Films screening this fortnight are listed below with certificate, star rating, credits, brief review and venue details. Film index compiled by Miles Fielder

ABC Africa tthei (Ahhas Kiarostami. l‘ranee/lran. 2001 I 85 mins. liietion lilmmaker Kiarostami \y as eommissioned hy the l'.\' to make a doeumentary promoting a programme eneouraging l'gandan “when to adopt orphans. \Vhat Kiarostanii did yyas to focus on the ehildren orphaned by AIDS. And \yhile it's hearthreaking. the lilm is surprisingly eelehratory ot‘the l'gandan kids. l’art ol- the Shellield International l)oeunientary l-‘estiyal. 'l‘he l‘ilmhouse. lidinhurgh.

0 Ali teert thet oooo tMiehael .\lann. l'S. Ztltlli Will Smith. .\lario Van l’eehles. Jon Voight. 15-1 mins. The trouhle \\ itli .-t/i is that [no and a half hours is not enough time to reliy e the tale ol' the Sports Personality ()t‘ The ('entury. lay en eoiideiis- ing it into the ten years t'roin l‘lti-l. \s hen :\li heat Sonny Liston to y\ iii the maid title. to his y'ietory in the Rumhle In The Jungle against (ieorge l-"orenian still pt'oy es unsatis- t'y ing. The film urges its to forget \yliat \y e thought u e kneyy. steering the aetion ayyay from the ring as mueh as possihle. Yet there are still 30 minutes ol ring time to appease light tans. See rey ieyy. (ieneral release. Amelie i l5) .0... t.leaii-l’ierre Jeunet. l‘ranee. Ztltll i Audrey 'l‘autou. .\lathieu Kassoyitl. Serge .\lerlin. 130 mins. .'\s yyitli his tyyo prey ious l‘i'eneh fantasies. Ih'lii'ulihyyen and The (fly U] [ml (Wilt/run. Jetinet creates a l‘aiitastieal \yorld. here reitnagining l’aris‘ oldest quarter. .\lontmartre. Within it the eeeentrie adyentures ot' his epony inous heroine

tplay ed hy eaptiyating eltiii neyyeomei‘ 'l'autoui untold in a manner as eompley as a S“ iss timepieee \\ lien :\tttelie tleettles to

Tum 79m Fobruar,’ The Deep End (15) / 90m» Thurs 2 .‘st febrtiar, Ghost World (15) / a‘Onm Wed 2 7 m Fmraar,

Bandits (12) / 900'“

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Legally Blonde (12) / 900'?“

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hring happiness to desery ing people hy playing elahorate praetieal iokes on them. ('oiiiposed ot' many moments ol ahsolute yyonder. this is a tilm \yhieh eelehrates all lllL' ltlllL‘. gt'L‘at llttttgs llt ltle. Seleeted release.

America’s Sweethearts t Di 0.

tJoe Roth. IS. 200] l Julia Roherts. Billy (’ry stal. ('atherine [eta-Jones. Jolm (‘usaek “)3 mins. This appears to he a ease ol lil'e lltlllttllllg ttl'l. :llllt’l'lt'tl '\ .Sii (’t'I/It‘tll'ly

reyoly es around a hig-hudget moy ie that threatens to siitls the studio that produced it. 'li'mi' ()l't’l' 'lime is the last tilm made hy llolly yyood‘s leading romantie eoiiple. (‘tisaek‘s liddie 'l'hoinas and [eta-Jones‘s (iyy en llarrisoii. But (iyy en and liddie hay e hrokeii up. \eteran puhlieist lee l’lnllips' t(‘ry stali only hope ot ayertmg disaster is to eoiiy inee the tiiedta at the t'ortheoniing press iunket that liddie and (iyy en are haek together again. lo this end. he reeruits (iysen‘s sister and long sutl'ering personal assistant Ktki iRohertsi. ()n paper.

.‘llllt'I'I-(YI '\ .\lllt'tllllt'tll'l\ reads like ti tlt'etttll. Sadly. Roth‘s lilm is a stiiiker. ()deoii. lidiiihurgh.

An Officer And A Gentleman t Iii O. t'l'aylot' llaeklortl. l'S. I‘lSZi th‘llttt‘tl (it‘t'e. llehra \Vlltgt‘l‘. (iosst‘ll .lr. l3-l mms. ()n the stn'taee this popular Sits roiiiaiiee is a maiiiptilatiy e \y eepie ehai'ttiig the relationship hetyyeeii (ietes military pilot and lo\ er \Vmger. Beneath. it's a iiianipulatiye hymn to Reagan's .\meriea \yhere the only person \y lio eotints is yotirsell It's also raeist. niisogyiiistie and [‘l’tt‘lllllllztl‘} trash. Ster (‘entury (’inema. lidinhtirgli.

