The dates listed below are for one-off or ticketed shows; see below section for free residencies. Gigs are listed by date, then by city. Performances will be listed, provided that details reach our offices at least eight days before publication. Jazz listings compiled by Henry Northmore and Kenny Mathieson.


I St Valentine’s Latino Dining Princes Square. 4S Buchanan Street. 22| 0324. Spin. IIot l.atin jau t'rom Macumba with dance demonstrations b}- Salsa Sabrosa. Dinner bookings at I] Pavone: 0l4l 221 0543; d'.-\i'c‘_\"s: 014! 266 430‘); Buzz}- \Vares: 0|4I 24S 406(1. I Songs For Swinging Lovers Part 2 St Andre“ 's In The Square. ()0 Saltmarket. St Andrew’s Street. 54S (i020. Spin. £9.95 (inc dinnerl. 'I‘he Rena Dunbar 'I'rio perform a selection of romantic jazz classics on this special Valentines Da_\ concert as part oi the (‘it)' ()I‘ Love Festival.


I Dominic Alldis and Jonathan

Gee Henry's Jaz/ ('ellar. S Morrison Street. 467 5200. S..‘~0pm. £7 l£5l. .-\

sophisticated esening ol classic tunes b) the likes of Duke Iillington. Noel ('oxsard and (‘ole Porter from this pair ol‘ pianist— singers.


I Colin McPherson t’riiiees Square. 4S Buchanan Street. 22l 0324. noon. Free. :\ mix ot'jazl. classical arid eas} listening tunes from this local pianist.

I Glasgow Jazz Record Club l'nitarian ('hurch ('entre. 72 Berkeley Street. 22] 5154. 7.30pm. £2 t£l tor members. with a £5 join up feet. tall record cltib and discussion group. \ isitors welcome. I‘urther details from Iirnie Siteirs. l4 (ilendee Road. Rent'rexs. I’:\4 ()AI). ()l4l SS6 294‘). ’I‘oda} John l’arkes presents "I'ributes To Kenton'.


I Melting Pot Henr} 's Ja/l (’ellar. S Morrison Street. 4(i7 5200. midnight. £5. 'I‘rumpeter (‘olin Steele tMidnight Blue Band) leads his six-piece through a dancetloor-minded ja/I set. \s itlt the emphasis on the funk.

I Jazz ’n’ Jive Club I-‘airmile Inn. 44 Biggar Road. 312 S243. Spin. £4 l£5l. The Louisiana Ragtime Band and The Spirits ol‘ Rhythm are on hand to preside traditional and Ne“ ()i'Ieansja/x.

I Guus Janssen Trio Henr} ’s Ja/l (.ellltl'. 3 \int't'lsttlt Street. 467 52f)“. S.30pm. £0.50. Dutch pianist and composer (iuus Janssen \\ as last seen in


The second in a more or less monthly series of duets in which pianist Brian Kellock teams up Wllll a distinguished Visitor lli that rewarding hut demanding setting. Last nronth it was saxophonist Scott Hamilton. and now it's the turn of London-based trombonist Mark Nightingale to do his stuff \"Jllll the pianist. Duo

prOVides no safety nets. hut Brian plays

;in Mark's quartet. so they Will be familiar

enough Wllll each other's styles. The trombonist has established a glowing reputation down south for his technique and sheer inventixe musicality at any tempo. Kellock rates the troiiihonist as the best on the UK scei .e. and their

collaboration should set sparks flying.

I Kellock and Nightingale plaj.” a? Henri/'5; Ja// Cellar. fir/Jihuigh, on ll/ed (’30 For).

52 THE LIST 31 W“. i or. ’x‘flflj/

~ *1

Scotland ten _\ears ago. He leads a trio iii [no gigs at llenr} ‘s. and also takes part iii the Nexs Solo Ja/I I’iano concert at the (‘(‘:\ totttorrms. See pre\ iess.

Saturday 1 6

Glasgow I The George Penman Jazzmen (’andle Bar. 20 (‘andleriggs. 552 S7 I 7.

2pm. l‘ree. :\n e\eiting ol' \ intage Nets ()i‘leaiisjal/ \\ ith a romantic theme from (ieorgc and compan).

I Burt MacDonald Quartet Bid. 3‘) 43 .-\shton l.ane. 342 40m». 3pm. Iiree. anenth e and atmospheric ja// from this line hand. l'ronted b) Ra} mond .\lacI)onald and George Burt on saxophones and guitar i'especti\el}.

I Guus Janssen, Brian Kellock

VIPs of Jazz An old—fashioned

month~long tour for this posse of

and Misha Mengelberg (‘('.'\. 350 veteran jar/man. featuring the Big Sauchiehall Street. 352 4000. Spin. 3 Chrig Barber Band the famous

£S.50. l('('.>\ 5t. :\ l'usion ot'ja/l tradition. imprm isation. contemporar} composition and folk l'orms \\ itlt pianists (iuus Janssen. Brian Kellock aitd Misha Mengelberg. See pres ie\\. I St Valentine’s Bash Si :\lltll'e\\ \ In The Square. ()t‘t' Saltmarket. St Andre“ ‘s Street. 54S (i020. Spin. £10. 3 27 F0!)- Ihe Bachelors ()l' lit/j conjure up‘the 3 David Berkman Trio New su mgmg romance of the 20s and 50s at I I .‘ I . .4 um \pmu' Vulcmim‘ m) MM”. York—based pianist DaVid Berkman I DanieI Smith in,” 'i‘imu-C. (,3 . has been a regular at Henry's since 'I‘rongate. .552 426-7. lllpttt. U) l £4 I. Not Asgginmy Direct opted to turn their exactI} _\our e\er.\da_\ ia/l horn. but the back (m blgflame promotioms at .'\lItL‘l‘lC;lll bassoon \ irtuoso promises a .‘ night ol romantic numbers from his iax/ the QUOO” 8 Ha“ and try to and eliissieiit I'Cpc‘l'lttll'c, develop this venue. A highly Edinburgh contemporan,’ player. but with stiong roots in iaz/ traditions.

