Edinburgh Saturdays continued

I Ultragroove at La Belle Angele. 10.30pm 3am. till). lo l’eh. I-‘ortnightly Jazz); percussive hotise l'ella. ()nion/ t he that tisually hangs nith .loesk‘il. leases his native NYC to unleash some real deal gromes on the Iidinhurgh massn e. Support comes care of resident jocks. (iareth Sommersilie and (‘olin ('ook. For this (/(Ilt' (ill/)1 'xl-ljs‘l't'ul't/ liu/t/t’rs gel 1-: (lflt/UU/‘Pl'tt‘l’ until ll..i’()piii.

I Up! at the Venue (lop lloori. .\lonthl_\'. Next date 2 Mar.

I Vegas at ligo. .\loiithl_\. Next date 9 Matt

I XtraLive (XL) at the Bongo ('luh. Monthly. .\‘e.\t date 9 Mar.

Chart & Party

I Atomic at the Suhna} West lind.

7pm 3am. l’ree before I 1pm: £3 til i alter. Weekl). l)J (ills Bain joins the residents l'or some chart and indie action. I Big Cheese at l’otterron. ltlpm 3am. £5 t£3i.23 l‘eh. l-‘ortnighth. ('heesy chart pap from the 7()s right tip to the sad and sorry present da} pltis Stars In Their li) es karaoke. Please note that onl) students and their guests can gain entr} to this night.

I Escape To Time at Time.

I lpm 3am. £5 u ith ll)er: to \\ ithotit. Weekly. .-\ \erticall} challenged man pla} s commercial chart atid dance. ()\ er le onl}.

I Fiesta at lil Barrio. 9pm 3am. l-‘ree. \Veekl}. .-\ modest mix ol' I.atin. Spanish and l'ls' chart lare \\ ith I)J llector and his l.atin posse.

I Kick at I.oca. ltlpm 3am. £2 helot‘e midnight: £4 alter. \Veekl). See l‘ri.

I Luscious at the Ark. lllpm 3am. £4 tL'Z ). \Veekl). Smooth and juic} as a peach. this pulsating night ol mainstream pleasure \\ ill more than .ser\ ice simple needs.

I Saturday Sensation at the (‘a\endish. Illpm 3am. to thee memhership and discounted tickets ttx'ailahlet. \Veekl}. 7(ls. 80s and ‘)(ls tunes lot the sensihle adults \\ ho reltise to ha\e their exenings spoilt h} irritating teenage heer monsters. (her 25s onl).

I The Subway at the Stitma}.

9pm 3am. l-‘ree hel'ore l lpm; U tU t alter. \Veekl)‘. See 'l‘hti.

GSupernova at Remlutioii.

10.30pm 3am. £5 hel‘ore midnight; £7 alter. \Veekl}. .\ hriglitl} htirning mis ol' chart and part} lai'e esplodes on the Sattirda) scene. lea\ ing pissed and potentiall) \ iolent hehas iotir in its nake. Please note that trance poppet lan \‘an I)ahl will he doing a ‘li\e' l’.-\ here on 33 l'clt. See llitlist.

I Weekender at the Ark. ltlpin 3am. to (£5 t. \Veekl}. Dance and part} pap at this capacin night.

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Edinburgh Sundays


I Anthropology at Bani Bolt.

()pm lam. l-‘ree. Weekl). .\ scienlilic stud_\ of human heings atid their \\a_\ tit lil'e plus a relased selection l'rom l).lRed(i’s tan collectioti at this opulent ()riental st} le har. Selected drinks promos.

I Bar Union at Bar l'nion. ()pm lain. l‘i'ee. \Veekl). Sk} nalker atid Solo del'end the rehel hase \\ ith chilled-out hreaks and heats.

I Beluga at Beluga. Spin lain. l‘i'ee. \Veekl}. lilectro soul and tall l'rom tlte past lttlll' decades \\ ith Yogi llatighton and his cheer} chums.

I Motherfunk Evening Sessions at l’opRokit. 9pm lam. l-‘i'ee. \\'eekl_\. Solid soul and lt‘isk} ltink lt'ottt (iino. l’i‘) er and Spectrum t.\lotherltink i.