Annie Hall I l5i..... (\Vtttitl} ,r\l|en. l'S. l‘)""i \Voody .\llen. l)iane Keaton. loll) Boherts. U3 iinns. lyyo deeades hel'oi'e Set .iiit/ Hit (‘11\ had its lirst orgasm. llllllt' Hit/l \yas lay mg hate the mores ot' iiiodei'n. tirhan romanee to deyastating elleet yy hile also /onmg iii on the speeitie psyehe ol .'\llL‘ll ls'onigsheri': anti Semitie paranoia. iiietaphy steal angst. the seareh tor true lo\ e. 'l'here's a highly eliarged on sereen eleetrieity hetyyeen .\llen and Keaton. glorious \ istas ol the old .\m York and hilarious set pieees .-\l\y lighting \\ itli lolistet‘s. the seene ol lits eltlltlltootl home helo\\ the rollereoaster and a stream ot one- liners to end them all: ‘don't knoek masturlmtion; it's sey \y itli someone I lo\ e.‘ They really don't make 'em like .\lllllt’ llti/l anymore. (ilasgoyy lilm ‘l'heatre. (ilasgoyy. Ant: 1 l’( it C... il'.iie l)arnell. lint .ltlllll\Ull. l‘NtSi l he \oiees til \\ootl_\ .-\llen. Sharon Stone. (ieiie llaekiiian. Si mins. \Vhen \yorkei ant / ~l l‘l5 (.\llen: meets l’rmeess Bala iStoneI. he talls eomplelely in loye‘. hiit. \yliile try mg to pi‘oy e himsell as a soldier. he tiiieoyei’s a dastardly platt to llootl the eolony. .t/ii. is hi'iglitly eolotired and ltlll ol gags. so adults \y ill ehtiekle \yhile kids are pulled in hy the sliek eoiiiputei' animation. l‘( i(‘ ls’entieyy Street. (ilasgoyy; l'( i(' (‘memas. lalitihtirgh.

Apocalypse Now Redux t 1M 0000 tl'raneis l‘ortl (‘oppola. l'S. l‘lu‘l’llllllt .\lartin Sheeii. .\larlon Brando. lx’ohert l)u\all. 3H3 iiiins. ('oppola's neyy. longer etit

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26 THE LIST ‘1 9"", l 67!.

ot' his \ietnam \yar masterpieee ineludes more ol' l)u\al|'s era/y eliopper eommander ls'ilgore. a seeond eneounter \\ itli the l’layhoy Bunnies. a neyy seqtienee set on a remote l'reneh plantation adding historieal haekground and Brando eypotindmg upon the insanity ol' \\;ii'. It isn‘t an improyement. hut eonsideiing the eireumstanees under \yhieh it “as tilmed - m the Philippines

yy here eyerytlnng trom hurrieaiies to heart attaeks plagued the east and ereyy you \\ant to see eyerythiiig they got on tilm. ‘l‘he l-iliiiliotise. lidiiihtirgh.

0 Atanarjuat, The Fast Runner tthei .0... t/aeharias Kunuk. (‘anada. Itittl l .\'atar l’ngalati. litigene lpkariiak. l’eter lleiiry .-\riiatsiaq. I": mins. 'l‘lns reiiiarkahle singular heautitul tilm is the tirst to he entirely in the liitiit language. It is quite simply as pure and peiteet a pieee ot nairatn e emema as you are ey er liker to see today. \\ hen alt unknoyyn shaman puts an e\ ll spell on a group ol nomadie liniits lt\ mg otl the (‘anadian .\i‘etie ll takes tyyenv- ly years lit‘lot't‘ l\\t\ lil'tilllt'l'S emerge ltl t‘ltttl lenge the ey ll order. l)ireetor Ktinuk itey er lets the stunning seenery o\ et’poyy er the many miniite dramas heing aeted ottt hy a mostly non-protessional. though iinpiessiy e

east. See rey ieyy. 'l’he l‘ilmhouse. lalinhurgh.

Atlantis: The Lost Empire t t".

O. ‘Klt'k \Vise. (iai'y 'l'rotisdale. l'S. .‘lllll i \'oiees ot .\liehael .l, l‘oy. .lames (Earner. .lohn .\lahoney. ‘Hi “this The haste prennse ot Disney is latest. the diseoyei‘y ot the lost. mytlneal empire ot .\tlantis. is a \t‘t‘ltat‘iti \\ tllt \tNHHNHHlH littlt'lt seope littl' magte and enehaiitiiient it should he iiiipossihle to tail. But it is realised \y itli all the \ istial ind imaginatiy e panaelie ol a iaded street artist. l-urtheriiiore. it sorer laeks an eyehroyy aii'eliiiig. pupil-narroyy mg. gloriously earieatured \illam. Siiinlarly. .\lilo. the geeky hero tyoieed hy low is delieient ot eharm and arouses little

sy mpathy .\s l)isney 's raison d'etre is the good/had diehotomy. it seems not only “as the lxinpire lost. hut a grand opportunity too. St‘lt‘t'lt'tl l‘t‘lt‘;t\t‘.

