63 St George's Road. (‘haring ('ross. For more inforntation click on wwvv.hoiitctownaol.cont/maitsartsltow Bill Posters Will Not Be Prosecuted t’ntil Hi I Mar. Nine Glasgow -based artists sltow work itt tlte disused Mansions ('afe.


73 Robertson Street. Suite 6. Floor 1. 248 37] l. The Fri noon—5pm.

OJack Goldstein t'niil Fri 22 Feb. Ten sltort l6ntm films front tlte 70s by l.os Angeles-bascd artist Jack Goldstein. Born iit Montreal in l945. Goldstein has worked iii a variety of ntedia including sculpture. performance. film. sound pieces. pltotograplty and painting. For this exhibition. the selected films deal witlt the imagery of the classic Hollywood movies aitd include The portrait o/‘I’V'e 'lhnguy

( I974). ll'ltl'lt’ I)()t'(' ( 1975 l. Sutttt' butter- flies ( 1975) attd The Jump ( I978). See review aitd liitlist.


221 West George Street. 248 9755. Mon—Fri l()am—5.30pnt: Sat 10am—2pm. Gary Anderson L'niil Sat 23 Feb. New paintings.

NEW-CONTEMPORARY-ART.COM ()n-line gallery art.eom

Miniatures One ()n-line gallery showcasing the work of upsand-coming artists from Glasgow arid Edinburgh. PHOENIX CONTEMPORARY GALLERY

6 Wilson Street. Merchant City. 552 0702. Tue-Fri l lam~6pmz Sat 10am—6pm: Sun l—5pnt

Mixed Exhibition l'ntil Thti 28 Feb. Work by contemporary aitd tip-and- conting Scottish-based artists.


(‘entre For Developmental Arts. l8 Albioit Street. 552 2822. Mon —Fri l0am~ 5pm. On Your Marks L'ittil Fri 22 Feb. Work by artists front Project Ability"s Arts l)evelopment programme.


ll8 Douglas Street. 248 6386. Mon—Fri l0.30am 5pm; Sat l0.30ain--lpttt. Group 2002 Until Sat 23 Feb. ()ils. w atercolours aitd pastels by members of this group of painters.


6 Burntield Road. (iiffnock. 638 1200. Tue-Fri l lam-5pm; Sat 10am—5pm; Stiit noon-~5pni.

Winter Show L'ittil Thu 28 Feb. Ait exhibition of original paintings by over I50 artists.


26 King Street. 552 2l5 l. Tue—Sat l0am—5.30pm.

Susanne Ramsenthaler Tue 19 Feb—Sat 30 Mar. Two themed bodies of work by Edinburgh-based photographer Stisanne Ramsenthaler. History is an installation in three parts comprising black arid white photographs. colour prints and a single video work. which addresses issues of transition front a indUstrial past to that of a high technology future. In 'Iimelines. Ramsenthaler has used a pinhole camera to stretch the photographic moment in a series of travelogues. NEW SHOW.

Artist Talk Sat 23 Feb. 3pm. Edinburgh- based photographer Susanne Ramsenthaler gives a talk on her work.


at 6 Firpark Terrace. Dennistoun. 589 0607. Daily noon—5pm. For ntorc information e-mail info(a switchspace:

Until The End Thu 28 Feb—Stir. 10 Mar. Artist-run moving gallery Switchspace present the second iit a series of one-offexhibitions iit residential homes around Dennistoun. Glasgow-based artist

.\'eil Bickerton's site-specific work comprises audio. sculpture. video. painting aitd drawing. NEW SHOW.


at ()ffshore. 3/5 Gibsoit Street. 34] (ll 10. Mon-Fri 9am~l lpm: Sat & Stiit

l0am— l lpitt. For more information e-mail infouz‘ Switchspace; Ursula Nistrup and Camilla Low l.'ittil Stiit 3 Mar. Switcltspace continues its residency in the basement of Offshore cafe with a site-specific installation created by Glasgow School of Art graduates L'rsula .\'istrup aitd Camilla Low. .\'istrup produces a new piece involving wall surfaces defined through amplified sound aitd Low constructs objects mainly otit of wood. metal and paint whose glossed surfaces reflect and change the environment around them. See review.