I Green Juice lienr} ‘s .la// ('ellar. S , ,_ _ Morrison Street. 4n" 5200. midnight. £5. Bolkman “HRS Ul) Wm] “'8 regular

Dutch Swing College Band. and the Pasadena Roof Orchestra. One for the traditionalists. Festival Theatre. Edinburgh. Sun 24 Feb; Royal Concert Hall. Glasgow. Wed

lilectronic break-beat .iaI/ l'i-om ('ireen plaviiiates in Edinburgh. Mario I Lute-e}. t‘cuitii‘rilqg s\ap<lilitlwni\l 3‘13“; Caribe ibassi and John Rae

LISl'd“. I . 0 “Vi” .lllk . . l. [erHnS/p Hen/.V'S 1 pins iappet l'lttsl) .I. , 7 _ t I Martin Kershaw Quartet E(i//li’)U/g/l. THU () l l1l(etlt‘_\;(s)(l)a:/ (“iellatfi S Morrison Street. Reid Anderson Bassist.

7s gs... -

" ~-. ' “‘ .P'” ' ' \W‘N" ‘l" “‘L‘ ; bandleader ano composer Reid led b} innosatn e sasman and BetkIee g H _‘ I =. gradttate Martin Keisha“. ol'(ireen Juice. Andelbom '5 mdk'ng Waves on the Raretaction and (it'oo\edigga/ lame. New York ia// scene With his i.

imaginative take on contemporary law. He is joined on his Scottish debut by Phil Bancroft and Laura MacDonald isaxest. Kevin MacKen/ie igtiitari and Tom Bancroft idrumsi. l-lenrv's Jazz Cellar: Edinburgh, Thurs 28 Feb: 1 C(IA. Glasgow. Fri 1 Mar.

Glasgow I Cool and Mellow Jazz Brunch St Andre“ ‘s In The Square. ()0 Saltittarket. St .-\ndre\\ ‘s Street. 54S (i020. l2.30pm. £5.05 tinc bi'uiiehi. Relas to the cool ja// sounds of Bobb} \Vishart and Lenin Maguire as the} pla) a selection ot~ Nat King ('ole. I)a\ e Brubeck. Sinatra. and more.

I Jazz For Lovers Brunch l’i-iiiees Square. 4S Buchanan Street. 22! 0324. I2.30pm. l‘ree. Romantic mellow numbers from this ja// quartet l'rom the Strathc|_\de B.'\ Hons course in Applied Music.

I Mo’s Company l’rinces Square. 4S Buchanan Street. 22| 0324. 2.50pm. liree. .-\ guitar duo \\ ith Spanish and Neapolitan influences.


I Guus Janssen Trio llL‘lIl') ‘s .la// (‘ellaiz S Morrison Street. in? 5200. S..‘~0pin. £(i. See l‘ri I5.

I Jazz At The Trafalgar Suite Waterloo Bullet. 3 Waterloo Place. 550 7507. S..‘s0pm. £3. Mainstream. progresshe attd e\perimental ia// lrom the resident trio of Ian Millai'. Dominic Spencer and Des Inn is. plus guest appearances.

Wednesday 20


I Brian Kellock and Mark Nightingale Henr} ‘s .la// (‘ellai'. S Morrison Street. 4(r7 5200. Sfillpm. £7 The second til~ a series itl' lttoltlltl} vislt duos iit pianist Brian Kellock \\ ill team tip \\ ith a distinguished \ isitor. ‘I’onight is the turn of the high!) imentne trombonist Mark Nightingale.

W i

Edinburgh i 0 David Berkman Quartet Henr} ’s Jan ('cllar. S Morrison Street. 407 5200. S.50pnt. £7. Original and insentise eotttcmporar) ja/l. and the odd standard tune gi\ en his o\\ it unique spiit. from this Ne“ York pianist. Berkman. a regular and alua) s popular \ isitor to Item‘s 's. has a tie“ album due around i non. He \\ ill be joined on these dates b} Mario ('aribe lbasst and John Rae idrumsi.

Glasgow ' I Jamiroquai aitd Beverly Knight l SIi('(‘. I-innieston Qua}. 0S70 040 4000. 7.30pm. £22.50. .la_\ Isa) and the lttt}s

are back \\ ith more l'tink) numbers.

joined b} special guest soul singer

Bexerl) Knight.


I Hot Charanga Sauce llc‘ltl‘} ‘s

.la// (‘ellaix S Morrison Street. 40" 5200. midnight. £5. The startling l.atin \oice ot‘ (‘arlos I’erta Irottls a news group pla} ing Bra/than son music \\ itlt ('ari'ie

McKenna it‘lutel. Das e I’atrick lpiano). Mario ('aribe ibassl.