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Jef Dam ‘Does It Really Matter’

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Subway ‘Subway Tracks EP’


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76 THE LIST '-'- ~ 3-'

I Salsa Con Sabor at lil Barrio. lllpm 3am. Free before I lpm; £2 alter. Weekly. Beats l'rom the barrio at this swinging party hosted by [)1 Hector. .\'ano lllltl lllL‘ l.;lllll posse. l'ree beginners' salsa class starts at 9pm.

I Spectral at Wee Red Bar. 1 lpm 3am. £(i l £5l. l5 l'cb. Monthly. l‘ollow'ing last month's impromptu live set from Alan l’arlcy. resident l).ls Dave Anderson and Phil Dickson take it backs to the decks with a deep house and l‘unky techno selection. Surfers can snoop

w w w spectralorgtik for more into.

I Subculture meets Friscodisco at the Honey comb. l lpiii 3am. 22 Feb. Monthly. llarri and Domenic lSubculturel join forces with Martin Valentine and Steven Wattless lld‘lsc‘tltllscul to host a high calibre night ol underground house music.

I Sublime at the Honeycomb.

lllfillpm 3am. £9 i£7l. l5 l-‘eb. l-‘orlnightly. llay ing play ed host to a steady slew ol‘ tip-coming litiropean tech-trance producers. Sublime turns the locus back to the hell-talented residents. Warm-up comes care ol' ldge leaving big man Kev Wright a three hour set to take things into spiky. hard-edged territory. l'iir this (lute nil/v. 'sl-ljyl't'urr/ ltri/t/crs gel £2 rifl’r/mir [i/‘i't’t l’t'lllt'l'll Ilium/int Lilli/m.

I Underground Solu’shn at La Belle .'\ll:_'ClL' has now linished.

I UTI presents ‘YT’ at the Wee Red Bar. 10.30pm 3am. £.\’ l£5l. l Mar. Monthly. 'Yl" yes. \ery droll. Try not to live up to the name by avoiding the ‘whitey‘ l'ormula skintul ol' boo/e with a bong chaser hel‘ore or alter this residents night ol underground teclmo.

I Woman’s Own at ('ltib Jaya.

lllpm 2am. £5 lk‘ltll't‘ midnight: £7 after. I Mar. Monthly. Brand new lunky to progressiye house night catering for women only. Resident DJ Ro/ hosts the launch night along with guest DJ Lauren and l'or all you la/y girls. there‘s a tree taxi sery ice laid on. Simply ai'i'iye at the club with tour other people and a taxi receipt and your tare ima\imum claims £5l w ill l‘L‘ l'L‘llllltlL‘tl ill [he (hurt.

Chart & Party

I The Bristo Square Experience at l’otteri'ow and ’l‘eyiot Row House.

9pm 3am. l-tec. Weekly. The city‘s students run amok in Bristo Square. soaking tip mainstream house. crazy karaoke and plenty ol alcohol.

I Friday Funkin’ at the .-\rk.

lllpm 3am. £4 i£2 l. Weekly. You'ye worked hard. now strut your lunky sltlll like there's no toitiol'row to Big Dave's party um.

I Frozen In Time at Time.

llpm 3am. £4 with llyer; £5 without. Weekly. .\ short. grumpy man plays commercial chart and dance. ()v er 2ls only.

I Kick at l.oca. lllpm 3am. £2 before midnight: £4 alter. Weekly. Kick start the weekend with current commercial chart and pop pap from across the decades.

I Mardi Gras at the (’avendish.

lllpm 3am. £6 (free membership ayailable l. Weekly. The (‘avendish comes overall carnival at this new night

show casing 70s right through to tlp-to-date mainstream dance music. Over 25s only. I The Subway at the Subway.

9pm 3am. l-‘ree bel‘ore l lpm; £3 t£l l alter. Weekly. See 'l‘hu.

I Supernova at Revolution.

lllfillpm 3am. £3 before midnight: £5 alter. Weekly. l-‘eel the gush as Supernova shoots its juicy mi\ ol chart and party fare. Drinks promos a l‘eattire.

I Tease at Subway West lind.

4pm 3am. l-"ree below I lpm; £3 (U l alter. Weekly. 1)] llammy plays chart tunes lot the W t'll-tllletl \Hil'kles.

I The Time Tunnel at (‘liih Mercado. Illpm 3am. £5 l£—l with then. Weekly. ‘l‘rendy Wendy. Show bi/ Jase and Betty l'tll'tl disrupt the space-little continuum

SKA THE SKA CLUB The Venue, Edinburgh, Sun 17 Feb


‘l've been a rude boy Since 1980: my brother brought a copy of ‘One Step Beyond‘ by Madness and it was all uphill from there.‘ You don't say. Standing 6ft 7in in his thin-soled tasselled loafers. Archie Linklater blows smoke furiously from under a black trilby a Size too small. Unmissable in his regulation green bomber and straight Jeans. talking to him is a bit like taking the wrong turning on a Coventry Lady Godiva tour and ending up at Jerry Dammers' house.

‘There's no such thing as a ska revival because ska never goes away.‘ he says. ‘What there are are upsurges. The main thing I want younger people to understand is that not only is ska wonderful to listen to. it is also impossible not to dance to.‘

Linklater. 31 (aka DJ Mandraxl has been here before. The Ska Club has been running irregularly at the Liquid Boom Since 1999 but now it finds a new home at the Venue. lust around the center from the Bongo Club which is home to the legendary Dr No's. But is there really room in the capital for all this skanking’?

Linklater clearly thinks there can never be enough. ‘Edinburgh is far too conservative. You talk to people ab0ut the old times when individuals seemed more interested in portraying themselves: the thing about ska is that it is about portraying a specmc belief: a belief in truth. a belief in trying to make the bad times better through the pOSlllVIIy Of the music'

All this is delivered without a hint of cyniCism in a crystal clear plum dipped Eton dropout accent: it is impossible not to be swayed by the man's missionary zeal.

He talks extensively about the club's anti-racist and anti-fascist policy. the history of British and original ska and the power of niche dressing with all its classic symbolism. Bringing all these elements together in a monthly club night hosted by DJ Mandrax and Mutant Freak. The aim is to play all that is great and good in skank. rocksteady. pSyChObllly, punk and of course ska. With guest DJs and live bands already lined up. Linklater hopes to ultimately be in a position to secure gigs from his heroes. The Selector and Bad Manners. (Paul Dale)

good underground house music with Martin Valentine and Steven Wanless (Friscodisco ).

I Cuba Norte at Cuba Norte. |()pm—lam. Free. Weekly. Hot salsa! lt‘s Saturday and that means. er. hot salsa at this epicentre of all things Latin.

I Extra Width at (iilded Saloon. Spur-lam. Free. Weekly. New wave disco lie all your favourite indie hits) with rotational l)Js (irainne. Keiron and Stuart Braithwaite (Mogw'ai l.

I Flashback at Flashback.

8.30pm lam. Free. Weekly. DJ Venus serves up an even mix of chart pap from the past four decades. ()ver 2 I s only.

with tunes from the 60s right up to right now. Or maybe it's just the alcohol.

Edinburgh Saturdays


I Beluga at Beluga. 8pmv—lam. Free. Weekly. lirik l)a Viking straddles a spectrum of hottse and garage grooves (In Feb) while Matt lilliot takes time out from residencies at Ministry and Sunday Best to dazzle the capital with his soull'ul house manoeuvres (23 l-‘ebl.

I Black Sauce at Bani Boti.

()pm lant. Free. Weekly. (‘oul‘ucius say this new ()riental style bar got plenty