Artist Talk Stiit 17 Feb. 3pm. L'rstila .\'istrup and Camilla Low talk about their site-specific installation.

TCHAl-OVNA 42 Otago Lane. 357 4524. Daily

l l.30ant—10pm.

Organic Mechanics L'ntil Fri 1 Mar. Photographs and digital art by Matthew Cairns. TRAMWAY 25 Albert Drive. 287 3900. Tue-Sat noon—8pm; Sun noon—6pm.

Janice McNab - The Greenock Factory Project t'ntil Sun 3 Mar (Project Room). Edinburgh-based artist Janice McNab continues her investigation into the effects of overexposure to chemicals. Creating documentary paintings. painted directly front photographs. The (ireeiiock Factory I’m/eel documents the plight of a group of women who have taken court action against the National Semiconductor Factory itt Greenock. They believe that the company is breaching health and safety violations due to the astonishing number of cases of cancer. miscarriages and reproductive defects iit shop floor workers.

Mend Piece For The World t‘ntil Stiit l7 Feb. Tramway aitd Glasgow School of Art host the only Scottish showing of Yoko ()no's new version of her l960s work .lleml I’iet'e. made iii response to the events of the l 1 September. The piece invites the public to participate iii the work. and it has previously been shown iit Berlin. Barcelona. Boston. llelsinki. Copenhagen arid .\'ice.


28 King Street. 552 48l3. Tue-Sat

l iant—5pm.

Alan Michael and William Copley L'ntil Sat 9 Mar. A two-person show featuring new work by Glasgow-based artist Alart Michael aitd paintings front the 50s by American artist arid collector. William Copley.

Glasgow Museums

This section lists museums currently showing temporary exhibitions. For details of other permanent attractions, see Glasgow Lite, page 91.


Argyle Street. Kelvingrove. 287 2699. Mott—Thu & Sat 10am—5pm; Fri 8; Stiit

l lam—5pm. Cafe. Free.

A Kelvingrove Centenary L'niil Spring. A commemorative exhibition marking the centenary of the Art Gallery and Museum. Kelvingrove. The well-loved sandstone building houses one of the fittest civic art collections itt liurope. featuring works by Botticelli. Rembrandt. Whistler and the Glasgow Boys and Girls. and was the venue for sonte of the finest exhibitions seen iit Britain including Picasso-Matisse

t l946i. Van Goglt ( 1948) attd Dali‘s Art In Jewels ( l973—«4l.

Endangered Wildlife l'ntil Autumn. Art exhibition highlighting the endangered

wildlife iii Scotland.

Asylum Images t'niit Wed 17 Apr. (‘otttittissiottc‘d by the Scottish Asy ltiiit Seekers Consortium. Asylum Imueev is a poignant photographic portrayal of the journey made by refugees to the [K to seek asylum. Photographers lloward Davies. Anna Kari and Gtiillteitt Alandry were commissioned to take photographs iii Siglttltill iti Glasgow. as they adjusted to their new life iit Scotland.

Adapt Now Fri 15 Feb Stiit 10 Mar. A group show featuring the work of 50 acclaimed contemporary artists including (‘raigie Aitchison. Joltit Bellaity. John Byrne. Laura Ford. Bridget Riley. Patrick Htigltes attd David Mach. Ranging front paintings to sculpture. all the works w ill be on sale with the proceeds going to the Adapt Trtist tAccess for Disabled people to the Arts Premises Today i. NEE? Si-‘O‘.r‘.l


The Cross. Kit’kintilloch. 578 ()l44. Tue—Sat 10am lpitt ck 2‘ 5pm.

Past Impressions t'ntil Sat 2 Mai: litchings aitd lithographs by printinakers Ruth Greer and liveleen Wright.


2060 Polloksltaws Road. 287 2550. Mott—Thu & Sat l0am—5pm; Fri & Stiii

l lam—5pm.

Treasures From The Store: 19th Century European Paintings t’ntil further notice. a new selection of oils is on display highlighting the range of Sir William Burrell's taste. Featured works include paintings by Boitvin. Ribot aitd Millet aitd a rarely seen oil by Henri l.e Sidaner.

The Fabulous Burrell Tapestries Wed 20 Feb. l0.30am. Themed guide tour of the Buri'ell ('ollection vv itlt Dina Ward.

