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A Midsummer Night’s Dream l'nlil Sat lti l-eh. 7.30pm. U £8.50. Brunlon 'I‘heatre (‘ompam pl‘esetlh Shakexpeaiex magical comedy (it love and llllNPlilCCtl al'l'eetionx. SL‘L‘ l'L‘\ it“. Not Exactly A Midsummer Night’s Dream Fri 32 k Sat 23 l-‘ch. 7.30pm. [5 0.3 l. Brunton Youth 'l'healre l‘ollim \ up the prolexxional iii-home production \\ ith lltt\ ne\\ take on Shakeqk‘are'x L‘lttxxic‘.

Women On The Verge Of HRT line It» l-‘eh. 7.30pm. £8.50 t £4.50). Borderline ‘l‘llealre l‘L‘\ l\L‘\ .\larie .lUllLW. eomie pla}. in \\lllL‘ll [no middle aged \minen head for the Donegal home ol‘ their hero Daniel ()'I)onne|l. See re\ ieu.


33a Morningxide Road. ’l‘ieketxz 558 i)suu. [l’. it]

One Act Play Festival in 15 a Sal lti l‘eh. 7pm. [(i. Six pla_\\ performed in er l\\o da} \ ax part of the Seiittixli (’onimunit} Drama .r\\\ueiation\ annual liC\ll\ill.

One Act Play Festival Tue 19 l-‘ch. 7pm. £3. More one-act drama. lhix time from the Seiiltixh \Vonieii\ Rural lttxlllllle. ‘l-lL'kL‘l8 on the door.

One Act Play Festival Sat 23 l-‘ch. 7pm. £4. 'l‘lle l.ollli;ttl dixlt'icl ol- lllL‘ 8(‘I):\ play its part in the textixal. lickeh aiailahle l't‘nlll 0l‘)(i8 67008001‘ 05.")3l 350840.


\Vext \ieolxon Street. 607 0876.

menu 1: wrong side up l'niil Sat lti I‘eh. 7.30pm. to [0.50 (£5 £8). 'l‘hree \horl pla} \ on the theme of identit}: Manfred Karge'x .lliiii ‘lii .lluii; I.uigi l’irandello'x the Hun ll'iI/i 'l'lii' l’lnii'vr In Hix .lluiilli: and Spiro Seiinone'x Lu l'tW/(l. The pla} \ are then lollim ed h} coined} l'l‘hu l4i. a eeilidh il’ri l5i or L'llll‘ tSat l0). SCL‘ l‘L‘\ lL‘“.

CRAIGMILLAR ARTS CENTRE 58 Neueraighall Road. (iti‘) 8433.

The Bear and The Proposal lllll l4 l'eh. '7..3()piii. L'l. See (ilaxgim. (‘axtlemilk (‘ominuniu ('entre.


North (‘ainpux (‘reue Road North. 332 24lll.

Cabaret l'ntil Thu 21 l‘eh. 7pm. U). 'l‘elt'ord (‘ollege Dance Department \enturex into the \mrld ol l‘l30x Berlin.


l4 l’ieai'd} l’laee. 'I'iekets than: 336

5 l 38.

The Vagina Monologues Well 27 l'eh Hi 1 Mar. 7.30pm. U) (£4l. The \him that's taken the West Iind h) storm gelx an lidinhurgh airing ax part of the \xorld-uide \' l)a_\ campaign. .\Ione) raixed \\ ill go to the Shakli Siieiel) and


I Fermentation Grid Iron's superb adaptation of a novel by Angelica Jacob shows all the flare

and visual imagination we've come

to assooate With the company. This story of a young woman's pregnancy and the various

appetites she experiences is abOut not so much sexual politics. as the

politics of sexuality. See review. The Underbelly. Edinburgh. until Sat 16 Feb

I Observe The Sons Of Ulster Marching Towards The Somme Frank McGuinness‘ play is a subtle study not lust of \‘Jéll‘, but also the Protestant mindset. See review Citizens"

Theatre. G/asc ow. until Sat 23 Feb. J

I A Midsummer Night’s Dream A i.) allegory about love and the mind. or a delightful night of comic entertainment: you deCide. See review. Brunton Theatre. ilflusse/lx/rgh. until Sat 77 Feb.

I New Territories We're spoilt for choice with promising offerings from Belgium's Ultima Vex. Hungary's Artus and Italy's Materiali Resistenti Dance Factory Best option: try them all. Tramway Glasgoiiv. various dates.

lidinhurgh Women's Rape and Seuial :\l‘ll\c (.L'llll'L‘. 'l'iekelx a\ailahle ll‘tlltl liringe Office or the ()uthouxe. See pre\ ieu.

Reid Kerr College HND Drama Theatre Students

by John Godber

Directed by Evelyn Wallace

'When you're a hard nut and fifteen you have to give teachers a hard time It's part of the rules of the game '

.Jetl Nixon. fresh out of teacher training arrives to teach drama at Whitewall High

With a bad reputation The kids don't want to do drama. the staff think he's wasting his time. the caretaker can't understand why drama is on the timetable -they don't do any writing! Teechers is a fast-paced. hilarious comedy. With a serious Slde.....

School - a big. under-funded comprehensrve

Wed 20th - Frl 22nd February ((3) 7-30pm-

.. John Godber is one of British theatre's most popular playwrights. author of smash hits

like Bouncers. hakers. and Up 'n Under. His first proteSSional job was as a drama teacher in a comprehensrve not unlike Whitewall.

Tickets: 26/3 ’“nlvo

9. Ingram Street " 0


listings Theatre

snrintl Season 2002

by Frank McGuinness

1 - 23 Feb We sang hymns and played football. That is true, football. Someone said the sky is red today.

by Harold Pinter

31 Jan 23 Feb

You want me to do all the dirty work up and down them stairs, just so / can sleep in this lousy filthy hole every night? Not me


by Sarah Kane 7 - 30 March

Punish me or rescue me, makes no difference.

by Anton Chekhov

8 - 30 March 3‘ Before we can live in the present we must first redeem the past, understand it and have done with it.

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