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Get Carter( 18) «on (Mike Hodges. l'K. 1971 i Michael ('aine. Brill likland. John Osborne. 1 12 mins. (ier ('urrer stands otit as a highlight in the artist formerly known as Micklevv hite's career. His superbly controlled performance as the relentless avenger on a score-settling trip to the .\'orth liast of lingland only makes you wish ('aine had

play ed more villains. llodges grimly effective direction proves that yoti don't need to be as worthy as Ken l.oach to make a docuriieiit of social history. The l‘ilmliouse. lidinburgh. Ghost World ( 15) 0.... (Terry Zvvigoff. l'S. 200] i'I‘hora Birch. Scarlett Johansson. Steve Busceiiii. Ill riiins. Daniel ('lowes adapts his own ctilt comic with Zwigoff. opting not to translate parrot- fashiori. btit to distil the essence of the source material. Thus. characters. setting and tone are spot on. btit the episodic nature of the serialised strip is shaped into a low key story revolving around high school graduates [fluid and Rebecca (Birch and Johansson) who temper disgust with the bland western world of shopping malls and theme restaurants with cynical bemtisemcnt. The dialogue. humour. production design and performances are a world apart from lesser American teen flicks. Selected release. Gosford Park ( Hi 0... (Robert Altman. l'S/l'K. 3()()l i Michael (iainbon. Kristin Scott Thomas. Kelly Macdonald. 137 mins. The Agatha ('hristie-esqtie murder mystery at the centre of (ins/on! Park is the least compelling part of Altman's otherwise finely-observ ed period piece. Set in November 1932 over a few days during a shooting party at the eponymous country estate of Sir William Mc('ordle ((iariiboni and Lady Sylvia Mc('ordle (Scott Thomas). (ins/Uni l’urk details the relationship between the filthy rich upper class and their ptit upon servants. And what detail the film fleshes otit all 25 members of the excellent ensemble east. along with their individual stories. No easy trick in two hours. (ieneral release.

The Fluffer, the story of a gay relationship between porn star and the

man whose job it is to arouse him for the camera

Grand Canyon (Pm mom i. Simulation ride bringing you the full-blown wonder of that really. really big hole in America. IMAX Theatre. (ilasgovv.

The Great Rock ‘n’ Roll Swindle

t 18) 0.. (Julian Temple. l‘K. 197‘)! Malcolm Mc1.aren. The Sex Pistols. Ronnie Biggs. [04 mins. 'l’eiiiple'sjigsaw of the l’istols experience music videos. animated sequences. interview fragments. Mcl.aren's step-by-step guide to musical exploitation is as cliaotically' energetic as the phenomenon that spawned it. Dodgy moments of two-fingered bad taste (trainrobber Ronnie Biggs and .\'a/i ‘Martin Borman' lapping tip Brazilian beaches) sit side by side with ptiiik classics (Sid‘s never to be forgotten ‘My Way i. The l-‘iliiihouse. lidinbtirgh.

Harry Potter And The Philosopher’s Stone (Pt it .0000 ((‘hris(’oltimbtis. l'S/l'K. 2001i Daniel Radcliffe. Robbie ('oltrane. Maggie Smith.

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32 THE LIST 71"- ??i i (:t; 7002

John ('leese. Richard Harris. Jtrlie \\alters. 152 mins. (’olumbus has remained true not

just to the spirit btit. in many cases. the letter

ofJ.K. Rowling's novel. With only the occasional nip and tuck. the film follows closely the tale of orphan boy llarry. who grows tip in suburbia little realising that he's of w'i/ard stock. Like the novel. the llllll is unsentirnental. w ith no hint of icky whimsy. Rather. it is sustained by a set of superny dry performances by the all-British cast arid rewarded by the true. well earned emotion of an honourable quest successfully tought. (ieneral release.

