom 7th l‘ehruary. \yottld preler prolcssiottal. n/s. temale. £250 pctn + hills. 'l'el: 0|4l U-lo


1.l--?8 Feb 200? THE LIST 113