Lucy Russell scored a lead role in Eric Rohmer’s period drama

No previous expeuence requwed

Fresh out of drama school, Lucy Russell noticed a casting magazine ad: blonde-haired, French-speaking, English actress required for Eric Rohmer film. She applied. Words: Tom Dawson

he film in question. The Duly Am/ The Duke.

is a lavish historical adaptation of the

memoirs of (irace lilliott. a Scottish-born noblewoman who lived in lirance during the period of the Revolutionary 'l‘error. Having read the advert. l.ucy Rtissell tracked down a copy of lilliot's long- out-of-print book in a library archive. read it and sent the producers an audition tape. which she filmed in her own home.

So far so good. but when asked to meet Iiric Rohmer in Paris. Russell was alarmed to discover how difficult the script was to read aloud. ‘My spoken French is very fluent. bill your spoken vocabulary is very different from your written vocabulary". she says. 'l kept coming across I8th century words that I had never come across before. I thought I‘d blown it. liric said: "Take the script away and familiarise yourself with it. and then come back.”

Russell returned to the l’rench capital. having memorised the whole of the opening scene. only to

be told that she would need to learn the entire part of

(irace lilliott verbatim. ‘Rohmer then said that he wanted to see me in costume because some people look too modern.‘ continues Rtissell. ‘and I had to have try-outs with my co-star .lean-(‘laude l)reyfus.'

This was now three months after her initial audition. and still no one had actually informed Russell whether or not she was going to be cast in The Duly Am! The Duke. livcntually'. she called up Rohmer. who finally confirmed that he had officially

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‘Now I have a lot more confidencein myself as an actress’

chosen her for the lead role in his film.

In a recent interview. the octogenarian Rohmer pointed out that dttring the film‘s shoot his directing of actors went no further than giving them technical instructions. ‘lieelings are the actor‘s business.‘ he says. (iiven that Russell had only acted in one prior film. the low-budget thriller Iii/liming. did she not feel under immense pressure to develop her own performance for the craggy auteur‘.’ ‘Yesf she says. ‘lnitially I felt I had been left teetering. Rohmer‘s directing was technical. yet it was also really helpful. lle‘d help with the pronunciations. or he’d get me to talk more slowly. He’d suggest the way I should hold myself and that I should walk with little

steps. These physical details feed into the interior of

the character. It provided a shell for me to put (irace into. I suppose it‘s like being treated like a grown- up. where you have to make your own decisions. And now I have a lot more confidence in myself as an actress.‘

Certain l’rench critics have complained about the conservative. pro-royalist stance of The [July/1m] The Duke. Russell. however. defends her characters political affiliations. ‘(irace lilliott had come from a monarchist country llingland. where she grew up]. which had already had a bloody Revolution and had brought a king back. Why would she be in favour of getting rid of a king in her adopted country? And

she‘s not as much of a monarchist as one might think. because she‘s in cahoots with (‘harles l’ox. who was a liberal. I don‘t necessarily agree with her world view. but given where she came from and her life experiences. it's perfectly logical.‘

Russell. who is soon to appear in l’hilip l’rowse‘s version of (‘hekhov‘s T/It’ ('lieri'y ()re/turr/ at the (ilasgow (‘iti/ens Theatre. admits that in her early twenties she didn‘t consider acting as a realistic career choice. ‘I tried other things that I thought were serious jobs and realised that I didn‘t like them very much.‘ she says. ‘I thought: “Why not try and earn my living

doing something I like". If I’m crap at it. at least I’ve tried.~

Judging by the reviews she's received for The Lady And The Duke. she’s trittmphantly succeeded.

The Lady And The Duke opens Fri 15 Feb at GFT, Glasgow and Filmhouse, Edinburgh. See review.

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