Heistt l5! 0... (David Mamet. l‘S. Ztltil i (iene llackirran. l)anny l)e \ito. Rebecca l’idgeon. It)? ruins. Master tliict Joe Moore (llackinani decides it‘s time to quit and seek retirement down Sotitli w ith his young wife l‘ran (l’idgeoni. llow ev er. his fence Bergman (I)e \‘itoi blackiiiails him into carrying otit one final score. After the patchy lilmmaking satire Shirt .lm/ ,l/tlllt. Mamet is back on home- turf. offering: ut‘ a noirish world of cons and scams. w liile his trademark charged dialogue is still intact. Yet. Mamet is also attempting to muscle in on action-mov ie conventions for which he lacks the requisite v isual panache. and he's now writing to a ‘nothing is what it seems' formula. MacRobert. Stirling.

Human Bodyrt’m (3titil r. Sititttlation ride bringing you the full-blow n wonder or all those really. really small places inside us. IMAX 'I‘heatt'e. (ilasgovv.

In The Bedroom t tSr 0000 Field. l'S. lelll i Sissy Spacek. loin Wilkinson. Marisa ’l‘oriiei. Ht) mrns. lnspired by Andre l)ubus' short story [villi/rev. In The lierliimiii is an cvceptiorial debut feature from actor-turnedlilirimaker Todd l-‘ield. It examines. with great

sensitiv ity and insight. the afteririath of an unexpected bereavement w hen the son ot Matt and Ruth l-‘ow ler t \\‘ilkirisou and Spaceki is murdered. Stylistic indulgences are prudently kept at bay. and it's also blessed with a series of expertly calibrated performances. not least from Wilkinson and SPAtcek. And there‘s no clear~cut closure or cheap redemption. l’(}(‘ (‘iiit-iiias. lidinburgli.

Ct Iris ( 15) 0000 (Richard liy re. (is. 2001 i Judi l)ench. Kate \\inslet. Jim Broadbent. 00 mins. The love story of two of this century 's most significant writer-aca- demics. Iris Murdoch and John Ray ley. is lovingly created from Bay ley ‘s recent mem oirs. It ultimately plots Murdoch's descent into the agonising foil of Alt/eimer's. btrt is inter-cut with scenes of the early. tentative love between these two ()vford starlets. Although the later years are more involving than the early ones. the two narratives switch with deft slickness. lake (issues. you might need a few. See rev iew. (ieneral



Jaws (l’(ii 0... (Steven Spielberg. l'S. l‘lisl Roy Scltt‘ldt‘t‘. Robert Shaw. Richard l)rcy fuss. l5 riiins. ('racking shark adventure from the day s when Spielbeig mov ies were scary. See the citr/eris ol .\riiity scream? Watch the bodycouiit pile up' Hear the authorities declare the water per lectly safe? (ir'osvenor. (ilasgovv.

Jay And Silent Bob Strike Back

ISI 0... (Kenn Sinilh.l S. Itlllli .lason Mew es. Kev in Smith. Jason I ee. "5 rnrns. In this liiial rristahiierit ot Smith‘s ‘,\'ev\ Jersey. trilogy. slackers Jay (\lewesi and Silent Bob (SmithI discover a iiio\ ie is being made about the comic book

characters they inspired i l'iltltlllllall .lllt ('hroiiici. 'l'hey liguic ll the lllltl is crap they ill get slagged on the iiiteinet and this will ruin their chances ot getting laid. So oil to Hollywood the boys go. (’ne high irnv rrrvolv mg a robbery. a bunch ot (‘llnr/rc‘v .ll!;’t'/\ ly pcs and cameos tioiii Smith regulars. 'l'he comic dialogue is as sharp and foul mouthed as cv er (air this really be the last outing tor Jay and Silent liob .‘ ( ‘aiiieo t\' ()dcon. lidinburgh Jurassic Park III «I’( it 0.0 riot- .lohriston. l'S. If")! Sam \erll. lea leoiri. William H. Macy. ‘ll excuse to get the cast over to the l’ark is a yotnig lad who has becoriie stranded on the

