I know this is your worst nightmare but

the whole world that l l,(l\'li Y()['ll

lletes to a ‘w iltl year

V Happy Valentines

what a great way to tell

i Love your Bear

V Dear ‘Sylvander’ "\Yarring sighs and groans l‘ll wage thee" in a stone circle. if you w ill "fetch to me a pint of wine".

Love, forever,



H v” .. i H:-

V Bridget, your |o\ e makes the sun shine. fills in\ life with colour. fun and desire. Your hltte-eyetl smile melts my heart. I‘m yottr \alentine loreyer.

Purr from Cat

V My sweet Juzuten, alter all these years you still really hoil my potato. l is a toy to share my life and heart with you, Sexily yours, Ammber xxx

.7 3%



l still like yott even though yott do love dressing like a lady...thc fishnets and dressing gown do it for me!

Love Monkey.

V Happy Valentines, to tny beautiful love penguin! You are tny angel. my handsome

knight. my confidante. my protector. my best friend and my soulmate.

All my love, your

\ play cheetah. j r N

V Taggart star, nobody does it better. darling. you're yery

good in everything yott do. Yott make my gown go hrownl Lots of love.

Miss Bassey xxx

\ J

( W

V Happy Valentines,

and happy birthday too.

R. My favottrite boy in

the world ever. l know

you‘ll love me for this . . . love yott loads!

I saw you Classified

{ h

V Not Brad Pitt, Hollywood bttt my very own drummer hoy/ Andy

Pandy. Big love. hugs and kisses.

McSnetchnie xx

\ Axxx. j r VLisa, N

you mean the world to tne. Yottr vibrant personality. got'gcotts smile and passion for life hay e completely encapsttlated me. You're ineredihly special and I miss yott more everyday

w e’t'e apart. \ XXX J l V To Tigger, i

etlddlle‘st ol‘ ttll Valentines three whole years today and my heart still beats taster each time we walt/. Loye yott loads and always will.

\ J K W

V To Rike & Sanni so far away. bttt always in my heart. I miss yott a lot. a lot of the time. (‘an't wait to see you in .lttly »- you gonna he

fahulousl Love,Tonchen l V Nickaroo, my l beauty Thanks for heing great and always washing my dirty knickers. I can‘t get enough of yott and in the words of Barry White ‘You’re my everything‘.

. the Cute one xxx

A million hugs from

k PS. You are not a svit. J

Love you xxxx


V I saw you when I see yott. all I want to say is I loy'e yott. When I hear your voice. all I want to say is I love yott . . . and when l can't say anything. all yott have to know is that I do. You complete me. even while we are apart. And if you see this - it should go in your book? l.['. Box No [7434/80.

V I saw you ‘.\'at" at Mischiefon l-"ri l l-‘eb. You are lst year Politics student from Bristol. I atn "older" shaven headed gtty from Surrey. 1 left before we exchanged phone numbers. please get in tottch. If anyone who knows .\'al' sees this please tell her. Box No [7434/8 l.

V I saw you gorgeous ligyptian waitress with stunning dark eyes. I was all in black and came hack fora forgotten handbag (not mine! l. Box No [7434/82.

V I saw you at the ('ounting llottse on Sat 2 Feb. Yott wore a blue shirt that matched your eyes. and were with an elegant blonde who matched yottr demeanour. l was amazed when you told the when l was born v now I want to tell you something! Box .\'o [7434/83. V I saw you at Negotiants two years ago on Valentines day. you sexy waitress extratxlinaire. Me. drunken idiot scribbling on the bill. l remember you fondly. I guess I always will. Box .\'o


V I saw you in lgttana having lunch with a friend. You blonde hair and blue eyes wearing a black & white speckled coat. I was waiting for a friend. who never turned up. I caught your eye a few times and felt connected. liancy meeting for drink and more ‘(‘onnections’ 2’? Box No [7434/85.

V I saw you at door of the bookshop on Princes Street on 25/0] . You. curly brown hair. stunning blue eyes. two ht'iclcztses. Me. too shy to ask yott for coffee. (‘an we try again‘.’ Box .\'o [7434/86.

V I saw you Paul. outside the gents loo's after the egg. llope next time we could do something warmer. llugs. ('lait'c. Box No [7434/87.

V I saw you sleeveless top. jeans. curly hrunette. smooth groover. Beautiful. Me: dyslexic. (indian fcttk t-shirt in espionage 26 Jan). There was smile-age. Yott left early. l)amn. ('offce‘.’ Box No [7434/88.

V I saw you in the Traverse. looking for the bats in my cave. Blow that microphone head because I love you baby and I think it's beautiful. Weaser said so. Box No [.7434/89.

