So what are we going to see? The shows we’ll get for our £3.5m

The Dundee Rep ensemble looks likely to continue

I Arches Theatre In the spring. it will piesent the British premiere of a \(le'l Patrick Snanley play. That Wl” be followed by a touring production of Ian: O'S/ianter and other Burns poems. the company ‘.‘.’||| Visit a yOung people's theatre in Stockholm in the {Litunin ‘.'.’|ll‘. a reVival of / licked A Slag}; Deodorant and a new devised piece. both of which ‘."/l“ play in Glasgow It will re establish its award for young directors and continue its theatre festival. I Byre Theatre 'lt'li be a decent season ‘.'.'|ill varying cast sixes." says Ker‘ (iardner. general manager. still ‘iiiaiisirig the season and hoping to ii1<:..i‘t (:o productions and tour. Citizens’ Theatre The ever “ugal (‘iiles l lax'ergal is \‘JEllilllg to hear about 'iis éoca; authority grant before f‘.‘-;li<;";; Sl)("."(llllt} plans. but says: "The S‘ ‘. 710.000 increase will absolutely go

" the stage: it will be spent on productions] He ()l)(}lllll§} the second studio is an optzoi“. I Dundee Rep lhe company plans to stage a new ‘~.(}l'23.()l‘. of Another l'm‘e [irroff'ze' Place l)\, Anne [)owilie.

i ifiag. by Donna liélllCOSCi’tlld and

'. Way by Don Patterson for

new "r,- '.'.ron a Creatzve Scotland

Annual. It t‘opes to run a summer rep

season reviving its recent productions and is having initial conversations about an Edinburgh International Festival production with a guest foreign director in 2003.

I Royal Lyceum ‘We'll be able to take more risks.‘ says artistic director Kenny Ireland. hoping also to do a Summer season. “We'll be able to programme more creatively, to staff it better and make it better all round.‘

I Traverse Theatre The next in- house production, at the end of April, is Green Field by Riccardo Galgani. Fringe possibilities include new plays by David Greig. David Harrower, Linda McLean and Rona Munro. In the autumn. it'll be Homers by Iain Finlay MacLeod. Next year. the theatre's 40th anniversary. there is the chance of a revival of John Byrne's Slab Boys Trilogy and a new Byrne play.

I Tron Theatre lain Heggie's brilliant Marivaux adaptation Love Freaks directed by Graham Eat0ugh of Suspect Culture will go on in May. In October. the company will collaborate with Toronto's Six Stages festival to stage a Canadian play as part of a wider international season. It plans to produce a Christmas show and to develop relationships with Sounds Of Progress and Alison Peebles' V.Amp.

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