I Open Decks Session at .\leado\\s Bar. Spin lain. l-i‘ee. \Veekl}. .\niatctir l)Js get a chance to do their \\ol'sl on the decks. I Smokey 8: The Bandit at ('it_\ ('al'e. ()[llll lain. l't'ee. \Vcckl}. [)irt_\ house and cheek} hreaks and heats \\ ith Smoke) and his trtist} Bandit.

I Sunday Sessions at ('uha None, Spin lam. l-‘i'ee. \Veekl}. ()ld encounters tie“. on a iau-l’unk—soul tip \\ ith Ben. (}a\ and guests.

I 2 Urban at (3 Bar. 0pm laiii. l'i‘ee. \Veekl}. l)l l'ttltttlo/ tll'ops tlte ldlcsl pressings and jams lit)!“ the hot and ‘iiggs \torld ol' R&B.

I UrbannHangSuite at Bann's.

l lpm 3am. l-‘ree. Weekly See 'l'hti.


I Bourbon Sunday at the Bongo ('Iuh. 9pm 3am. £5 tut. l~ l‘eh onl}. the music cluh l'eaturing energetic ska li'oin Big “and atid slea/} Rth iron] the llllsllcl’s.

I C.C. Blooms at (‘.(‘. Blooms. Ill..‘~(lpiii 3am that lt'ttlll 3pm I. l’ree. \Veekl}. 'l'he hest tunes lt'tltll across the genres to shake _\oui' hoot} to at this gas cltih.

I Chocolate Sundae at the l’eppermint |.otinge. lllpin 3am. £3 heloi'e midnight; £4 alter. lo l-‘eh. l-‘ortnighth. ('oiniitei'cial Rth and hip hop \\ ith DJ Paul ‘I-’o\_\’ l-‘os. l)ress st_\lish.

I Deebo at l’o .\'a Na. llpiii 3am. l‘i'ce. \VL‘L‘lsl}. l).l \Va/lo sct‘\cs up a selection ol ses}. disco house and uplilting l'S garage classics.

I DKY at Studio 3-1. llpiii 3am. U5“ hel‘ore midnight; £3 alter. \Veekl}. Dist strides conlidctitl} into its third )ear \\ ith resident l)Js .loi‘di. Gareth and l)a\e pla}ing rock. goth. metal. industrial and punk.

I In Bed with Medina at .\ledina.

(ipm late. £3. 34 lieh onl}. .\ selection ol


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Valid from: 14/02/02

Until: 27/02/02

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78 THE LIST 1-1

1/”. l ‘rll


lclllttlc l).ls pla} cllillt‘tl. tlccp ltottsc

gl‘tlt“ L‘\_

I Kayos at ()piuiii. lllpin 3am. l’i'ee. \Veekl}. Righteous rock night spanning earl} \soi'ks to modern masterpieces.

I Long Weekend at the Venue has no“ littisllctl. Sec 'lilltl lislttlgs lol' tlclails on tlte one-oll' ‘l.o\ c' special.

I Lube at ligo. llpiii 3am. to (Lil, 3-1 l-eh. .\lonthl_\. The flame machines lire tip once again l‘oi' another heated session id hard. uplilting house and lilth} trance. Resident Brian l)empster t .\lingin' l \\ ill he oiling the decks along \\ ith guest I).l Brett King l.ltl_\ l in a night ol' lurid ltihi‘ication l'or hod) and mind.

I Mars at \Vec Red Bar. .\lonlltl_\. \e\t tllllL‘ .i .\l;tt'.

I Mode Organic at the (ions ('ltth. llpiii 3am. £3. Weekly .\ sugar sneet l1ll\ ol’ ska. sotil. lunk. mod and l'reakheat at this long running (ills soii‘ee.

I Pimp at the .\lainho (‘luh

llpiii 3am. U ttli. \\'eekl_\. .\ll next night ol' hip hop and Rth. ser\ ed tip a treat h_\ Big lil and a supporting cast ol- lllottstttltls.

QThe Ska Club at the Venue.