V I saw you Karen. Sat 5 Jan at Three Sisters/l’emiermint Lounge. Thotighl you were stunning & would love to meet tip. I don't go shopping for gloves very often. so try this . . . ya know. ('raig. Box No [7434/90.

V I saw you Ritchie from live look-a-like at Jan’s 'l‘ackno in (‘1th Mercado. You walked past and looked in my work a few days before that night. You know who your are and I hope you realise who I atn. llow's about getting in touch'.’ Box .\'o [74.34/91 .

V I saw you Who's- my Boy? . . Yes -- you are? and I will always be your Baheyl Loving you all the time and it just gets better. Happy Valentines my gorgeous chunky boy! Love (‘heeky x. Box .\'o [7434/92. V I saw you little lady in pink crying at adverts remembered in the l-‘ilmhouse box. You are our hero too by the way. Box .\'o [7434/93.

V I saw you take them from 2nd to lst division. You can be my tnanager any day. Love you from sweet cheeks. Box No [7434/94.

V I saw you buying furniture for your llat in "Step toes". l helped you up the stairs. I‘m still waiting for the promised drink. Just ring my bell. Rob. Box No [7434/95.

V I saw you sexy Valentine in the Traverse bar (Sat 26th i. You wearing black t-shirt. jeans and blue trainers. Me. the girl with the cappuccino - caught you looking. Let's get active in a tnodern city kind of way. Box No [7434/96.

V I saw you Zoe at the Trav. Sometimes you look so sad - don't be. you're fab - when you smile you light tip my night - hee heel! Box No [7434/97.

V I saw you Brook - welcome to Planet 'I'raversc - hope you stay- you're a fttn star xxx Box .\'o [7434/98.

V I saw you with innocent chartn. The 'l'raverse angel has a stthtle smile. From your quiet kitchen friend. Box .\'o [7434/99.

V I saw you Anna at the 'l’raverse - we’ll miss you Bristol Blondie. (iet in touch?! Box No [7434/l()[).

V I saw you in the Bongo club on 'l'hursday. You had blonde hair and red trousers attd I told you that you were beautiful. Have a good day. Box .\'o ['/434/|()l.

V I saw you Rttsky Roo. we were talking about your lovely Sonia. (iood luck with the forthcoming strife. Box No [7434/ l ()4.

V I saw you sexy

brunette in rouge. drttnk and drooling. l-‘rom equally drttnk hunk in check. Box No

[ 74 34/ l ()5

V I saw you rcd trousers. ‘facial' hair. stain in right shoulder. distinguishing birthtnark - wanted to dip my chips in your garlic mayonnaise. Xx. Box No [7434/l()6.

V I saw you sipping your classic Martini. eating caviar in the Savoy. \'isit the in tny (ieorgian mansion. Love Kylie. Box .\'o ['/434/lt)7.

V I saw you in lidinhurgh and you saw me in Berlin. We should see each other tnore often my pig-loving pal. Box .\'o [7434/l II.

V I saw you Iilaine on Sat It) Jan. supposed to meet on Sat 2 l-‘eb 7.30pm. Where were you'.’ See you on Sat 16 l-‘eh. same place. be there or be sad. cra/y M'I'Bcr from the sticks. Box No [7434/ l ()8.

V I saw you heayy metal boy. Liqttid Rooms. l’riday l8th Jan. eyeliner and nail polish. You seemed a wee bit arrogant bttt you gave me your lollypop so you can't he so had. Box .\'o [7434/ l ()9.

V I saw you Sarah smiling in your red arm warmers. \Yishing I could be your lesbian lover too. Box No [7434/l l3.

V I saw you Aye pal. looking sexy champ. You're on the tip of my tongue. you’re the tingle in my toes. and you're lT. Box .\'o [7434/l l6.

V I saw you Dr. 'l‘l’l’. lts ofliciallf You would clearly get it from me. twice on Sundays. in fact as many times as you wanted. anyday of the week. '.\'ose in you ey e'. the Sous ('hef xx. Box .\'o [7434/l l7.

V I saw you ('urly (‘laire. I'm going to stay right here 'till the end of little. Till the earth stops tttrning. I'm going to love you 'till the seas run dry because you're the one I've waited for. Box No [7434/l lb'.

V I saw you grooy‘in‘ at Audio Deluxe. Sat 2 l-‘eh. You said contact you here. I said l would. l'\ e got spikey hair you liked. you're dark and cttrly

with a hug-ey ed rucksack. Box .\'o [7434/l l9.

14—28 Feb 2002 THE LIST 117