L’Aventura t t’( o O... t.\tielielangelo .\iitoinoiii. Italy. I‘lotii \loniea \‘itti. l.ea \lassari. ( iahriele l'er/etti. l~15mins.\\‘heii a group ol \yealthy people \ isit a Sieilian island hy yaeht. one ot their numhet‘ disappears. htit m the resulting seareli \‘itti and her arelnteet hoy Ii'iend l-er/elti hegin to rehinld then trouhled relationship. \ntomoin‘s hi'eakthroiigh moy ie adeptly display s his sensitiy ity to the mood ol' the landseape as he darineg eytends shots


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Ringside action in Michael Mann's

biopic Ali, starring Will Smith as the greatest boxer of them all

mueh longer than prey iously thought possihle and so distills the poignant malaise ol' the island atmosphere. ’l‘he l.uniiere. lidinhurgli.

The Bait (L’Appat) I Is: 00. (Bertrand lay ernier. l-‘ranee. l‘NFi .\larie (iillain. ()liy ier Sitrtik. Bruno l’ut/ulu ll5 mins. .\liddle-elass also rans \'athalie and lirie. along \y itli shady pal Bruno. try to get the eash to open tip a laslnon store in .\iiiei'iea hy rohhing appartments ot the rieli. 'l'ayernier's portrait of the iniquity ot’ eoiiteiiiporai'y youth is repetitiy e and tineony ineing; he lahours the issue ey en yyhile his east giy e deeeiit naturalistie perttirmanees. (ilasgoyy l-‘ilm 'l'heatre. (ilasgoyy.

Bandits I Ill 0.. iBari'y l.e\ inson. l‘S. Itltll i Bruee \Villis. Billy Boh 'l‘horntoii. ('ate Blanehett. l3: mins. \Vritten hy llarley l’eyton t In III l’i’iily I. li’tini/ily is a tale til ttltttle‘l'tl tidy littltk t'ttlil‘t‘t's .lttt' Blake i\\ llltsl and Terry (‘ollins i'lhornton I. llay mg heeome lolk heroes. their erime spree is eoiiiplieated hy Blanehett's netii‘otie houseyy it'e \ylio talls in loy e \y llll hoth men \yliilst re-enaetmg the l’atty llearst story ley inson and Peyton tail their likeahle east. hut 'I'hornton salyages the lilm \y itli a genius eomie pet'lot‘tiiatiee as a hy imehondriae eriminal. It's a erime ’l'horntoii's [‘Uker taee talents yyeren‘t matehed hy this oyerlong. unremarkahle romp. l-"l’ll (linema. l'alkirk; .\laeRohert. Stirling.

Bangkok Dangerous 1 is» .00 tl)anny and ()side l’ang. 'l‘hailand. Ztltlli l’ayyalit .\longkolpisit. l’reiiismee Rataiiasopha. ll).i mins. ‘l'his stylised thriller hegs eomparisoiis \y itli the hullet hallets Hi John \Vtio. (‘et'lttlttly the eool eaiiierayyork. employ mg sloyy ~ino shots and distorted imagery. is iemmiseent ol “int. 'l'he territory. too. is pure Woo: the underyyorld ot~ gangsters and protessional lntmen. Then there's the theme. one \Voo has I'elllt'ttetl ltt Ullt‘tti tlelttellt‘tl priil'essionalism \ersus personal loyalty. In the l’aiigs' tilm. that theme is played out through the story ol' Kong il’ayyalil .\longkolpisit l. a hired killer \\ho is also a deal mute. l'ltimalely. though. [lune/ml [Liner/win is t'urther toyyai'ds the artlioiise end ol the speetrum than \Voo's tilins. See t'L‘\ te\\, Seleeted release.

The Believer: IS: 0000 Illettt'y Bean. l'S. Itllll i Ryan (iosling. 'lheresa ls’tissell. Billy /.ane. US mins. .\ young .\eyy \ork .le\\ 1in kid \yho's also a iieo~\a/i is ahout .is proyoeatiy e as suhieet matter gets. lhe story ot l)aiiny Bliiit reieeting his yeslnya studies to adopt a skinhead unitorm and undertake aets ol terrorism. iiitglit ltay e heen mere eheap sensationalisin new it not tor the thought proyokmg maimei in \yliieh \yiiter direetor lleiii'y Bean my estigates the story. and the taet that his seiipt is hased on a real ease limit the I‘lotts. l‘iisiirpiisingly. Bean ta Jen I got himselt into hot “am in .-\meriea. htit his tiliii is a eerehral theologieal and philosophieal inquiry \yhteh transeends eiitteism. (ilasgoyy l‘tllll 'l‘heatie. (ilasgoyy.