Itlpm Sam. [5 tLUli. l~ l‘eh. \loiithl}. Rude ho_\s. skins. punks and mods rejoice at the re launch ol' this seminal ska night. li\pect classic .lamaican roots through rocksleatl} to (‘osenti't ska re\i\al. See prex ins and llitlist.

I Soundbank at the \\'ee Red Bar. lll..ill[illl Fain. Lil. ll l‘eh. .\lonthl}. Resitlctlls l).ls l)ottgtc. ll and .lace

tS_\ ntas l deposit their dark and t\\ isted electi'onica in the hank ol' sound. ‘l'his month. \eil 'l‘eniplai' tl,ost. l’illho\t ll'élllSQIL'h it C t‘lt‘cll'ti st‘l.

I Spellbound {it lllt' l.lt|llltl ls’oottt llds lltl\\ linished.

I Tackno at (‘ltih .\lct‘catlo.

lllfillpin 3am. to t L‘s/tit. ll l'eh. Monthl}. l’ai‘t) anthems all night long as queen ol kitsch. 'l'i'end} \Vend}. hosts lit/i ()1HieI’u/n'l'acktio. /'ItI‘I/ll\t/ti/t'tHl/\. tl-llxl't'tll‘t/ flit/(It'lw g't’l i: (W (litur/tl'tt’t‘ tut/i/ iiiit/ii/g/il.

I Taste at the llone}conih. llpiii 3am. [S t to iiiemhei'si. Weekly the capital's inlaiiiotis Stinda} night session continues apace. l‘lSllt‘l' ts l’rice suppl) a progressne llll\ ol house and garage in the main room \\ hile .\lai‘tin Valentine \\o\\ s the ini\ed/ga} ciond \\ ith his lunk} l'S hotisc gems through the hack. \o guest l).ls in l'ehrtiai'}. not like _\oti need ’em. Ill/tine l/Il\ tui‘lii/g/il I /-l 3S

l't'l’l. it l.I\/'( (till/ltI/t/t‘fl L't‘l 1': NH t/twl‘

[nit e till lite/ii long.

I United at ('ltih .\lercado. \lonthl}. \t‘\l tldlc 3 .\l;tl'.

I The Wendy House at ('Iiih .\lei'cado. .\loiithl}. Ne\t date lll .\lai'.

Chart & Party

I HRT at the ('asedish. lllpiii 3am. L‘.‘ til/Ll l. \\cekl_\. .\lainsti'catii chart and part} classics at a night \tliose acron} niic moniker stands l'oi' ‘.\lcohol ls’eplaceinent 'l-ltcrtllt,‘ .. \Vlticli \sotild \soi'k il' ‘alcoltoi' started \\ ith an ‘h‘.

I Sin at the .\i'k. ltlpiii 4am. [3 Mel i. Weekly (liar! and part} tunes lt'ttlll l).l .lohn. pltis hoo/e at s\\ecl shop prices.

I Sunday Session at Stitmas \\'est lind. ‘lpin *aiii. ('heap drinks promos and chart ttiiies pi'o\ ide a dehaticlied cliiiia\ to the weekend.

Edinburgh Mondays


I Beluga at Beltiga. Spin lain. l‘iec. \Veekl}. \Votild you .\dam and he it" his onl} soul |a// lotmgin‘ \\llll llom l'lanagan t l.\ l‘elit. lollots ed h_\ chilled otit deep house and sotilltil garage \\ ith .'\lllllttll} Small ()5 l'chi.

I Quality Control at \le;ttlo\\s Bar. ‘lpin lam. l‘iee. \\eekl_\. ()ll killer hip hop. hreaks and heats \\ ith the imentisc lot ll‘lll itiii the ()tialit} ('oiiti'ol radio slio\\ l‘it‘sll .\ii l'.\l.

I UrbannHangSuite at Bann's. I lpm 3am. liree. \Veekl}. See 'l‘hu.


I C.C. Blooms at ('.('. Blooms. 10.30pm 3am thar lt‘ottl (ipmi. liree. Weekl}. 'l'hings mellon out tor so the} claimi at this gas cltth. \s ith an tipheat tlisco eclection.