HOUSE FOR AN ART LOVER Bellaltouston Park. H) Dumbreck Road. 353 4773. Daily 10am 5pm.

Tom Chambers t'niil 'l'ltu 2s Feb. Recent paintings by Glasgow -based artist Tout (‘haittbers


Kelvin Hall. 1 Burnhouse Road. 287 2720. Mon-Thu a Sat 10am 5pm; Fri ck Stiit llam 5pm.

Fire! Tlte history of firefighting iii tlte west of Scotland is docuittented iii this exltibition featuring a l.ey laitd Fireittaster engine gifted to the museum by the Stratltclyde Fire Brigade and objects front the past aitd present.


lliglt Street. 889 3l5 l. Tue Sat l0am~5pm1 Stiit 2--5pm. Free.

Old Friends And New Acquaintances t‘niil Sun I4 Apr. Portraits aitd figurative works drawn from the museum's collection featuring works by Alan Davie. Wendy McMurdo aitd two new acquisitions by John Byrne. National Velvet attd The Studio.

Sculpteur et Modclc Debout 1'1.“ “,1 1‘.i.'.z‘ :;8 "'0‘“ La SuiteVollard "

listings Art

Govancroft t'ittil Stiit 28 Apr. A small display celebrating the late laitteitted pottery situated iii tlte east end of Glasgow. Cecil Collins - The Vision Of The Fool l'ntil Stiit 14 Apr. An exhibition of works by (‘ecil (lollitts donated to the gallery by his widow. lili/abetlt ('ollins. Nisroch - The Eagle-headed God l'ntil Stiit l7 Mar. An Assyrian relief is the centrepiece of this exhibition w lticlt tells the story of this object.

Archie McLean - Footballer t'ntil Stiit l7 Mar. A doctiittentary exltibition about this Paisley -born Bra/ilian footballer.


Glasgow Green. 554 0223. Mon Thu (x Sat l0aiii 5pm: Fri ck Stiit l laitt 5pm. Old Ways And New Directions l'ntil Autumn. Ait exhibition of historic mental ltealtlt items collected by Glasgow Museums since I995.

Glasgow Green Renewal t'ntil Mon l Apr. An exltibition highlighting the current project to renew aitd upgrade this popular Glasgow landmark. Scotland’s Oldest Valentine Sat 16 ck Stiit l7 Feb. Dating front the late 18th century. this token of love card with hearts. tioral motifs attd rontantic verse is on loan to the museum for the City Of Love festival.


2 (‘astle Street. 553 2557. Mon Thu ck Sat 10am 75pm: Fri ck Stiit l laitt~--5pm.

In The Shade Of The Tree t'ntil Stiit 28 Apr. internationally renowned photographer Peter Sanders' pltotograpltic insight iitto the world of blunt.


lle Stobcross Road. 55‘) ()65 l. Daily l0am 5pm. £4.50 l £3.25 i: accontpanied cltildren free.

Over The Wall t‘niil Sat to Mar. An exhibition of artwork by ex-(ilasgow shipbuilders including works by Kevin McDermott aitd Tom McKendrick. revealing ltow their experiences in the yards influenced the artwork they went on to produce.

Five Thousand Days At Sea An exhibition on board the only ('lydcbuilt sailing ship still afloat in the Us. doctiitteiitiiig lter adventures on the ltiglt seas between 1897 aitd 1919

The Story Of Glenlee this new perittaneitt exhibition prov ides an insight iitto vvltat life was what like for sea travellers in 1896 through a combination of graphic panels. audio trails and reconstructed areas.

Story In The Stones tl’tiittpltouse Matti Gallery i. Ait cxltibition looking at the impact of the industrial ages on Glasgow harbour.

Morse And More (Pumphouse Lower Gallery l. A hands-on exhibition. aimed at children. looking at the world of communication.

/ lasgow Print Studio Gallery

l5 February 30 March 2002 Gallery |

Matisse & Picasso Gallery II

Portfolio Graphics Gallery “I

Hideko lnoue Kokyo - Glasgow/Kisaichi

22/25 King Street. Glasgow GI SQP

OpenzTues - Sat: |0am-S.30pm tel: 0|4| 552 0704

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