BHANGRA BEAT B.DING scene. ‘I just want to get bhangra into the mainstream,’ CCA. GlaSQOW. Fri 22 Feb Chadha says. ‘There’s a big debate about whether a non- Punjabi-speaking audience can get bhangra, but for me Most nightclubs aren’t exactly concept-heavy, trotting out it’s proof that music is a universal language: I can’t the tried-and-tested formula that has served the understand all of the lyrics, but I still get the sentiment of underground music scene well since its inception, it, that’s conveyed by the music alone. There are parallels combining a DJ, his or her records and a crowd. b.ding is, with hip-hop being the voice of disaffected young black refreshingly enough, that little bit different. people in America, and I think to some extent that‘s true Since the summer of 2000, the club has led a of bhangra for the Asian community in Britain. lt’s peripatetic existence, wandering from venue to venue, definitely an underground form of music, but I don’t see showcasing a wide variety of musical styles, roping in why it can’t become mainstream in the way that rap has.’ everyone from live artist to DJs and drum troupes to Of course, b.ding isn’t just a bid to proselytise on contemporary dancers. Now, back in its original home at behalf of bhangra, at root its aim is the same as any the CCA, the club is set to shift up a gear, rethinking the nightclub: to show people a good time. ‘I don’t want to nightclub format and bringing a taste of the Asian make a song and dance about that side of things,‘ says underground to a more mainstream audience. Chadha. ‘The night is about the music. lrian Jaya will be ‘lt’s about presenting clubbing culture in a new way,‘ playing a set that moves from lo—fi jazzy beats into drum says promoter Cheryl Chadha. ‘Taking a hybrid of & bass, then Tigerstyle will be playing live they’re different cultures and opening up the interaction between already pretty big on the Asian scene and Firefly, the the audience and the performers, unlike the house scene, percussionists, are influenced by drumming from all sorts for example, which has a certain level of detachment of different cultures. And people should get down early to between the DJ and the crowd. That isn’t a bad thing in see Stillmotion, who are going to be using the upstairs itself, but we want to do something different.’ space in the CCA for a dance piece they’ve been Perhaps the most obvious difference between b.ding collaborating on.’ and your run-of-the-mill night out is the focus on For once, it seems that a club claiming to stand out from bhangra, a form of music rarely heard outside its own the crowd is set to live up to its promise. (Jack Mottram)


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Word Up

The latest club news...

A NEW VENUE IS SET TO take the capital by storm in the shape of the Beat Jazz Basement. Situated on the former site of Edinburgh’s No 1 Cellar Bar on Chambers Street, the jazz basement will be licensed until 3am every night of the week and will offer a modern fusion of live and pre-recorded music. Promoters from clubs such as Headspin, Big Beat, Ultragroove, Lizzard Lounge and Nuspirit have already come on board, providing everything from afrobeat to hip hop but all with a discernible jazz bias. The legendary Blue Note Records will also be playing a role at the Beat, hosting the ‘Trouble At The Blue Note’ sessions in association with Freak Marketing. The venue opens on Friday 1 March and the first Blue Note date will feature a freestyle frenzy from hip hop outfit New Flesh (Big Dada/Ninja Tune) on Friday 8 March.


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RADIO BABYLON’S EASTER extravaganza at Ego on Sunday 31 March is shaping up to a right little corker. Not only do we get the random mix of post-cool electroid breaks from the Merry Pranksters but we also have a two hour techno set from Andrew Weatherall in the upstairs arena. What’s more, it’s just been announced that David Holmes will be playing an exclusive set in the downstairs Cocteau Lounge, promoting material from his new mix album Come Get It, I Got It. All this for the bumper price of £10.

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