I Metro at l’o Na .\'a. l lpm 3am. l-t'ee. \Veekl). 1)] Rodd} .\lac ini\es up Stls classics. lilth} disco and solilltll house.

I Small Fry presents at La Belle .'\ngele. 0pm Rant. [-1. 25 l‘eh onl). liquid Sounds and .\l()l’ll pla} li\ e pltis [)l support in a drum is hass. hip hop and reggae st) lee li'om 'I‘ongue ts (iroo\e and .-\.l (Yttsll Records).

I VOd: Bull at tlte liquid Room.

lllpm Rant. (4. \Veekl}. Mess} student night stippl} ing hiin calihre hip hop. heats and hreaks ll‘ttlll llarr} l.et‘s (io tBoomhosi and l.) le_\ tScratchi. the name derises li'oin the lact that \odka/Red Btill ini\ers are a mere [I all night long.

Chart & Party

I Decadence at Rc\oltttion.

lllfillpm 3am. £4 non-students If: students i. l)epra\ ed dancel'loor decadence at this capacit} student night \\ here hig. hig pri/es are tip l’or grahs.

I Monkey Business at Suhssa) West lind. "pm 3am. £2 tL'l l. \Veekl}. l’it _\otlt' \s its against l)J Shagg} in the (io Bananas game \llt)\\l

I The Subway at the Stihna}.

()l‘m 3am. l-‘i‘ee l'or students nith matriculation card; L'l other“ ise. \Veekl). See 'l'hti.

I Tentastic at (iaia. lllpin 3am. £ltl. \\cckl_\. l’a_\ L'ltl oti the door and get unlimited drinking at the har. ’l‘his li‘atikl} insane lacilit} thearing in mind it's the heginning ol' the \seeki \\ ill he complemented h_\ a stiitahle crass chart tk part} selection.

Edinburgh Tuesdays


I Beluga at Beluga. Spin lam. l’ree. \Veekl}. Big Beat [Us Simon [lodge and Stuart Bennet spin ja// lunk and rare groin c classics lt‘otit across the decades. I Caramel at Rttsli. 0pm lam. I’ree. \\eekl_\. l).l ('l’R mainlines the lreak lunk. \\ ith cocktails at happy hour prices all night long.

I Flowin’ at Batn Boti. 0pm lam. l‘ree. \Veekl}. JP and I’ St} l/ pro\ ide more hounce to the ounce \\ ith their \seckl} li\ ol' sotilltil to scratch} hip hop and Rth I UrbannHangSuite at Bann's.

l lpm 3am. l‘rec. \Veekl}. See 'l‘hu.


I C.C. Blooms at (‘.(’. Blooms. lthlpin 3am thar lrom opm i. l‘ree. \VL‘L'lsl}. Take it \lL‘P hack it] [BBC to (ills. "Us. Slls and earl} ‘llls tunes at this ga} cltih.

I Livin’ It Up at lil Barrio. ‘lpm late. l’ree. \Veekl}. Smooth tirhan gromes tl‘or this. read hip hop. RNB and street soult at lllts all ne\\ session ltoslcd l\} [U Bd_\o dtltl gtlcsls.

0Motherfunk at the llone} coinh. llt.3lt[itii 3am. liree. \Veekl}. .\lessrs (iino. l‘r_\ er and Spectrum li‘eak the lunk lantastic at their consistentl} rammed night ol' classics old and next. .r\rri\e earl} to guarantee entr} and it it‘s guest action _\oti‘re alter. deep lunk dadd} Keh l)arge ls llt‘t'c oil :0 l't‘li. Sec llllllsl.

I Paul Maslin at l’o .\'a Na.

I lpm 3am. l‘ree. \Veckl}. [)1 Paul .\laslin ma} not has e the imagination to gi\e his \seekl} session a name htit he can pla) titialit} dance lat'e l'i'om across the hoard.

Chan & Party I Fairy Liquid at l.oca. lllpm 3am.

L‘thc. \\‘eekl.\. Brand llL‘\\ \seekl} ga) night l'eaturing uplilting commercial chart and dance.