units. l'hc thiiisy

dinosaur island. .\ii nriotlicial search party. headed by his parents 1 \laty and Iconi i. lioodw ink palaeontologist l)i (ildltl (\eill. i‘eprising his i'olei into helping them out, ()l course. things go vviong as soon as they arrive and they are attacked by a Spinosanr. a new and improved I r'cs. l'l'tilit tlieic on in the cast rump tiom one perilous situation to another. \ coinpletc retrcad ot the first two niov ies w illi even more dinosaur attacks. more ridiculous predicaincnts and bigger monsters Selected release.

Just Visiting l’( ll 0. (Jean Marie (iattbctl. l'iance l S_ .‘Jlltl .lean ls’eiio. (‘hr istian ("lav icr. Malcolm McDowell. SS iiniis. \\ hen \lcdieval l'ieiich nobleman lhrbanlt uls’enou accidentally kills his vv rte on the eve of his wedding he rriiplores his potion concocting wr/aid \lcl)ovvcll to send him back iii trrne to right the wrongs lint the w i/aid mistakenly sends lhibatrlt and his devoted ser\ant ,\ridre ((‘lax icr Ioiwaid to .‘. st century (‘hicago where they have 'lnlairons adv enttn‘es' w ith indoor plumbing and electrical appliances. \\ liilc the original. [.cv \ivilt rrr v e\nded a ceitarii l’y thoncsqnc chariii w itli its pctit bourgeoisie parody and schoolboy vulgarity. this slushy iernakc is saddled w ith an ariaeniic. w itless script co w ritten by Stt's teen tlick director John Hughes t lr‘rt li’n iré'rrv: (Iii/“i. ( ierreral release.

The Lady And The Duke (L’Anglaise et le Duc) .l’t ;. COO (laric ls’ohinei. l iaiicc. .Ttlftl l ncv ls’nssell. Jean ('latide l)rcy tns. l‘rancors Marthoniet. lg‘S iinns ire l ady ot the title is the royalist (iiace l-lliott rls’nssell I. a Scottish born noblewoiiiair lry ltlj.’ in l’aris during the l'iencli Revolution l)espitc their political dilteieric es. she remains good friends with Iorrrier lover the Duke ot ()i leans (l)rcy :ns I. republican cousin to lsing l onrs \\l \s rrrob rule sweeps the streets of the capital. however. her salety becomes ever more precarious ls’ohiiier has cialtcd a snsperisetnl and timely account ol how idealisiir can be supplanted by tanaticisnr \ppeaiirie in practically every scene. I I‘._:'ll\ll new comer ls’tissell conveys both her character 's poised assurance and litiiiiarr v nhierability. Sec Preview and rev icw (ilasgow l‘llIll lilieatr‘e. (ilasgovv; l he l'!llltlli\ttsc'. ladinbnrgh.

Last Resortr I51 000. (l’a\\ cl l’awlikowskr. l’ls‘. It'll] l)ina l\o:‘/titl. l’addy ('onsidnre. "(i rinns In a inndow n seaside resort on lziigland‘s south coast that resembles a Siberian concentration camp. relngees seeking shelter iii liritain are held at the (ioveiniircrit's pleasnie. lacing interminable iiiipiisorinierrt or eventual deportation liito this shanietnl \eirophobic ritess blunders lariya. .: young woman arriving tioiri Moscow with her ten year old son lhis is totzv'li. politic iscd crnerrra. tertntitscciil ol \‘..tlstll;' Ill:‘llllll.:!c's ( )rvvell and l\.tll.t l’olish vvtitei director

l’aw likovyski cllcctiveiy draw s on his doctriiientaiy background. while the n1ani players are superb. particularly (’onsidine inakinj.‘ only his sec ond appearance alter his e\traordinaiy deb'at 2:1 \lv’ww‘" l4" /\’t‘/J](r’/),/iil\\ (Jl.'.\".'\‘\‘v